Stabbing at The Avenues. WTF.

Post by Mark

No idea what happened, supposedly it was over a girl but that’s still unconfirmed. There are also some graphic pictures of the victim currently circulating Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter but I won’t be sharing them here.

Picture by Fajer188x

Update: A friend sent me the following video, no idea who the source is but that’s a lot of blood.


Update2: Just posted the facts on the stabbing [Here]

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  1. 3azeez says:

    And in three days I’m coming back for this shit.

    fuck it.

  2. Salue says:

    This is wrong !!

    but this is not the first time these kind of things happend, it happened alot in marina and outside hardrock and outside schools, also i think at fanar, and the titanic mall.

    there should be more security and more police men everywhere..

    • 3azeez says:

      and in co-ops, at traffic lights, in public parks, hospitals, government buildings, mosques (yes!!), parking lots, dewaniyas, sports clubs and probably just about anywhere you can imagine in Kuwait.

      • Mohammed says:

        raye7 shway

      • Ahmed says:

        Every country has violence. In US a guy walks in a movie and kills everyone, but you don’t blame US, so why you blaming Kuwait? You don’t like Kuwait, then please stay out!

        • RDM says:

          Ahmed….you make a very good point…..

        • Yusef says:

          Oh please, are you comparing the rate of murder in a country of 300,000,000 to a country of 2,000,000? and just because the guys worried about the turn his country’s taking doesn’t mean you should tell him to stay out.

        • Tim says:

          Look at the size of Kuwait! 1 mill
          That is not very big!
          look at the size of America over 350 million. Think before you judge.

          • Arrgh says:

            And how many unreported crimes?

            America can be a very scary place in the wrong places.
            So don’t give the impression I can go America speak my mind and not get killed over it. Or you will get people killed. People are violent. And more violent when there is prejudice and poverty.

        • ANB says:

          First of all salam 3lykoum
          Second , you have no right to tell anyone stay out
          Third dont compare those two countries cause for this arguement comparing anyone to kuwait or kuwait to anyone is invalid ,

          (When we say kuwait we are talking about the people that make it up and the government )

          Befor getting so so angry whos blaming kuwait ? And why ? And what part of kuwait are you blaming , thats the real questin , are you blaming the government for not having enough security ?
          Or are you blaming the new generation(exceptions are valid) that has not be raised up well , that has no morals , no beliefs , no values , no reilgion
          Or, are you blaming the goverment for lack of enforcement of the law ?

          We can go back and forth about whos do we blame and what do we blame , but thats pointless

          My point is , the whole system is corrupt.
          Befor i start saying the bad things,,, ill tell you 2 things you should note ,

          {إن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم}


          A saying that ill right in arabic-english

          Man ameenah al38aab as2a al adab

          Which kinda means whos is secure of the punshiment ad doesnt not fear it will be disrespectful , something like that

          Look by corrupt i mean
          There is no law being enforced.
          There is no homes teaching manners and respect to laws , etc. ( exceptions are valid )

          And whats sad is
          The weak get punished and the strong gets away with it

          I probably haven’t made my point yet ,but its impossible over the internet

          1 last thing
          Im kuwaiti , and i love my country
          Altho i hate what it has become / is becoming
          But yet i love it and wish it all the best

          And hope one day the conflicts and violence on pathetic stuff to stop

        • vandetta says:

          People with dignity stay and work in Kuwait expecting that such animalistic activities don’t happen here. Please do not compare Kuwait to US.

  3. MousePotato says:

    That guy died.

  4. Q8Path says:

    My god !! What is the real story ?

  5. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    These guys that go to these limits over girls are freakin retarded! See what lust does and I bet people are blaming Westerners for this too!

  6. Mariam says:

    The death of the Lebanese guy who was hospitalized has been confirmed……

  7. Ankit says:

    Messed up. I hope a police case has been filed and those who are truly guilty get a punishment that fits the crime

    • Simple _Man says:

      I seriously doubt that if he is Kuwaiti and he goes to jail or is convicted, (RED CARD) he will spend any real time in Jail / prison a 22 year old is a juvnial. There is no real justice for non-Kuwaities here we all know that and accecpt it.

  8. Al-Marzouq says:

    no way the guy died? thats fucked up…..

  9. Nathan says:

    That’s a lot of blood.

    Did he died?

  10. Haitham says:

    Time of death 12 15 am @ Farwania hospital

  11. AzizMMA says:‎ تفاصيل الحادثة
    Everything you need to know about the incident, it’s in Arabic though.

  12. FYI says:


    • lloyd_911 says:

      I hope blood on the floor is not their only form of evidence. I know it looks insensitive just mopping up the blood like that, but I’d assume a place like avenues has top notch security systems like CCTV’s all over. It did not help prevent the incident, but will help bring those responsible to task.

      • FYI says:

        evidence isn’t needed just to catch a culprit; you also need forensic evidence to convict. imagine all the fingerprints, blood trail, and DNA wiped out by the cleaners. they can’t wait for the police to even take crime scene photos and swabs?

    • Rehab says:

      In this case, we need Dexter Morgan

    • geo says:

      absolutely. and people walking all over the crime scene and leaving bloody footprints everywhere. People are actually walking over the nothings wrong and isn’t there another way aroundthat blood??? Where’s the cops?

    • Rakan says:

      my thoughts exactly, ‘call the forensics team!’ it’s a mall employee with a mop. Seriously where’s the yellow tape.. people hoping over blood. Even if you haven’t watched a CSI episode ever. Stay out of a crime scene seems to me a very sensible idea.

  13. Adel says:

    This sickens me, sometimes I wonder why do we call our selfs humans.. we are no more than animles…

  14. Gender Segregation- Root of all Evil says:

    Moral of the story is keep away from malls over the weekends and public holidays, if you can help it. Law enforcement officers on Segways might help.
    It’s tough being a parent of a teenage girl in Kuwait, always has been.
    Due to the climate of enforced segregation most youth in Kuwait behave like animals in heat when a pretty young or even not so young thing walks into their field of vision. It’s pathetic.
    The least the management at the Avenues can do is to pay a floral tribute to the deceased and have people light up candles – a candle light vigil one of these days outside the Avenues to highlight the social menace of eavesteasers wouldn’t be far fetched, for what it’s worth.

    • Othman says:

      “Due to the climate of enforced segregation most youth in Kuwait behave like animals in heat when a pretty young or even not so young thing walks into their field of vision.”

      Umm, this was over a parking spot.
      Perpetrator was Saudi, therefore, Kuwait being segregated or not, has nothing to do with it.

    • Nunya says:

      Yes- off topic, but don’t Italian boys act like that as well, and they don’t have gender segregation. I find it funny that they guys act like this yet they go all offended when somebody else does it to their sisters or cousins. : )
      But yes, gender segregation went out with witch burning. Oh wait, they still do that here in Kuwait.

    • aaa says:

      They were Saudi so whatever happens in kuwait doesn’t concern them

  15. TweeZ says:

    طبق القانون يا وزير الداخلية! أحسسنا بالأمن

  16. Lucky_Boy says:

    – The victim is dentist,and he is Lebanese.
    – He died in the hospital.
    – The cause of the fight was that he braked in front of 4 guys car in the car park, they followed him upstairs and attacked him.
    – So far one attacker has been arrested and he is Saudi.

  17. Omi says:

    Well some people r jus soo sick…a person fighting wit weapons is soo freaking sick not even worth calling a coward

    • Tim says:

      They are cowards and i would love to give each one personally one on one a piece of my mind.
      you think they would have the balls to go one on one? :)

  18. Tariq says:


  19. elwehbi says:

    There better be some serious measures taken by the police. This crime cannot go unsolved with the criminals left unpunished.

  20. AmericanMuslim says:

    I’m from Brooklyn New York and I grew up and been around this same scene my whole entire youth years growing up. I know America has far worse crime, but as an American Muslim I moved here with both eyes closed thinking that it would be better for my family and I due to kuwait being a Muslim country, boy was I wrong. In the states a Muslim would never even lay a finger on another Muslim, let alone take his life,and it seems like its the norm out here. One of the main problems with kuwait is there is no Islamic laws implemented… Wanna be westernized country. I knew I was in for a disappointment when my beard gets mocked here(Muslim country) then in my home states. May Allah guide Kuwait, aameen

    • hazmat says:

      You should try Dubai…Its quite the opposite..more liberal and in the same time upholds most of our relgion values…
      I think it is commendable what you have done IMO
      By leaving your hometown takes a lot of Belief in oneself to go about such

    • OS says:

      Whats with all the muslim to muslim stuff…so in your view it’s ok to attack non-mulsims? “lay a finger” on non-muslims? I guess if this Dentist turns out to be a Christian he had it coming

      You may be american..but there is nothing about the American values of equality of all, respect of all and freedom for all in you…

      Here’s hoping you and your family never go back to the States

      • Nunya says:

        “Heres hoping you and your family never go back to the States”

        You missed his point altogether.

      • AmericanMuslim says:

        Come on now slow down, u totally went all the way to the left with your reply. It’s haraam period to take Someone’s life unjustly, whether they are Muslim, Jew, Christian, white, black etc. and I don’t stand by anyone who is a oppressive murderer. His family has to suffer the pain and loss of their loved one, I don’t wish that pain on anyone… All I was saying was as an American Muslim who’s seen every violent act under the sun, who sacrifice everything to make hijrah to the land of Tawheed, to run away from what a lot of Muslims here are running to, is a big disappointment. No one is perfect but to be honest, here is no different then New York in regards to the people’s actions and way of thinking.

    • Tjcfilms says:

      Whatever. I am an American Muslim as wel . You contradicted yourself also. You say in states Muslims do not attack Muslims but then say this country is too Westernized. This country is one notch below Saudi in ass backwards thinking. If it was more moderate say like Dubai or a place like that this wouldn’t be an issue. I’ve almost never had a traffic incident in Dubai, people treat one another better and the security in places is far more organized and serious. If you like it Hard core Islam with less tolerance then hit up Iran or Saudi.

      • AmericanMuslim says:

        Ok here we go.. First off define hardcore Islam? I didn’t know following Quran and sunnah is hardcore, wow. No i said wanna be westernize country, where did u get the too westernize from? i didnt say that.. Anyone who is not taking what I said personal understands what I meant. Honestly if you couldn’t comprehend what I posted the first time, no need for me to clarify any longer. Please tho, define hard core Islam?

        • Tjcfilms says:

          Every woman completeky covered, moral police patrols etc. Now granted a lot of that is cultural like Saudi and Iran but they use the Qurran and the Sunnah as justification. What happened to coexistsnce and not pushing anything on to others. One of my American Muslim friends told me pretty much all Kuwaitis and other Muslims here are going to burn because they aren’t true Muslims and that Moderate Muslims are the reasons the Middle East is cursed and being taken over and eventually destroyed by the West.

          • Naif says:

            Islam is a peaceful religion,God is the most merciful, he can forgive us,I’m Saudi and I know that some Saudis/Kuwaitis think in another bad way that’s not the true Islam,Islam is a peaceful religion and Iran is a shia country so don’t consider it as a Muslim.

          • And... says:

            You need to brush up on a lot of things when it comes to religion.. Start with the proper recitation of the Quran and then learning the meaning, perhaps ahadeeth of the Prophet if you can manage to..

      • aaa says:

        Uh have you lived in Saudi? Because there is no way Kuwait is more backwards than Saudi, think before you speak

        • TJCFILMS says:

          I was in Saudi for a while and I agree with aaa. But the longer I have been in Kuwait the closer it seems like the powers that be are trying to push it in that direction.

  21. Ali Sleeq says:

    It’s sick how people get so violent over something stupid.

  22. TonyKing says:

    Well… whoever did this, needs to be hanged in public preferably in the same mall as a lesson to all.. Savagery deserves a savage lesson

  23. Acerboy says:

    What ever was the reason someone has lost a life ! I hope lebanese embassy takes this matter and I hope the judge doesn’t come up with saying the criminal is mentally ill !

  24. Ahmed says:

    There needs to be police in all malls in Kuwait now. I thought I saw that there is a police office in the Avenues. It is out of control, well pritty much everywhere in Kuwait. But this violence level crosses the line and if the authorities don’t get stricter, this mall and all malls will suffer economically.

  25. rara says:

    where is the security they did not check this people coming inside.poor victim so scary scene.

  26. Rayboy says:

    PLaces to avoid during the weekends.. Malls & Gulfroad.!

  27. Randy says:

    Also disturbing is the lack of security or police to secure the scene so the mess could be properly cleaned! Where’s the hazmat team? The poor cleaner is not even wearing rubber gloves! And why do ppl feel the need to walk thru the blood? What a disgusting scene and pitiful display by The Avenues.

  28. Hello says:

    The video is so horrible, people are just jumping over the blood, some are even stamping. Where is the crime branch or police, its like the Avenues cleaning dept is cleaning some childs vomit.

  29. af says:

    i dont understand how the Killer is gonna sleep at night, knowing he has guaranteed himself a place in hell.

  30. Shawn says:

    This is really disturbing.I still am not sure what the story is.In the end it comes down to people and their over sized egos.PRIDE the sin that sent Iblis from heaven to hell.People, no one is better then anyone else.Everything we have is a gift from Allah , your job,family,education,good looks,money ect….We should’nt be proud.We should be humble and greatful. My heart goes out to the family of this young man .I hope people will remember him in their duas as this could have been any ones son.

  31. expatinq8 says:

    this is not unusual here, But we must not relaxed as theswe things should not happened in the future where is islam in this tragedy? You don’t kill a guy or a woman just because you like. Every youth here should be discplined that treating others in a bad way is also the same manner how they treat their family especially their parents.

  32. Maverick says:

    who wanna bet on another “mentally ill” judgment???

  33. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    What the heck is wrong with the people who are just walking through the blood?!?! Good grief! Number one, that is just DISGUSTING and you are going to track that into your car and home on your shoes?! Number two – police and security should have secured the scene to keep people away. And three, yes the cleaner should have had at the very least protective gloves and mask on when cleaning it up.

  34. Naif says:

    thank god I’m in Saudi Arabia <3

  35. AFAA says:

    Blocking cars are very common in kuwait !y people don’t realize when blocking cars! It’s common sense which most of the people don’t have in kuwait

  36. Rabid Bunny says:

    what a sad world we are living in….

  37. Yusef says:

    The guy is half Lebanese, half Kuwaiti, dentist. He died today. It was over a parking lot.

    The way the mall dealt with the issue shows how backwards this country is, rich but with a backwards mentality. Not just Kuwaiti, it seems like everyone who lives here isn’t qualified to do their job or act as a responsible citizen.

    Who the hell MPs blood of a crime scene?

    The wole section of the mall should have been shutdown by the police.

    Why can’t Kuwait learn from Dubai?

  38. heeeeelllllllppppp says:

    They are just cleaning the blood where are the cops people are just walking around the crime scene no police no security,
    there should be cops at every mall.

  39. TheSheriff_Has_Been_Shot says:

    Seriously there are so many spoiled brats roaming the country who have serious mental issues.

    So you had a fight over a parking lot that’s really not a big reason to kill someone for.

    But I know that some people always have this idiotic belief that you’re not a man unless you win the argument even if it mean physically hurting or even killing the other person, some people even think it’s very manly to have a weapon with you to solve the low life arguments they lose !

    I don’t know what this country is coming to, but there a serious anger management problem that almost 80% of the people living here are suffering from.

    RIP Jaber

  40. AFAA says:

    Btw the quarrel starts on blocking car is the victim blocked the car and refused to remove or the Saudis were waiting for long time and when the victim came he regret his act which pissed the Saudis and they stabbed him.

  41. Tjcfilms says:

    Anyone else find it disturbing the hot dog post had more attention and replies?

  42. Acerboy says:

    Just based on an individual why some ppl attack on religion ??

  43. italianman says:

    next day the murderer walks out free by wasta :D , i doubt he would have stabbed him in the first if he didn’t know for sure he gonna walk clean out of it

  44. Kuwait says:

    How come NO newspaper today has any information on this? Not even KUNA’s website? Or is it gonna appear in a tiny corner somewhere tomorrow?

    If this is not news, then what is?

  45. Ali says:

    Looks like the 21.12.2012 was the end of the world for this dentist. :(

  46. Hussain says:

    Its bizarre that some evil minded guys followed the victim up in the mall and then had the opportunity of stabbing him in a packed mall? Now the notion is; where was security? Where are the moral values of general public? They saw few guys stabbing an innocent man and all were busy in ireporting? Why couldn’t few good men got hold of those tossers and yanked their brains out till the cops arrived? Its baffling all remained busy in staying away from saving a life… this is the new Way of life! You can watch but dont touch.

  47. Acerboy says:

    Even that FB page says the guy was mentally disturbed !! So we know how easily he would go free !

    • djelibaby says:

      yeah – watch this fucker walk free like all the other fuckers that walk around free. I personally know (through acquaintance) at least 4 other people, one who cost an ice cream guy his legs because of drunk driving, one who killed her maid, and a couple of rapists – who walk around as free as you please. Wastha eh?

  48. Dougmacho says:

    There should be more cops in all malls NOW!

  49. AnyWord says:

    Any word for this brothers jannaza? We should all attend and pray over his body and ask Allah to pardon him of his sins.

  50. TJCFILMS says:

    The malls in Dubai have their own actual police station and police force and that is in a place with all kinds of shit to do. Maybe Kuwait should take notes since pretty much everyone is at the malls oin the weekend.

  51. TJCFILMS says:

    Whatever happened to guys going one on one and just punching it out? Not group stabbings like a coward. Or even better, shrug it off and walk away!(drive away)

  52. Bas Ya Shabaab says:

    Do they even think it necessary to have a clinic for first aid forget a police station inside the Avenues? Defibrillators in every square of the Avenues and trained personnel to operate them would be asking for too much, I suppose

  53. the art of tender love making says:

    Such a thing to happen is for the US of A not in Kuwait.But then when you consider how much violence and action in cinema is permitted, and even celebrated here or just how passionate people in Kuwait tend to be about wrestling, boxing and anything borderline gory you begin to realize this is an unsettling place. Maybe just maybe the censors need to go a little placid on allowing tender romantic scenes in films for public consumption instead of axing them to make way for a kinder gentler and more sensitive nation.

  54. Sally says:

    There are lessons to be taught from this tragedy to able us to prevent it similarity in future. It’s not fair to blame the Kuwaitis people in general for this. All societies in the world have a small minority got a negative attitude toward others, I do agree no one should be a above the law, when an example been set up (punishment) then it will deter other from breaking the law in its own all concepts. All malls should be safe and secure to protect general public at all the time without any complies, my condenses to his family.

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