Kuwait Motor Town Race Circuit Given Green Light

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Under the direction of His Highness the Amir, the Amiri Diwan has taken on several key projects in Kuwait. The Diwan’s project portfolio includes projects such as the new Al-Jahra Hospital, Al-Shaheed Park and Kuwait’s two cultural centers (Abdullah Al-Salem & Jaber Al-Ahmed) set to be complete by year’s end. On 20 June, the Amiri Diwan announced the awarding of a KD 49 million contract to local developer Bayan National Trading Company to design and build Kuwait’s Motor Town.

According to press reports the project aims at building seven race circuits compatible with international standards. These circuits would enable Kuwait to host Formula 1 and MotoGP races in the future.

The project is located south of the city, in Orafjan, adjacent to the Wafra road. The contract also includes the construction of a pit building and a media center. According to press reports, the project is set to include a hotel and shopping mall at a later stage (not part of the current package). [Source]


Hard to believe but it looks like we’re finally getting a race track in Kuwait. Not any racetrack might I add, but a FIA Grade 1 circuit designed by Hermann Tilke, the same guy behind a number of popular F1 tracks including Yas Marina and the Baku City Circuit.


I couldn’t find a lot of information on Kuwait Motor Town online other than the video above and a couple of renderings along with the following brief description on the Tilke website:

Kuwait Motor Town shall position itself as a new place making destination with a unique FIA grade 1 circuit as the nucleus of the state of the art facility, which will attract a wide spectrum of people. Whether professional race driver, or families seeking for leisure activities, or club members desiring premium level services, Kuwait Motor Town with its fully integrated portfolio of entertainment assets will create the upmost exciting and innovative automotive experience for the whole region.

I’m not fond of the name Kuwait Motor Town but it will probably change by the time the project is completed and honestly, even if they called it Cupcake Town it doesn’t really matter because end of the day we’re finally getting a race track. Now I just need to convince Alghanim to give me an 80% discount on the Lotus Exige S.

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  1. Adel says:

    Fascinating! any estimated completion date?

  2. Tinderbox says:

    motor town sounds ok like detroit motor city but yeah they could call it kuwait magic 2 for all i care as long it actually get built instead of just being used as way to steal endless money and never even get half done like most of the huge contracting jobs here.

  3. change-9021 says:

    Correction:I’m not fond of the name Kuwait Motor Town.

    Not found

  4. AJ says:

    Will the track only be for kuwaities or will ̶s̶c̶u̶m̶b̶a̶g̶s̶ foreigners be allowed to use it?

  5. Leslie says:

    Scumbags will be deported before then! How will they pop Champagne here?

  6. simple man says:

    does that mean the HWY 30 and HWY 40 circuit will be shut down and we can drive with normal drivers there?

  7. Ipsom says:

    Why the exige? U have a good car already, by then it can be ready ;)

    • CK says:

      Its a shame they’re aiming for an F1 circuit as kuwait is on ofbthebworst places on earth for F1 considering the heat, lack of tourism, and obviously Booze.

      A Touring Circuut would have been much more appropriate since it would allow all of the amateur enthusiasts in the GCC to use their sports cars in the coubtries in addition to the local Driving Clubs to have Lap Days.

      F1 Circuit would be extremely wasteful to maintain and would deteriate quickly if amateurs use it, which begs the question if they will allow lap days at all?!

  8. jac says:

    BNTC, one of the worst contractors in kuwait, based on my experiences working with them. I hope the clients have a good quality assurance team with them. Otherwise everything will fall apart before it becomes operational…true story…:(

    • Tinderbox says:

      no my unkel he ownere of BNTC company and he saying to me it will cumplete in next month inshallah, after first payment of KD3.5 million worth of bitcoin is deposit in untraceable saychelles account, so plz dnt say like this ur lying boy. htanks u.

    • Boambo says:

      100% chance that bntc will sell, if not already sold, the contract to a 3rd party.

      The owners aren’t at the right place in time to take up big projects given the death of the founder in 2014.(inheritence, reorganizations ..blah blah)

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