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Hacker Claims to have Kuwait Airways Passenger Data

A hacker is claiming to have 600,000 passenger data for Kuwait Airways customers which supposedly contains the following information:

Member title, first name, middle name, surname, marital status, job title, dob, gender, e-mail address, nationality, Kuwait national ID, passport, passport validity period, primary telephone, second telephone, address, city, state, zip code, country, award mile, next card, qualify miles, quality sector, tier, total award miles, total qualify miles, valid from, valid till, contents.

Kuwait Airways have responded to the claim stating:

The security and privacy of our passengers’ information are paramount to us. We are investigating the claims made on social media and have engaged leading cybersecurity experts to assess and mitigate the situation. source

I’m a Kuwait Airways customer so I originally was concerned my credit card details might have been part of the security breach. But, I checked and I don’t have my credit card details saved, and don’t think there is a way to save them anyway. So one positive I guess. For more details, check this article out on

6 replies on “Hacker Claims to have Kuwait Airways Passenger Data”

i keep saying that so many websites that are run by kuwait’s governmental entities have such poor cyber security and could be hacked so easily. these should be the most sensitive and most protected websites

what can you expect from q8, our neighbors are heading forward and look at us heading backwards in every field.

He’ll have name, phone number and ID number, which mobile operators already sell. How do you think you keep getting those stock market scammers all the time

Based on others experience: “What are the chances of raising a law suit against any institution in the State of Kuwait when ones information has been breached such as in this case?”

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