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Update on The Avenues Stabbing


The video above is a TV interview with Colonel Adel Alhashash who shared facts regarding the stabbing that took place last night at The Avenues. According to the Colonel the incident started over a parking spot at around 10PM. The victim and the killer got into a heated argument over a parking spot in the basement and the confrontation then continued inside the mall. The victim was a Lebanese citizen, Dr Jaber Yousef who’s a dentist while the killer was with three other friends. During the confrontation in the mall the killer went and purchased a knife from Carrefour and then headed towards the victim and proceeded to stab him. Dr Jaber Yousef passed away an hour after arriving to the hospital.

According to the Colonel, The Avenues helped the investigators out a lot by providing them photos and CCTV footage of the aggressor. Because of those images the investigators were able to identify the killer but when they went to his home they didn’t find him there. They finally found him at a campsite in Bnaider where he was arrested. He’s 22 years old. The three friends who were with him have still not been caught but they will be soon.

When the Colonel was asked about the lack of presence of police officers at the mall the Colonel responded saying that with private locations such as malls the security is provided by the malls themselves and not the police. But, from what I understood in the interview this might change soon because of this incident and previous violent incidents that have taken place at malls.

There is a memorial page set up for the victim on Facebook and you can visit it by clicking [Here]

Update: Below is the photo of the killer

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And how is stepping up security is going to help?!

You can’t put a police officer escorting every shopper just to keep things safe.

Problem is with the country as a whole. People don’t fear punishment… today it feels more like living in a jungle. Men and women, young and old all are alike.

I’m kinda glad that this murderer is stateless, because that means there is little hope of applying the law on him and punishing him. If he was Arab national or European he would have been probably sent home without punishment. If he was Kuwait, wasta will do its job.

Common… I agree about wasta in most cases, but killing? I hope no one wants to be a wasta of killer.

As expat I fill very safe in Kuwait, because crime rate is very low. Kuwaitis maybe are crazy drivers and don’t care about others safety on the road, but they are not killers and criminals. My Kuwaiti friends are shocked as I’m about this info.

If some brainless fucking bustard makes something stupid, you can’t talk like this about whole country.

Here is a fact, the colonel in the video above mentions that they were able to identify the criminal through face recognition programme using records of individuals they have.

My question, why did they have a record for that young criminal? I wouldn’t be surprised if this killer had already committed several crimes before and was let go without punishment.

There are two victims here, the dead Dr and the killer. Both of them are young and both of them lost their lives, one is buried in the ground and the other will rot in jail. Had there been fear for the law and knowldge of liability, the young Dr may still be alive and the young killer might have had a better life ie job and family rather than being someone’s bitch in jail.

“Had there been fear for the law and knowldge of liability”
The same could be said for the driving here. If the police enforced the laws Kuwait wouldn’t have the highest death rate in the world. Children and babies would be strapped in car seats, the value for life here is ridiculous.
Stepping up security helps by having more guards around and maybe just maybe this could have been prevented.

The way security responded was very unprofessional, the cleaners mopped the blood like it was some children’s vomit. The police should have shut the whole mall, or at least a section of it, and called it a crime scene.
Anyways lets hope the criminal doesn’t come out of this one free.

I am just wondering why no people even the citizen here help him or restrain the teenagers to stop the arguments.i know the avenues has lot of people with different nationalities..why no one call the police during the hot scene..are those people just watching like doing one volunteer to help in between..they just have mouth after the incident happen..
I think the most worthy ever done of one person is to save ones life..not the eye who speak the evil doer of others..theres alot of man in avenues roaming around ..for godsake man of god..everywheres has mobile while sitting drinking cup of coffee or vice any one got police call pls..

It’s heart breaking knowing someone has died over a parking spot. People need to control their anger and remember what they are fighting over before going and stabbing someone.

I do think police in malls is a better idea but we need to raise awareness and change the mentality of people before anything else.

They should not allow to sell knives or some sharp objects to these people, Carrefour somehow should take note of this.

“who kills a Muslim gets killed” WHAT !!! What does religion have to do with it ?? It doesn’t matter where your from or what your religion is, A crime is a crime and punishment is punishment!

why is it always when it comes to religion people start blabbing ?

Islam is a religion and life style governed by law.

if you know a country who has set of good rules and they worship the sun or nature then its fine.

but if its Islam, then sarcasm starts.

وا عجبي..

you should’t even start talking about it, knowing that true Islamic law is not 100% applied/ accurately applied any where through out the Islamic world.

so i guess yea, its again, for the sake of poking and arguing..

what is the moral difference between shooting 20 school kids and 6 teachers with a local pistol and bombing them with a guided missile to fight terrorism ? does skin color make a difference ? will the output of the formula will be different if your skin color were white or black or brown ?

Who kills anyone doesn’t deserve life,
I am a muslim myself and I really don’t see the need to bring religion into this,
This a crime not based on religion.

Thank you for showing his picture. All so often when GCC commit crimes, they don’t show their faces only ours, it is about time they show theres!
Long overdue that they place the police in the malls, they are responsible for the streets whether private or public!

“All so often when GCC commit crimes, they don’t show their faces only ours, it is about time they show theres!”

If by “ours” you mean expats then no the don’t. Newspapers show both Kuwaitis and expats with blacked out faces. and FYI, the murderer is not a GCC citizen, he’s bedoon.

Was the juvenile rebellious or suffering from mental instability ?

There is are so many kids who fights in public bus everyday and make problem for the travelers.

Not only malls, but proper step should be taken for all kinds of such immoral activities. Right now they will emphasize on mall security, and by the time the realized even public buses are also things to be consider, one more life will be taken

I dunno about that. there are police in Kuwait city and they treat the asian expats there like crap – degrading them and screaming at them like theyre cattle. I wouldnt want to walk around a mall if ppl from the same police force are going to be around.

spot on.
The story of the bedoun and carefour knife still doesnt make sense to me. His friends kept an ide on the target while he got the knife?

They yell at them because if 1 expat crosses the road in an area you’re not supposed to 200 follow him, what is he supposed to do?

True that.. I agree. They start crossing the road even when the light is green..the cars get stuck in between. He cant be polite to them.they should know it by themselves

Oh and Samuel, not all of them were cattle herders. Some of them were merchants and others were pearl divers… but I guess you grew up in a farm so all the world to you has a job as a cattle herder right?

and NJ I meant all of the cops who are ignorant towards the residents,who don’t either have any qualification or expertise and end up in the police force.I did not say all of them but there are quite a few.

Why are they expanding avenues like crazy… can’t they just make 3 separate malls some distance away. It is so aggravating and frustrating reaching the mall these day, especially on wknds…I will stick to morning hours now…

Yes, the biggest problem we are facing in kuwait is access to malls . Any other areas you advise we should tackle?

Errrr hello a young man has just been murdered and all you can think of is how difficult it is for you to have to walk a few extra yards to get your retail therapy out of the way. Wake up, think about what you are posting. Unreal

The dentist died coz of his own attitude.
World is full of physco’s just like reckless drivers, we hv to drive safely to avoid accident.similarly if the dentist would have just shut up and given the parking space, he would be alive today.
Hope his murder is an eye opener for many.
Rest in peace dear dentist.You life is a lesson for many.

If you use some common sence you will conclude that it cant be this guy’s first murder.I mean it takes alot of guts to do a thing like this.Stabbing some one 9 times so brutally… he may be used to of looking at this amount of blood.

He must have murdered some one before also thats why it was so easy for him to do it again.

true , i know someone who stabbed, the attacker got scared and backed away after seeing blood .

but that guy is fucking psycho so much anger over a parking spot

You’re right, maybe it’s his first human murder. A lot of studies have been shown that most murderers were usually used to killing other living things in their younger years.

when in a confrontation with a weapon, people can sometimes act irrationally. But thanks for your expert observation sherlock

If he did, he would be like Dexter Morgan, waiting for a perfect spot not lose his mind in public.
The boy was just mentally unstable…

And I guess we should stop finding clues coz there are expert sitting above us…

Its a bull shiit all happend .. all ppl was looking as cinema how they biteing one no security.. care… bedoun security know just to put stikers on the cars… we are in jungle no safe… on roads guys follow womans.. … it is police and securities bedoun hindi and filipino… when should be in propor time they are not !! After he die this dr. Ppl walk jump on painting of blood.. ..may the GOD rest him in peace! And that killer should be died also and bitting to feel the same!!! Shame off all ppl who was there and didnt take action!!

wow daisy. you are an idiot typical of people whove spent too long here. youre whining about how difficult it is to GET to the mall?

Shame on all of us.. living in a muslim country yet we behave nothing like true muslims… look around and we see how ignorant we become…I seen people get angry over small things, what good that would do… just step back and let go..

Hadith – Sahih Al-Bukhari 8.135, Narrated Abu Huraira, r.a.
Allah’s Apostle said, “The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger.”

at the end of the day, we are human beings. There are good people and there are bad people. It does not matter if you are a “muslim” or not. A criminal mind knows no religion. And neither does insanity.

it does matter whether you are Muslim or not. a Muslim should be the farthest person from committing crimes. whether or not one is a Muslim will also seriously matter on the day of judgment.

i will never understand why whenever anything like this happens people start bringing up the ” muslim” arguement. im not sure why you believe that muslims are angels, its beyond me.

Based on your name I’m assuming your Indian and have a deep seated hate of Muslims based on your parents telling you to hate Pakistan when you were growing up

That said yes religion shouldn’t matter in this, a guy killed another guy anything else is irrelevant

You do realize there are more Muslims living in India (happily) then the whole ME put together, right?

And if we hate Pakistan, which we don’t. It’s definitely not based on the country being Islamic.

It’s their ideology towards India.

Coming back to the topic what happened here is totally tragic, no idea how are his family going to come out of this.


So happily that you have to keep one third of your armed forces posted in Kashmir to ‘keep them happy’?

The number of innocent Kashmiris brutally murdered and raped by the indian armed forces in Kashmir is stunning.

India is not Delhi and Bombay alone. Wake up!

can you please stop this nonsense the topic is not about india or pakistan ..its about a young guy lost his life due to a small issue ..

thats how shallow u are, u are judging me based on my screen name? lol im sorry bas ana kuwaitiya mani hindeya even though ma 3endi mane3 eni akon hindeya bas thats not my point. but since thats how you think im going to rest my case im not arguing any further.

isn’t amazing how your “muslim” countries fair on the world corruption index? let alone human rights?
The key word in your reply is “should” but muslims are human beings. you make it sound as if muslims are citizens of utopia.

Steve Bunce needs to bolster bouncer presence inside the Avenues – at the exits, the parking lots and the food courts and in the central courtyard even if that means hiring Kim Kardashian kind of bouncers: it’s worth the effort. Wonder if people need to purchase some kind of insurance when they go to have a good time at the mall.
As a token of sympathy with the family of the deceased, the malls consortium in Kuwait should ideally have decided to keep all the malls: Fanar, Marina, Avenues, 360, Souk Sharq and Kout closed as a mark of respect. The best blow; a rather drastic measure is to impose a moratorium on all single guys entering irrespective of ethnicity for 3 months allowing only families, straight couples and ladies into the mall. Know it is a bit harsh but at least, it may inshallaah stir the core of this nation. Since people are started getting hurt and in this instance, killed maybe it is time to have pay and park at the avenues so that loafers don’t spend an inordinate time at the mall being social pests. Plus, it just might cut down the long lines at the Avenues.
Gee, more than ever I miss the Kuwait of the 70s and 80s today.

Are you out of your mind? No I’m asking a serious question here. Closing the mall to all single guys? Really? What do you expect the guys to do then? Sit on a chair for 3 months?

I would agree with you, Youths in groups should be not allowed to enter the Malls,(me myself a youth) Only families should have an access to the malls. That would work, and the security should not be in Dishdashas who are just caring for gatras, rather some really professional bodybuilders, who are allowed to use the force when needed.

what if i wanted to go to the cinema? im only allowed to go on weekdays? when i finish work late and just wanna sit home and relax? its not like there is a stand alone cinema complex around just for the guys! they all connected to malls

People have so much ego and frustration in kuwait. I don’t know for what. No respect for lives. I don’t know why they feel insulted and humiliated and go for hitting others and killing them.

What a waste of life for both victim and the killer. What a tragedy for both families. Now, He is a 22 year old dead man walking. and over what?!!
No glory, no good memory or good deed to remain of him. Was that really his purpose in life? To kill and die over a parking space?

There are tens of perfume booths in the malls. There will be no harm to add couple of more booths with police officers sitting there Lets think of it as “police Diwaniyah” in malls. At least when some one screams HELP there will be some one to respond.

It’s not really enough for a mall of that size, they have a defib and some insulin I think and not much more. I saw a girl pass out in the US once at a mall MUCH smaller than the Avenues – 2 security guys came out within minutes with a paramedic, put her on a stretcher and gave her oxygen until an ambulance arrived.

On top of that the Avenues location is just dangerous, no way to get in and out easily for ambulances, police, or people. What if there was a massive fire in the area? People can’t get out normally on the 1 or 2 tiny crowded shuwaikh roads.

Apparently in this situation, the paramedics didn’t even arrive. His family had to drag him out and they dragged him by the legs, which caused more blood to spew out and died pretty quickly.

Dumbest thing about the Avenues, is that theres thousands of people in one spot and no police around. I would sue the owners of the mall as partially responsible for this.

What will happen to the killer? He is supposed to be executed infront if all people ! Just like sadam. This is a country that follow Islamic regulations and a non citizen comes to this country and disrespect other people by causing such crime is unacceptable . Take a life away , pay for that life.

Whoa, this country does not follow Islamic regulations… It has to come first from the top and then work it’s way down to the citizens… This country for being so tiny is so wreck less and it starts with the people first… Kuwait can do so much better, I just don’t understand. These are the end of the times, the signs are clear by the actions of people, Muslim and non Muslim.

A lot of people blaming Avenues management, location of the mall, Cops and of course the perpetrators (rightly). Easy to blame the authorities all the time.

But why didn’t ANYONE from the bazillion people there like on any given night, take down any of the attackers and hold a citizen’s arrest till the Cops arrived? It wouldn’t have taken more than 2 able men to grab hold of any one of these guys. More so, it might have even prevented a fatality all together.

Strange how in the middle of a huge crowd, someone can savagely stab a person and run and get out of the mall easily only to be caught in a chalet at Bnaider the next day.

Someone is holding a deadly knife and stabbing an unknown stranger.
In a scenario like that, I think it will be extremely rare to find someone who will risk their own life, to save a stranger’s life. It may happen in movies, but not in real life.

I completely understand the situation and apologies if my comment is perceived as though its just easy to say anything while doing nothing.

I am not blaming the crowd but just the entire situation of how easy it was for 4 guys to run away from a crime scene in full view of 100s of people who did nothing.

Even if ONE of the 4 was escaping with a blood-stained knife, why wasn’t any of the other assailants stopped/pushed/shoved/tripped/cornered/beaten? I fail to see how 3 or 4 able bystanders amongst the 100s doing that to one kid in his early 20s see that as a threat to their life.

Regardless, I know its easy for all of us to suggest this and that as much as we want but its a sad situation. It could have been any of us that was stabbed for a petty issue. If I’m not safe in a mall amongst 100s of people and can be stabbed without any intervention, then I doubt I’m safe anywhere else.

He has obviously never witnessed a situation of such sort in Kuwait

A few years back when I had no idea of how things were here in Kuwait I would have said the same

But Now I know how dangerous and useless it is to intervene

trust me man , we are not safe anywhere in the country , ( exceptions are valid )
but every single human in this country is not safe , from a normal citizen to a doctor , we are never safe . cause there is a lack of consequences and lack of “tarbyah”

lets not list down how many incidents people went to the hospital just to shot the doctor for a stupid reason.
or how fights occur everywhere without seeing any result of consequences or anything of that sort.

all im trying to say is that no one is safe because anyone with “wasta” can get away with pretty much everything.

with all the hulk like guys walking around the mall like they own the place, non of them even try to break up the fight….tsk tsk tsk what a shame. May Jabir rest in peace my condolences dont only go out to his family but to Kuwait as a whole, if we do not take strict measures when it comes to the law, these events will occur again and again.

@Q8: I was reading Al-Watan report on the incident. what you say is not true. According to Al-Watan in one occasion people/friends of both sides tried to break up the fight and they succeeded. But once again some of them came back for more trouble with knifes.
It mentioned that CCT showed that in one person (Friend of killer) has interfered and injured by knife trying to stop the killer.

It cant be one sides. The Late dentist(rest in peace) must have said some harsh words or used foul language or must have acted like a bully resulting in a rage by this youngster. there are always 2 sides of a story.
the person who was murdered would have been bit humble he would have been alive today.NO body murders some one over a parking space. there is much more to the story,

Hello, your argument is like those who say ” If a man beat his wife, the wife must have done something to make him angry”. OR ” if she was raped, she must have dressed badly or acted suggestively”!
Please dont make excuses for a killer.

Hello? WTF! Blaming the victim for the perpetrators severe escalation to commit such horrific acts is crazy!

Do you recall a few years ago an Italian Judge found a rapist not guilty because the victim wore tight jeans?! The judge said the victim must have consented to sex because her jeans were so tight she would have had to help the rapist take them off!

Sick people! Get help!

Like i said, there are always 2 sides of a story( or you said) this is just a prediction.
Please dont take things personally.

Hello has a point. There is so much road rage in kuwait that usually two drivers end up fighting bitterly and there is so much exchange of abusive language, hand signs and even at times confrontations. People of Kuwait WAKE UP!!!!!
Stop getting so agigtated on the roads and be nice to one another!!! Drive safe, do not flash lights, do not honk unnecessary, if someone is giving the indicator GIVE WAY and DRIVE WITH A COOL HEAD!!!!!!!!!!

Disgusting comment. People do murder over parking spaces, girls, shoes, anger, envy…is there a valid justification for murder??? “Foul language”? Please! A life has been lost. A soul that God created and loved, taken by an ignorant beast. Mother, father, family, friends, and others grieve the absence of Jabir. He was loved by many, I feel certain.
To hypothesize about his blame in his own murder is not only disrespectful and hurtful, it is also just plain ignorant.

even if the guy swore at him he has NO right to fucking stab him, i really am not trying to start a dispute here but you are a jerkoff for saying that.

You don’t stab someone for swearing at you -.- you report it to the police.
Assuming he really swore at him, reports say he didn’t

it is a request not to fight among being muslim or no muslim. murder of anyone is murder of humanity.
As far as Mr. Hello is saying, even if it was the dentist who argued, murder was not the solution so dont protect the murderers. It is commonly found in kuwait that all ARAB nationalities consider them superior to all other mations.Its nothing new. and even if u go to the police, the olice reply saying that they r kids n u r mature and dont take action against such ppl. So these types of people get encouraged. Human Right commission should take action against these people and even all ppl of kuwait as there is not humanity left in these people’s attitude.

Just because he was murdered doesnt mean that he was an angel or flawless or the innocent party.Like I said there is more to the story.

install a metal detector that is inconspicuous.

i know that the knife was bought from the avenues, but still this idea could reduce violence in the mall significantly.

It’s not going to be easy for people to go back to the Avenues pretending a murder never happened there! At his requiem they should announce a memorial or a fountain or something at the Avenues in his honor and/or memory.
Btw, don’t all malls in Kuwait have a PA system and an ambulance on call?

We all know kuwait, there is no way metal detectors and bans are going to work here, Best thing to do is appoint officers or give them a booth somewhere in the mall so incase of an emergency, we could go up to them and report any problems. Souk Sharq(sharq mall) has a police station rightoutside the main entrance.
I really hope the law is enforced to its extreme on this piece of shit. I really do hope he learns a lesson(hopefully the last one he will ever learn) and serves as an example to others his age, so that they have something to fear and play by the rules to atleast some extent.

With all due respect and without in the slightest meaning to make light of the Avenues homicide, it will be an interesting social experiment to tap into the pattern of shopper footfalls at the other malls in Kuwait notably, 360, Souk Sharq, Marina and Fanar in the wake of what has just happened.
You can expect a rebound in people choosing to make Marina, Souk Sharq and Fanar their preferred shopping destination regardless of the fact no one place is truly more secure than the other. For the dearly departed it was an unfortunate happenstance of being at the wrong place at the wrong time – it could just as easily have happened to anyone; citizen or expat which is what scares the living daylights out of most of us.
But again remember, borrowing a page from aviation history it is safest to take a flight with a carrier whose plane has crashed the previous day. And so it is with the Avenues- expect it to be a hassle free experience today finding a place to park and then to shop, dine, entertain and relax.
In a sense it will be paradise today in the Avenues not inspite of the homicide but precisely, because of the homicide and the associated fear factor playing up on people’s frayed nerves.

The avenues security didnt do no shit, the avenues is huge, we need more security less people, Kuwaits security has failed, but al 3aqeeda 7ashash did a VERY good job

i was at the avenues, with my wife and camera, last month. within seconds of taking my first pic a security guy approached and warned me not to take pictures. as i shut of my camera and walked further along saw 3 young guys, each with dslrs and zooms. i approached them and asked if it was ok to take pictures. they said it was not a problem. when i inquired about their nationality, with a smile replied “kuwaiti”. so i figured that was my problem. and these so called security guys implement the law only on non-kuwaities or to be more specific asians.

Avenues does have security albeit not very effective ones as it turns out. They are the guys in dishdashas with the walkie talkies.

I have one question:

Why were there so many pictures taken as a man lay dying? Yet NO ONE tried to intervene or even go after those savages? People just stood there for an entire HOUR staring at that poor young man! How could they just stand there? And taking videos and pictures – the utter horror. Knowing that I could be dying and people are just staring at me as I die – taking pictures…

THAT’s my question. Not police presence or lack of it. Not lack of ambulances, but lack of ANY conviction of the people to stop those barbarians, and seek out doctors who were in most likely in the mall.

People just took captions and watched this man dying.

I am affraid to say ‘thats kuwait’
The problem is these sort of people are very very dangerous and if they get aggitated even a little by someone, they would chase them down and hurt them…
From what you write, I gather you haven’t witnessed or known or heard of such youth,these youth are the grudge harbouring type and they believe that they got nothing to loose

Beacuse then they will be involved and here in a country like this people tend to be dragged in the wrong way for no reason.

A few days ago a Pakistani guy was hit by a car and died instantly, because the driver was driving on the road (not highway) with the speed of 150km/hr. Same, noone helped the boy, instead he lay there for 2 hours.

Let’s not wish death upon the killer or any other human being for that fact. Doing that doesn’t make all you people different from him either. Let’s just be happy that he is caught and the law will take the right action on him.
Also, knives are not the only things that these wanna be gangsters carry around with them. I’ve seen young arabs with good cars carry knives and tazers with them trying to act all tough.
We should learn how to diffuse or evade such situations cuz honestly I honestly would pick up going home safe rather than ending up in the hospital. Doesn’t mean I’m a coward, but if the situation is worse or the pissed off guy infront of my path eye balling me, then the right to defend yourself comes in play.

Hope the March of White is uneventful and passes off peacefully. As a symbolic token people could do well to turn out in large numbers by car pooling and using taxi service rather than driving down to the Avenues.
Request the management to start pay and park over the weekends and public holidays so that some of these ragamuffins do not linger inside the mall too long.

I have just read the news story in the Arab Times as more details emerge it appears. It was not the fault of the murderer but society for not ensuring more positive values( give me a break). Second I see the ambulance parked at the mall when I arrive is that for show? Is it unstaffed? Where were the medics at starbucks? I have also seen streachers from time to time what are their purposes. After all this the management of the Avenues “MURDER” Mall needs to be taken before the man perhaps their license needs to be pulled for a few weeks to allow them to come up with a real emergeancy plan not window dressing like everythig at that place.

I think it the way that how we bring up our kids… every effort should be made to clear this from the root itself, a moral science should be a mandatory subject in every child primary class and should be taught to have moral respect to all. As they are tomorrow’s future and they have to build a better world and each child is an asset to our nation.

I am sorry to say this, but this was a typical case of a discriminating mind.. The killer thought he is a Kuwaiti how dare someone else try to over come him. It was a simple issue of parking lot but that is clearly what I tend to indicate, even a small thing as a parking space evoked this to kill the other guy..WHY? because he is a Kuwaiti who lives in Kuwait and no one can touch him. He is the boss rest are the dirt of his feet.

I know this might offend many, but cmon, its the reality and its happening.

Sorry for the guy who died, he might have a family children to look after, but he’s gone now because another frustrated individual’s ego was hurt.

may he RIP, not a good end ideed.

I would agree with everything you said except for one detail. The killer was NOT a kuwaiti and neither were any of his accomplices. I would hope that we don’t have any cold blooded murderers like that.

They should make an example of all these criminals. A swift trial and then summary execution of ALL that participated in this cold blooded senseless murder. Future murderers will then think twice before committing such heinous acts. Also any official trying to use his wasta to free any of these criminals should also face punishment. Plus their parents and family should be kicked out of the country and sent back to where they belong. People like that have to be erased from society before they do further harm.

In the past, when a student does something wrong, the parent will believe the teacher, now, its the other way around

so you see, this makes the child believe he can get away with anything since papa is there to bail him out or defend him, it removes all sense of respect and as the child grows older, he becomes more arrogant and invincible in a sense

like naif said, its all about how we bring up our kids

My two cents:
1. Avenues needs to beef up video surveillance. (If existing surveillance was found to be inadequate in any way).
2. Better security is needed at the entrances so that even if a nut job enters the mall, he won’t be able to exit easily.
3. Keep a few armed guards at strategic points that remain out of sight unless there is an emergency. Atleast one of these guys should be able to access any point in the mall within a certain maximum amount of time. (E.g. 1 minute).
4. Review the existing medical facility at the avenues..
5. Ensure that all the above work together properly when needed during an emergency.

RIP Dr. Jaber and may god grant your family strength during this difficult time.

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