Cinescape Will Not Re-Release Beauty and the Beast

Post by Mark

As you know by now, Beauty and the Beast was pulled from movie theaters on Monday by request of the Ministry of Information due to further censorship. Supposedly MOI knew that a “gay moment” existed, but when they originally watched the film, they didn’t find the scene and assumed the theaters were showing a different version of the movie. Once the film was released and social media caught on to the fact that the controversial scene wasn’t cut, MOI contacted the theaters and had them pull the movie so they could remove the scene in question and re-release it. If that alone wasn’t enough drama, Cinescape last night announced that it will now no longer be playing the movie “in line with the company’s responsibilities and principles towards young customers”. Below is Cinescape’s full message:

Dear Valued Customers,
We would like to inform you that Kuwait National Cinema Company decided to

Stop showing Beauty and the Beast in line with our values as responsibility toward our young viewers

I’ve contacted Grand Cinemas to see if they will be pulling the movie as well, but as of this post I haven’t heard back from them yet. Who would have ever have thought a Disney film could ever cause this much controversy.

Update: Grand Cinemas got back to me telling me the movie is now banned in Kuwait.

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  1. Joe says:

    2017 and this type of shit still exists…………

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEE says:

      I do hate it when people say “it’s 2017” so what? It’s just a number it’s like saying “your 30 you shouldn’t be playing Nintendo” it’s nothing to do with they it’s the Mentality, you don’t get mature by age, you get mature by experience and knowledge something people here are lacking greatly.

      • Joe says:

        It’s not about age, it’s about being year 2017 and people should be educated/enlighted enough to be able to watch a full length Disney movie, without believing that banning it because of a petty matter is the universal solution to all things perceived bad. In this case we are talking about a freaking Disney movie!!!! Ideally (unfortunately not in Kuwait) would a movie such as this not be censored.

      • meh says:

        So 2017 is not any different from 2017 B.C.

        • Sulaiman Numan says:

          Nop, if people were educated the same way we are know (in respected education systems) then slowly change, they brain may have evolved over 4000 years but other than that it’s basically education. In Ancient Rome (over 2 thousand years a go till 1428) homosexuality was accepted far more than in 2017 Kuwait..

  2. lol says:


  3. Dolores says:

    It’s not KNCC’s job to decide what values to impose on children, that is the job of PARENTS.

    • Mark says:

      Its actually not very cinescape like to cave in like this. They must have gotten a lot of pressure not to show it.

      • meh says:

        I think there were previous incidents if I’m not wrong were Cinecscape had extra censorship?

        • Mark says:

          I don’t recall, generally I get the impression they would rather show the movie as is then censor anything. I’m sure they got a lot of complaints in regards to Inferno for example. Plus they have a page with a list of movies banned by MOI which I am assuming to make it clear that its not them banning the movies.

  4. Ahmed says:

    What’s the point anyway? People will either torrent it, buy a bootleg, watch it on TV or Plane or even buy it on iTunes or from another country!

  5. Jemal says:

    It is generally known that Hollywood & Disney producers espouse Libral views and thus they advance those views through their production. Can anyone compete with them, on a worldwide scale?

  6. Rob says:

    Pathetic really. Saw your last post about it being pulled on Monday so went with my daughter to see it at Sky cinema Monday evening,

    couldn’t see what the problem was. There was one joke about why no girl had snapped the guy up and I thought that must be the ‘offending’ bit, until right near the end of the film the guy is dancing with a woman and then dances with a guy for all of two seconds. So can only assume that is the scene that will corrupt everyone.

  7. James says:

    I love how its for girls, and yet guys comment on it.

    it’s for princesses

    about rich ugly monster loved by gold digger.

    no way you can sugar code it to say otherwise

  8. Elon says:

    I support Cinescape decision.

  9. Foof says:

    I watched it.. does this mean I’m gay now ? LOL this is banned but when a movie is about an ARAB terrorist or some false exaggerated portrayal of muslims and arabs that’s fine right ?

  10. better-than-you says:

    I always found it curious that arab culture and media have no issues in displaying graphic crime and violence, from movies, broadcast new, newspapers, etc. but do have major issues with displays of affection, even if subtle, as if that’s the line that cant be crossed. I wonder why a kid should be exposed to seeing blown up body parts, blood and guts in the pictures of newspapers for example, but not a kiss, for example. Thought about it but cant find logic in it. Good luck.

  11. Mo says:

    If anyone has seen the cartoon version as a kid, then you’ll realize that you’ve already seen the “gay scene” as a child and not even realized it. As a reminder, here’s a link to the clip
    I had booked two 8KD tickets to the 4DX version of the movie and KNCC had the decency to send me a cancellation SMS the following day. Grand Cinemas were still showing it “uncut” and you should have seen the comical discussion I had with the ticket lady about how I would be entering at my own risk and that there’s a “disgusting” scene in the movie. The whole cinema hall was whispering about the gay scene and waiting for it. I hadn’t seen this much hype about a movie since Titanic.
    Honestly, those who have seen the movie will know that it’s not worth all the hype. If we really were worried about our children’s morality then we’d better keep our mouths shut because it’s us who will pollute their minds and open their eyes to such ideas.

  12. ive turned HOMO says:

    this country gets worse by the minute !! …. funny thing is you’ve all missed what the apparent GAY part of the film is … MOI you need to wake up and realise its 2017 …. kuwait needs to fully adopt the western way of thinking and living !!

  13. Jason says:

    Why not ban all of the “massage/saloons” around Kuwait?

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