Kuwait’s Origami House Featured in Wallpaper* Magazine

Post by Mark

The Origami House is a project by AGi Architects whom I’ve posted about a number of times before. This home is currently featured in this month’s issue of the popular Wallpaper* magazine and is currently the top story on their main page. It’s a house located in Abdulla Al-Salem designed by AGi for a discreet couple who wanted complete privacy but also wanted to distinguish their house within the neighborhood. Wallpaper* have a full writeup on this project as well as some photos so check it out [Here]

Thanks Sulaiman

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  1. Agja says:

    The article mentions that Walter Gropius and IM Pei designed buildings in Kuwait in its heydey – does anyone know which buildings these are?
    On a related note, does Kuwait have anything like Listed Buildings or Scheduled Monuments like the UK? i.e. a list of historic or notable examples or architecture, that are protected from development or demolition. There are some real hidden gems among Kuwait’s urban landscape, would be a shame to lose them.

  2. 3azeez says:

    Money is good.

  3. Sue says:

    Does anyone know what block in abdulla al salem this new house is located?

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