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Kuwait Has Started Vaccinating Elderly Expats

According to @kuwaitnews, Kuwait has started vaccinating elderly expats as well as expats with chronic health issues. I’ve also had people get in touch with me letting me know that their parents or grandparents have started getting their appointments. This is really great news to end the week. Thank you to everyone that supported this request and helped make this happen!

Update: Comments locked up again since we can’t seem to have a normal discussion without any racism.

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Constructive criticism works. Thanks to you and every single person who went out of their way to point out the ridiculousness of earlier statements and decisions that have since been reversed. And thanks to all the amazing Kuwaitis on twitter who spoke up for us!

Your post started the ball rolling… we just kept pushing it forward . So you too deserve some credit

That also is being heavily pressured by the great people of Kuwait. Hope it also gets a positive resolution.

Thank you Mark for signalboosting this. My dad just got a message scheduling his appointment today. Hopefully my mom will get hers soon as well.

I have not received a word as I am 60 now.
when I tried to register online I checked the underlining conditions and it stopped letting me enter may data and said I need to contact the MOH. Yea just call the MOH what a mess Who what number.

Such a mess.

I work in predominantly expat dominated job (around 90% of our workforce) I am pleased to say more than 50% of them have already had their vaccines this week (even before me). I personally think the MOH shot themselves in the foot by releasing limited data on the vaccinations without providing enough transparency on the demographics of people who did receive their shots.

I believe that there are a lot of good right thinking, caring and concerned citizens who do not get credit they deserve. The English media does not help by sensationalizing headlines., the number of expats who have left in the neighboring GCC countries is much much more than here.,

Yesterday a person over 70 who received the vaccination was all praise for the whole process.

God Bless Kuwait!

Still doesn’t change the fact that 5 of my Kuwaiti friends (aged 18-20) have already gotten their appointments, while most nurses in hospitals have no clue when they are going to get their first dose.

There was evidence that vaccinating young adults would be more effective at slowing the spread of the virus as the young are more more likely to be spreaders. I think the idea driving idea 18 yr old vaccinations is that they bucket those between certain ages. So maybe 18-50 would be one bucket then priority would be given to the first in queue. Another, more cynical explanation, could be that they were getting rid of their Oxford stock on low risk people.

Not sure what evidence Kuwait had that went against everything the rest of the world was doing but it doesn’t matter now since the issue is sorted.

Hello everyone the plan to vaccinate residents by mid February or early March & home workers by April has been set almost a month back by the MOH & Ministries Consul, Its a logistical plan that is also dependent on vaccine availability, God bless us all.

As a Kuwaiti i completely disagree with the ministry’s decision to vaccinate all Kuwaitis first but i also dont think social media had anything to do with this decision. Currently whats happening is the ministry is moving in phases and it just happens to be the phase where elderly expats get vaccinated. Cant complain though, its a step closer to everyone getting an appointment

You’re right that the ministry is moving in phases, but the social media pressure speeded things up and adjusted their priorities. They were planning to start vaccinating expats 6 weeks from now starting with maids, but now they’ve begun vaccinating expats starting with the elderly and those with chronic health conditions.

You can’t “eventually” vaccinate the elderly, there is a reason why everyone in the world prioritized them first. Glad this issue is resolved now.

It wasn’t social media pressure that made the changes. It was a coincidence that social media brought it up at the same time…

Now if we can start getting teachers vaccinated before we leave for the summer so we can get back to in person school for the fall!