Aramex Acquiring MyUS

For those of you who swore off Shop&Ship and moved to MyUS or vice-versa due to bad experiences, I got some bad news for you:

Dubai-based logistics company Aramex has signed an agreement to fully acquire cross border e-commerce platform MyUS in a $265 million deal.

The US-based company provides package forwarding solutions to customers who shop from retailers based in the US, UK and China, according to a statement. Source

One positive thing that might come out of this acquisition is if Shop&Ship ends up with a Florida-based mailbox similar to MyUS. Right now you save around 7% just by shipping to a MyUS mailbox since you don’t have to pay sales tax when shipping to a Florida address.

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That’s horrible news. Anything Aramex touches turns to shit. They could probably make Kuwait Post worse by acquiring it.

I ordered something off of Amazon UAE in Feb and Aramex still hasn’t delivered it, but other packages from Amazon US came in just fine, so what kind of BS is this??

When it comes to shipping from the UK or US there are a lot of options, but really the biggest advantage of shop&ship is all the other addresses around the world. I’m constantly ordering items to France, Germany, Australia etc..

I would not use Aramex even if they paid me and the problem is people have been complaining for so long now but it seems like they don’t care!

If this acquisition will not let me chose Fedex as a shipping option, well its time to chose other company then. What a shame 😩

interesting point i wonder if shipping with aramex will be the only option. if I was them i’d probably let you choose other companies but i’d inflate their prices so you’d have to pick aramex.

I have mixed feelings about this. MyUS has been struggling to grow for quite some time and then the recent hack exposed them to significant press and damage. They need capital and better leadership but I’m not sure Aramex was the solution.

I quit Aramex eons back because of their inconsistent experience and relatively expensive offerings. Sad that we’ll be forced to use them as part of MyUS. Perhaps it’s time for me to bite the bullet and try other providers – saw stackry on this column and maybe that’s a good start?

I’ve been with Aramex shop n ship for over 15 years . But I will no longer use their service as they have lousy customs service and do not know how to coordinate between their own departments
My shipment from USA took 7 days to reach Kuwait on June 24 and it’s now June 17 and still after over 5 calls made to shop n ship I have not received my package

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