Mass Food Poisoning

Post by Mark

So last week there was a case of mass food poisoning in Kuwait because of a falafel restaurant in Hawalli. Supposedly the former partner of the restaurant conspired with an employee to poison the falafel and today Kuwait Times mentions they found the food to be contaminated with salmonella and other types of bacteria. Around 300 customers got food poisoned and yet none of the newspapers or news outlets have mentioned which restaurant had their food contaminated (at least none of the English outlets). I really don’t understand why news media continue to shy away from posting the name of the restaurant especially in a case like this where many other people might be infected and not know they are.

When there was an E. coli outbreak at Chipotle in the States, all the news outlets wrote about it, but if the same outbreak had taken place in Kuwait they’d probably just describe Chipotle as an American franchise.

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  1. foof says:

    wtf, 300 people?! wow! name and shame in this case.

  2. Sonia says:

    Am really interested to know which restaurant this is. Can anyone drop some hints?

  3. Kong says:

    The place is called Falafel 3ala Keyfak.

    No body conspired to poison anyone. That place does Falafel Sandwiches with Mayonnaise (The way they do it in Netherlands). But the idiots that work there along with management didn’t realize that Mayonnaise needs to be stored and handled different from Tahinna. As the weather got insanely hot Salmonella happened.

  4. G says:

    I was told it’s called “Ala Kefak”

  5. A Kuwaiti Lexicographer says:

    The restaurant is Falafel ala Kaifik and is in Hawally. Video footage of the restaurant inspection went viral on social media. One of the co-owners sent an audio message and pointed the finger at one of his shadow partners. The medical reports showed that all the food items that was served at the restaurant were contaminated.

  6. Ipsom says:

    There was no conspiracy or deliberate poisoning… Just extreme incompetent hygiene and food storing

    • Mark says:

      I’m just repeating what is being said in the news.

      “Other sources said meanwhile that the owner, who is currently detained with his staff members pending investigations, accused his former partner, a Syrian man, of conspiring with one of the restaurant’s staff members, and had him contaminate the falafel, which resulted in poisoning a large number of customers. “

  7. lolguy says:

    >I really don’t understand why news media continue to shy away from posting the name of the restaurant especially in a case like this

    Another observation I cannot understand is the undue attention to the nationality of the person. Every single news article has the nationality mentioned. Whether it is a robbery, accident, minor or major crime, victim or perp it is mentioned without fail.

  8. Hanan says:

    News outlets can’t officially state the name of the restaurant until medical officials get the results and causes behind the food poisoning. If they did and the results show that the food has been tampered with then they will slandering the name of the restaurant and be susceptible for lawsuits.

    What the government can do now is close the place and wait for results. If it was negligence then it will become a lawsuit against the owner, and even then they have to wait for the final verdict before stating the restaurant name.

    The process may not make sense to some people but it is a way to protect all parties especially in a small country that puts a lot of credibility on street talk even though it may not be true like Kuwait

    Currently there is a lot posted in social media about the causes and if it was deliberate or not, but I’m not sure if there has been any official statements.

    Sorry for the long explanation

  9. K8 says:

    this website continues to highlight the animated life within the very wealthy and wild country of Kuwait. The stories and the stories around stories are an unreal reality. I’m happy to read now from only from a far.

  10. Leslie says:

    All parties, including those guilty, are protected by the press & publication law

  11. vampire says:

    bcoz we live in a 3rd world country

  12. Ahmed says:

    The staff was changed and due to change for cheaper workers from specific country, they don’t clean, or do anything, and try to do cost-efficiency like turning A/C off, and reuse old materials for making food and so on.

    whenever you see that nationality work in food service, you always get sick, remember KFC?

  13. A says:

    Exactly this

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