Internal conflict between the Union of Coops?

Post by Mark

I got an email from a reader saying that KDD products are now available at the Qurtuba Co-op. Only at the Qurtuba Co-op and not any other Co-ops as of this post. Usually the Co-ops are all united with their decisions but it seems there is some sort of internal conflict taking place right now and the Qurtuba Co-op was the first one to breakaway from the Co-ops KDD boycott and put KDD back on the shelves. I’m curious to see where this is going.

Thanks Kuwait Lover

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  1. Rehab says:

    Qurtuba Black-Ops, no more Co-op…

    At the end, people should look towards business instead of ego…

  2. vampire says:

    no more going out of qurtoba to buy milk

  3. asl says:

    Hope the cows at KDD are not affected by this.

  4. yep says:

    why not use their home delivery service?

  5. Csd says:

    KDD is back in Yarmouk Co-op too

  6. Kuwaitya says:

    I’m glad KDD is back in both co-op’s and hats off to their board members

    Let’s hope all co-op’s get back to their senses, and be fair

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