We’re Getting ScreenX Movie Theaters

Post by Mark

Cinescape just signed a deal with the company CJ 4DPLEX to bring their ScreenX theater technology to the Middle East.

ScreenX is cinema technology that brings a 270-degree viewing experience to the movie similar to the picture above. The technology projects the film onto the screen in front of you as well as the walls on the left and right of you and then seamlessly connects the three. Movies need to be filmed with ScreenX technology in mind for this to work and since the technology is new, not a lot of movies support it yet. Black Panther was a recent movie that had ScreenX support and the upcoming movie Ant-man and the Wasp will also support it so it’s going to start picking up.

I personally enjoy watching my films in 2D on a large iMax screen but ScreenX might be interesting since it doesn’t involve the use of 3D glasses and isn’t as gimmicky as 4DX. Check out the press release [Here]

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  1. The Other Ahmed says:

    Great, now one can watch censored movies on the most advanced screen possible! πŸ˜‚

  2. Sabah says:

    Cool! Though it does sound like a whole lotta neck pain.

  3. Mazen says:

    We watched a 10 minute pre-release of Kungfu Panda at Universal Studios last week. It used the side walls to project, didn’t know that its something which was going to used in actual movies, thought it was part of the pre-release show!

      • Mazen says:

        My son was amazed from what was going on and couldn’t sit still.

        For us it was pretty good, we enjoyed the action, the side chase and peripheral fights which happened on them. Mainly high activities on side screens were timed in a way not to distract you from main events.

        I would definitely watch the movie full release on such a screen!

  4. Eric Pinto says:

    And what will it be priced at? 15KD a seat? It’s not economical.

    • Mark says:

      3D movies cost the same as 2D ones and 4DX is just like a KD or so more so why would you assume ScreenX would cost 5 times more?

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