Electronics banned from cabins on some Middle Eastern flights to the U.S. including Kuwait

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You’ve probably heard about this in the news but in case you haven’t, the U.S. issued a temporary ban on electronics in cabins on some Middle Eastern flights to the U.S. It’s a temporary 96 hour ban at the moment but it still sucks if you were planning on traveling to the U.S. in the next few days and like me, take all your on inflight entertainment with you. Oddly though, according to AP, the ban includes Kuwait.

A U.S. official told The Associated Press the ban will apply to nonstop flights to the U.S. from 10 international airports serving the cities of Cairo in Egypt; Amman in Jordan; Kuwait City in Kuwait; Casablanca in Morocco; Doha in Qatar; Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia; Istanbul in Turkey; and Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The ban was indefinite, said the official.

I wasn’t aware of any direct flights to the U.S. from Kuwait. United Airlines stopped flying out from Kuwait and Kuwait Airways now stops in Ireland for security reasons on the way to New York. Is there a flight that is direct to the U.S. from Kuwait that I am not aware of?

Update: It might be a temporary ban, it might not be, everyone seems to be confused

Update2: Kuwait Airways will begin flying non-stop to New York starting from Sunday, March 26.

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  1. Bertrand Bukowski says:

    I think there’s some misunderstanding here. From what I understand, the ban isn’t a temporary 96 hour ban – rather, the airlines have 96 hours to implement the new measure. After this time, the measure will remain in place indefinitely, which basically means permanently or until they say otherwise. To be fair, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, as most of what I’ve read has been conjecture with an official announcement to come soon. At any rate, the proposed ban is monumentally absurd and reeks of political motivation as opposed to actual safety measures. Dumb.

  2. Kuwait says:

    Ha ha ha can’t wait for my next flight with my kids to NYC and them spending 14 hours without any entertainment.

    Pretty sure 2 hours in we’ll be halting somewhere midway and the Pilot himself may have to request us “Sir, PLEASE let your kids have their iPads from the check-in baggage!!”


  3. Ziad says:

    Although they are nor specifically mentioned, I wonder if the noise cancelling headphones are included in the ban since they fall in the “larger than the cell phone” criteria.

  4. Anw. Kh. says:

    Wth? I can’t have my Nintendo Switch on board ?

  5. Buzz says:

    On a related matter, a powered headphone (possibly Beats) blew up last week on board a flight in Australia while the listener was using it. It burned her head and face. Scary sh**. I’m rethinking having mine with me on board and perhaps getting a non-powered version.

  6. Omar AlAli says:

    Kuwait Airways now got approval and will start flying non stop to new york next week

  7. Michael says:

    Emirates website now shows the advice and states it’s in place until 14 October 2017?

  8. Essam says:

    Not just flights to the US, but also direct flights to UK.


  9. simple_man says:

    On a recent trip out of Kuwait the carry on scanner guy wanted to take my 3 Kuwait souvenir coffee mugs. When I challenged his actions with someone else it was ok to take them. Just an example of the BS here. I can only think he wanted to keep them.

  10. AmericanGirl says:

    “Airlines were notified on March 21 at 08:00 EDT. They have 96 hours within which to comply. For more information on these security enhancements, please contact your air carrier or visit the Department of Homeland Security website.” That might be where the 96-hour confusion comes in.

    I’m so embarrassed by the political nonsense taking place in the US right now.

    • simple man says:

      From what I am hearing on the various news sources this is due to the fact that bombs are being smuggled on aircraft by bypassing the security checks. There have been two confirmed explosions due to lack of security one resulted in all on board killed one only the bomber was killed.

      The UK has just imposed the same restrictions I expect many other Europe countries to do the same.

      • AmericanGirl says:

        This ban is coming on the heels of his two previous Muslim bans being shut down by Federal Judges. Additionally, the majority of domestic terrorism in the US isn’t at the hands of tourists or even immigrants. So it seems if safety concerns are really the reason for this ban, domestic flights in the US would also be included.

      • Unboricuaenq8 says:

        Could you please post what explosions you are referring to? I can’t seem to find any references to them online. Are they related to the Bowling Green Massacre? 😉

  11. Essam says:

    What if someone buys an electronic device in an airport duty free? Will that be allowed in the cabin of the plane?

  12. Acerboy says:

    Just before the summer season, it’s very straight forward they want to divert all the business to European carriers who have code share with AA and UA !

  13. meh says:

    So basically if someone is taking electronics, they should put them in their luggage. Which is more dangerous. Genius.

  14. adly says:

    Surely if you have the ability to turn an iPad into a weapon of mass destruction, you could do the same with an iPhone 7 Plus

  15. GN says:

    So a Kindle too falls in that category?

  16. Joe says:

    Time to fire up my old Nintendo Game & Watch games!

  17. Adel says:

    What about if an American or British airport is a transit? like for example in the way to Canada and you spend 6 hrs in LA as transit

  18. Yousef says:

    well guess who’s not going to the usa

  19. Unboricuaenq8 says:

    This ban is for any direct flights from eight countries, Kuwait included. If you travel domestically or are flight out of the US to these countries, the ban is NOT applicable. The ban applies to EVERYONE regardless of citizenship. If you afe not on a direct flight then it does not apply. Its a good thing that I don’t travel that way. Still, I feel bad for parents with their kids. Not everyone can afford to travel with Emirates. I am just waiting for Trump to start banning smartphones and carry on luggage too.

  20. Adam says:

    I think this ban is aimed at hurting the airlines which are competing with the American airline companies.

    Of course , of the airlines targeted, Qatar & Emirates are on a league of their own in terms of service and quality. Their US bound flights are always packed especially their award winning business class. But Kuwait airways is a player in the lower end market with many connecting flights from Asia to New York & London. The same goes for Turkish Airlines.

    But really the man target in this is Qatar & UAE. They are the main international hubs and many competitors are simply envious of what they’ve become.

    American Airlines were trying to sue Qatar and Emirates and I think they lost the case? (I haven’t verified but a friend mentioned it)

    Another point is starting last year, before boarding the plane passengers were asked to switch on their devices. Devices with dead battery weren’t allowed on board. The logic behind that was to see if the device were functional (or “concealing” something). So I find this new ban to be redundant.

    Finally, why impose the ban on these airports? Why not Charles De Gaule? Remember the Egypt Air flight which went down over Crete? It was heading to Cairo. Not leaving Cairo.

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