Alshaya Looking to Sell 30% of Starbucks Business

Alshaya is reportedly in talks to sell a minority stake in its Starbucks franchise business. A US private equity firm and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) are both supposedly interested in acquiring the stake.

This doesn’t seem to be related to the recent boycott of the brand since Alshaya has been looking to sell this stake since 2022. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if the boycott helped push the deal closer.

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“In the wake of the boycotts, Starbucks in October said it was a non-political organisation…”

“In 2022, AlShaya pulled out of Russia and shuttered 130 stores to comply with Starbucks’ decision to withdraw from the sanctioned country after its war with the Ukraine.”


Starbucks in Kuwait is old and tired … the McDonald’s of the coffee biz … smart move to free up some capital to invest in more lucrative segments.

RIL might be interested and pick up a stake and turn it round – giving the business a new lease of life in ways we did not imagine and think possible. On that note, I am stepping into ‘au bon pain’ with my Tim Hortons. After all, the owners of RIL have now more than just a work relationship with Al Shaya: they recently bought the Al Shaya mansion in Dubai for $100 million.

Starbucks coffee sucks! But some of their locations are awesome to chill & work. For that I support their business.

As a coffee aficionado myself, i 2nd that. Biggest marketing scam around. Low quality & tastes like garbage. Ive not touched a product from them in over 15 years. Support local.

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