Woman Held for Filming Maid’s Fall from Window

Post by Mark

By now most of you have probably watched the video of the maid falling from the seventh floor apartment while her employer snapchatted the whole incident instead of trying to help her. If you haven’t watched the video then good, don’t watch it, you don’t need trauma in your life. The good news is that according to Kuwait Times, the woman who filmed the incident is now being held and will be prosecuted:

Police have detained a woman for filming her Ethiopian maid falling from the seventh floor in an apparent suicide attempt without trying to rescue her, media and a rights group said yesterday. The Kuwaiti woman filmed her maid land on a metal awning and survive, then posted the incident on social media. The criminal investigation police referred the employer to the prosecution over failing to help the victim. The Kuwait Society for Human Rights yesterday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court.

According to attorney Nouf Al-Ruwaih, videoing the incident itself is not a crime, but he said the employer could be charged with negligence and failure to offer help. Investigations are currently ongoing to determine whether the case is a suicide attempt, an accident that happened while the maid was working, or a case of attempted homicide and libel. “The law says that any person who fails to help someone else who poses a grave danger to himself or his possessions will be punished with a maximum three months in jail and/or fine,” Ruwaih said. [Source]

Sadly, the maximum sentence is just three months in jail and I doubt she’ll get that.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Lets play devil advocate for a second. 1. I am not sure she can pull her up, she might even fall with her. 2. Recording does prove suicide attempt if someone say its murder, I would be recording for proof, but not post to social media.

    • hansel says:

      Kind of agree with you .. as long as we don’t know the true story from both sides .. nonetheless .. my point is see the state we have reached, for someone to even reach a point of jumping out the window (come what may the reason)

      • Mark says:

        We have a video, thats the true story. Doesn’t mater what led up to that point, it doesn’t change the result which was the fact there was one party that was clinging for her life screaming for help while a second party was not attempting to help the person but instead was filming the incident and mocking the person.

        What story do you want to insert before this situation that would make it ok? The only thing I could think of is that the Ethopian maid was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks and the woman recording the video is the CIA agent who has been on her trail for years. But even if this was a movie and this was the last scene with the bad guy hanging over the ledge asking for help, 100% of the time the hero in the movie tries to help the bad guy no matter what he had done to end up at that point.

    • Mark says:

      I always play the devils advocate since its easy for me to see the views from both sides but in this case I have to disagree with you. In response to your two points:

      1- We don’t know if she could have been able to help the maid or not but there was no attempt which is the issue. You try to help at least instead of standing there recording and mocking someone who was crying out for help.

      2- The woman recording the video was mocking the maid. If this was a video to use as proof of a suicide attempt then the woman should have been yelling to the maid to get back in and at least sound concerned which she clearly wasn’t in the video.

    • Ashraf says:

      The women clearly didn’t want to fall off the window if you’ve watched the video.
      If she wanted to Jump, she would have jumped off the window. not hang on the slide and then fall to death.
      Are you trying to say, the lady who recorded didn’t have enough strength to pull her even a little so that the maid could at least get a proper grip on the grill to climb in?

  2. dfine says:

    This is the result of the bulling of expats that this country has so legitimate promoted over the past years.

    She proudly recorded and posted her problem expat falling to her near death. She everyone one more less.

    If this country was caring for its expats, she wouldn’t have posted it… Right?

    And they maid wouldn’t have
    1. worked out on the ledge of the window, to clean it
    2. tried to commit suicide
    3. pushed out of the window

    • Ashraf says:

      That’s lame you would cast the whole country careless because of one woman. There’s a vast majority, but not everyone :)

  3. dfine says:

    *She = see

  4. Omar says:

    Sadly, the laws in this country does not require you to help someone in need unless it is a natural disaster. Otherwise, she will not be punished for this.

    However, she will be punished because of her distribution of the video on social media which in Kuwaiti laws is called ‘سوئ هاتف’

  5. Jumanji Burgers says:

    This is the second attempt at a comment sorry if its duplicated. I actually know someone who lives across the street from the building where all this happened, and that person knows the lady who was filming. Turns out that was the Ethiopian nanny’s first day on the job and she started threatening jumping out the window because she just didnt want to do any work. The lady filming called the police before she started filming and the police told her to step back and not interfere with what’s happening, so she started to film to cover her side of the story and that she did not push the nanny if she fell. In my opinion It was wrong to post it to social media. The lady went through lots of trauma in her life maybe thats why we judged her to be cold and indifferent because of what she said, but thats the whole story basically. I admit to judging her myself to be a cold heartless person who probably pushed the nanny, but turns out she did all she could by calling the police

    • Patrick says:

      What a convenient story for the lady filming eh?

      • Jumanji Burgers says:

        True it does sound convenient, but if she really called the police then the call would be logged and recorded and she would be innocent in all this because she was told to stand back and not do anything

        • Patrick says:

          I would like to think that story isn’t true because it makes the police look bad. Any threats of suicide should be taken seriously and if the police told her to stand back and do nothing, and they didn’t even show up? That’s incompetence.

          • Jumanji Burgers says:

            Oh no that would definitely be incompetence, no i assumed they told her to stand back and do nothing while they sent police vehicles to deal with the situation, and in the meantime the lady fell. I assume thats how they handle all suicide attempts, they tell bystanders to stay away and not interfere so it doesnt change the outcome, as some suicide attempts can be dangerous to the people around

            • k says:

              how do you know that shes dealt with a lot of trauma in her life, and does that give her a reason to not help? also the familiarity in tone of the women and the light heartnedness she seems to be taking the situation is weird and suggest familiarity.

              • dfine says:

                Very clear she is related. what maid comes as new maid and don’t want to work. What a load of BS.

                • Jumanji Burgers says:

                  Very clear who is related to what? We have all known and heard of cases of people sent to do work against their will. Maybe the employment office lied to her on paper, maybe she saw what life is life here and changed her mind, dont assume that your logic works on all situations. My point here was not to merely defend the lady taking the video, my point was to explain things are sometimes deeper than what they appear to be. This is the lesson i learned from watching this video and judging the lady. Then i heard about the backstory from a person I really trust. You assumed that just because YOU think that all maids that come in looking for work ALL of them work and give 100%, again please expect your logic to work everywhere

                • Jumanji Burgers says:

                  Please DON’T* expect your logic to work everywhere, typo sorry

              • Jumanji Burgers says:

                she lost her parents to a car accident in high school, i tried to avoid saying what kind of trauma but apparently everyone has trust issues and doesnt trust someone trying to say that the situation is deeper than what is shown in the video. We need to stop being judgmental people yo. I do agree the tone in her voice really pissed me off. The reason she did not help was because the police told her not to help. The trauma in her life had nothing to do with her not helping, i apologize if i was not clear on that point

                • Patrick says:

                  I have trouble believing that police would tell her not to do anything, especially when the situation was that intense. And even if they told her not to do anything, they probably didn’t realize (maybe through her?) how bad the situation is. And on top of all that, when you see someone attempting to commit suicide wouldn’t you want to try and stop them? Sorry, I just don’t feel any sympathy for her.

                • Sonia says:

                  Am sorry but no excuse in the world justifies what she did. And given the fact she lost her parents, she knows how it is to loose a loved one and that the nanny also has family back home.
                  Just on humanitarian grounds, the least you can do to help is to talk that person out of suicide.Not mock and film her falling.

                • dfine says:

                  I am going to try not to sound condescending.

                  But what doze this has to do with her loosing her parents? I lost two siblings and I don’t wish anyone such pain. On the contrary because of my loss I feel compassion for others.

                  Why would she not work? What make you think she should work if she don’t want to? Because you imported her? That’s slavery to force anyone to work. Oh she paid for her at the agency, sorry also slavery money. There is plenty of maids in the country looking for work.

                  I lived in this country for 14 years and this is by far the worse I have ever seen.

                  This is outrageous and will NEVER be anything But. FULL STOP

                • Ashraf says:

                  So the Police was like, ‘wait, don’t do anything, back off. She probably has enough strength to hold on to that slide for 5,10,15,20,60 mins how much ever long it takes the Police to get to the spot.’ what a load of BS!

    • Gushluva says:

      I doubt it was her first day on the job cause you can hear the maid saying “imsakeeni” “saadeeni” (hold/grab me and help me).

    • Gushluva says:

      I doubt it was her first day on the job cause you can hear the maid saying “imsakeeni” “saadeeni” (hold/grab me and help me). This would imply that she has a basic understanding of the language.

  6. Buzz says:

    How did the maid get in that position in the first place? I can’t think of anything other than she did it herself as attempted suicide or at least the pretense of it. There’s a story that she got in this position because of being asked to clean the outside of the window, but I don’t buy it.

  7. Salah says:


    1- I am not with or against the EMPLOYER (not the fucking owner) or the maid.

    2- everyone can make up stories in their heads, and no matter how good it sounds, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE HELL REALLY HAPPENED!

    3- I’m not even kidding when I say that, but you all should watch “The Night Of” and “American Crime Story: OJ Vs People” (or even read the book if you get to) and learn something there!

  8. bojaij says:

    The only reason I can think of to why the police might have told the lady to stay away from the maid is that they were worried about the situation ending with two fatalities instead of one. The last few incidents we had which involved maids ended up in violence and multiple deaths. I can’t imagine the police having an accurate picture of the situation when they were contacted. The normal reaction would be to try at least to help the maid by encouraging her to climb back into the room instead of calling her crazy “maynoona”.

    Most people here really don’t know what to do in such situations, You see guys gathering around a road accident and they cause more harm to the injured than good. Few weeks back a maid was filmed walking with just a towel wrapped around her body, she was obviously traumatized and unaware of her action, and the person filming her attempted to communicate with her which is not a good idea when you have a highway nearby.

    This situation is obviously a big FAIL for all the Kuwaitis and not just for the lady and police involved. Hopefully lessons will be learned and measures would be taken to prevent such awful incidents from happening again.

  9. meh says:

    Clearly if we had no expats in the country this wouldn’t have happened :>

  10. Man says:

    Can anybody provide information on the number of convictions in maid/employee harassment cases?

  11. LuLu Luv says:

    I overheard an acquaintance jokingly tell his brother, “At this point, I’m starting to think the problem is with your girlfriend, not the maids”, because apparently another similar incident happened with the same girl, but a different maid.

  12. Mohsiur Rahman says:

    Philip DeFranco covered the story, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvU0mxWUbBs still doesn’t give both end of the story but he has a bit more info apparently from credible sources in his link

  13. Geronimo says:

    yahoo as well as miami herald…this is going to tarnish Kuwait’s reputation big time abroad…its a shame because there are a lot of good Kuwaiti’s who suffer because of a few bad apples.

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