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Post by Mark

I currently mostly use Aramex’s Shop & Ship service as well as Posta Plus’s MyBox when ordering items online from abroad. I tend to use Posta Plus for all my US and UK shopping and Shop & Ship for all the other countries. The reason I use Posta Plus for my US and UK shopping is because its cheaper than Shop & Ship and just as fast. How much cheaper? Generally not that much, but recently me and my brother ordered the exact same item, a Nintendo Switch case from Waterfield and decided to compare the difference in shipping cost. He shipped the case to his Shop & Ship mailbox while I shipped it to my Posta Plus mailbox. So how much did we each pay for the exact same item?

Aramex: KD 8.4
PostaPlus: KD 3.5

That’s a pretty huge difference, more than double actually. Aramex for some reason listed the weight of the shipment at 0.52KG which automatically means the package gets charged as if its 1KG since it exceeded 0.5KG, while PostaPlus on the other hand have the package listed at under 0.5KG (400g) since the actual weight of the case is just 0.21KG. Ouch.

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  1. vampire says:

    i remember going inside aramex offices and have my package weighed..
    that was more than 10yrs ago

    • Mark says:

      the good old days. back in 2001 i’d go pick up my package and it would be waiting for me under the receptionists desk because thats how few packages they would get.

  2. jm says:

    i would have chosen grizzly or black leather

  3. Mohammad says:

    PostaPlus screwed me over. I signed up to their service and paid the upfront KD 8 around 13 days ago. They promised to reach out 2 days later but still nothing. As far as I am concerned. They’re subsidizing their costs by these tricks.

    This is what they sent me March 8: Please note that you will be receiving an email within 48 hours for your account confirmation.

    Thank you for choosing POSTAPLUS to serve you.

  4. Dun says:

    Aramex will always be the first and the worst. I think that’s there motto.

    • Dun says:

      Their motto

      • Mark says:

        You clearly haven’t dealt with PostaPlus though. The only negative issue I have with them is their customer service. Its worse than Aramex. That and the fact its been 2 years that they’ve been saying they will have knet payment soon and nothing yet.

        • Nasmo says:

          Well everytime the driver drops the package at my door (the next day it is cleared), I check all the packages and when I call them they always pick up the phone and sort me out, never had a single issue.

          I even had my package sent to the collection in the US without my box number, and they emailed their office there and they were able to link my box with the tracking number given to me by the website where I bought my things.

          I dont think there is anything better than postaplus at this moment. That garbage aramex S&S should be closed by MOC for all the raised complaints by its customers, bunch of liers that care about nothing but squeezing the fils out of you.

        • anonymous says:

          It’s always better to go to PostaPlus office and pickup the box yourself. Well I live quite near their dajeej office so it’s like a 5 min drive. And they operate upto 5:30 PM was it?

          You’d just enter their teeny tiny reception area and tell the receptionist you have a mybox pickup along with your mybox number. They tell you to have a seat for about 10 minutes and some guy brings up your package from their storage.

  5. Ed says:

    From personal experience, I have noticed that Aramex SNS tends to inflate both the weight and the customs duties on incoming shipments.

    When I tried to rectify this with their customer care, I was asked to send an email which was promptly ignored (I assume as I didn’t get a response)

    Anyone wants to take them to the consumer court?

    • Code Markus says:

      I agree on that Aramex inflates weight and customs tax. Been awhile since I used SnS and I hope I stay away from them.

    • Yousef says:

      Oh wow, inflating weights and customs charges! That’s shady.

      This price difference above is unbelievable. It is hard to imagine that local consumers let them get away with such practices for so long. No BBB?

      Edfa3ly is also doing shady acts: charging US taxes on items that should not be taxed(In the USA, we do not pay taxes on out of state purchases or from transactions from non-business transactions like eBay auctions).

      They also do not automatically refund the ending eBay auction price difference, which shocked me.

  6. BN says:

    It might be a mistake?

  7. Think says:

    “For some reason”

  8. James says:

    You raise a very important point Mark – how accurate are Aramex weights ? In my opinion, they’re rigged just so the weight spills over into the next cost bucket. I’ve received items which couldn’t have weighed more than 200-300 gms at most incl. packaging (3 silk ties !) which were shown as just over 500 gms and I was charged for 1 kg. I have stopped ordering anything thru Aramex since then.

  9. Bader says:

    Hi there,

    I spoke to you once about PostaPlus on Twitter, back when they took over the delivery tasks from UPS and were charging shipping for everyone who has already paid the full price of the shipment such as myself through Amazon UK.

    I was wondering if there are other alternatives to Aramex and Posta Plus at the moment and if not, which of the two is the lesser evil?

    • _sK says:

      Obviously according to Mark’s little comparison above, the rates and the service at PostaPlus owns aramex’s S&S any day, therefore it’s a self-explanatory post.

  10. phaser says:

    Borderlinx, period.

  11. mohamad80s says:

    any promotion code to free subscription? I am already fed up with Aramex SNS bad service and inflated cost, I paid 3.5 KD for shipping then I received an email out of no where to pay 2 more KDs!!! When the shipment arrived, I received Shipment out for delivery, they never showed up, I call CS to check on my shipment they literally ignored my calls and chat, no one called back or explained why my shipment was not delivered.. the next day the driver brought it as nothing happened (claiming I wasn’t in the office to pick it up :S )

    All I need right now a promo code to push me leave SNS lol

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