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My top two news sites used to be CNN and BBC but CNN basically turned into TMZ while BBC just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. My two go-to news sites now are The Washington Post and The Guardian. What news sites do you check?

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1) lots of pictures and commentary section is the best
2) Economist (its considered a newspaper): Good on most general topics, heavily biased on certain key topics
3) Guardian: some great op-eds but can often be very dafty lefty

Wall Street Journal App(AVOID the opinion and editorial section at all costs!)
New York Times App
The New Yorker Today App
Washington Post App
The Atlantic(on Facebook stream)

Less so these days:
The Guardian(Crazy full left-field opinion articles, and I’m pretty liberal)
BBC(depressing, monotone)

I have respect for Aljeezera English/America but their articles just don’t read as well not are thoroughly informative.

These are in order. Really, the WSJ so stellar as to merit themselves as #1 despite their editorial/opinion garbage.

I like daily sports from the UK. But I find Arabtimes and Kuwait times quite racist. I seen the writers only favors Indians. Is that becoz its heavily populated with indian workers? I could be wrong bt in marahaba business lounge we all were talking how racist Kuwait and arab times have become.

But try daily sports. Its mint.

LOL… their India focused articles are taken from our neighbor’s news agency… And you think workers in Kuwait decide the outcome…

Its cut-copy and paste from major newspapers and paste it on to Kuwait times and arab times….lol I wonder the editor is sleeping or turning his blind eye…

Read the kashmir violence…clearly cut copy paste from Hindu times…or other indian paper…

Matlab ki “Hindu”?….

“Hindi” just means “Indian” in Arabic, it is not at all a derogatory word. We call a Korean “Koori”, a Spanish person “Espanee”

What exactly are you objecting to?

Do you mean to say that when I speak Arabic and talk about an Indian, like an Indian co-worker or friend, I’m not allowed to say “Hindi”, I have to say “Indian”.

Are you for real?

I honestly don’t know what to say……

yes, there are so many Arabs out there who are disgustingly racist towards Indians but they can go fuck themselves.

“Hindi” should not be synonymous with “bad”, it should just be synonymous with well…India, haha.

Indians are racist bro. Look what you Indians are doing to poor Kashmiri. Killing old people and shifting your dirt to neighbouring…

Have a referendum like British ppl had…let Kashmir have kasexit….u will see the result

Referendum as per UN to be carried out in entire kashmir after our neighbour moves back from enchroched land….let that happen and referendum will happen too…

No army is human rights of its main duty is to maintain territorial integrity…and we dont hire foreign army for that…

After checking some local news, this is the website where i get the most viral news from.

I sent Zain and the MOC about 5 requests (not sure if that had anything to do with it). I was told it was blocked because it was automatically classified as a VoIp site because of the name VOX.

Playboy (Arabic and Farsi editions)
ROFL@ David Al Khorafi.

I suspect our buddy is in actual fact,
more of David Al Nawaz Sharif than he is a Kharafi. LMAO

Is that the best you can say??? Be abt news paper…rather than hiding behind bunnies…lol if you wanna know I’m real dok I tell you why dont come down to shabahiya or hadiya…for a cuppa mr.bunnies……lol

No need to point on our families… U will regret it

Trashy News:
– The Sun
– The Star/Daily Star
– The Mirror/Daily Mirror

Proper News:
– The Guardian
– The Sunday Times
– Independant

Most news sources these days are pozzed leftist cuck trash. The blatant lying and willful ignorance just get on my nerves sometimes. As weird as this is, I get my news from anonymous online message boards. Anonymous people on the internet have no reason to lie to you.

The Oregonian is pretty good with great journalists.
Toronto Star is pretty solid as well (slight liberal bias though)

Sorry but who gives a S about a local tabloid newspaper from fucking Oregon if you’re from Kuwait. The other day I also saw a Kuwaiti man waxing lyrical about how he gets all his news from Fox News LOL. It’s funny how many tryhard-wannabe-Americanized “7athar” you see in Kuwait.

Financial Times is good but you’ll need a membership. I like to read their ‘Lunch with the FT’ articles (can be read membership free) where they have weekly interviews with leading cultural and business figures over lunch (the ones with Dana White and Richard Desmond were hilarious lol). Also see Economist.

How did I miss this post?! My news sites are BBC, NY Times, Guardian, Slate and assorted stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Feedly and Flipboard. Twitter especially for Arabic

I can’t stand CNN. It’s like a hysterical neighbor

@Bollwood over Hollywood: While I agree with you, Sir, racism is rampant in Kuwait I am starting to think it is also universal. While many Arabs treat sub-continentals working in Kuwait like their door mats; there is equally a vile and profane brand of reverse racism brewing toward Arabs in general among uppity sub-continentals back home and abroad, pigeon-holing all Arabs as belonging to some kind of a ‘primitive misogynist culture”, which couldn’t be farther from the truth; type casting an entire community so. Anyway, to cut a long story short, racism exists both ways and should not be condoned period.

When I say I am Indian NOT Hindi, where I am coming from is the contempt and malice implicit in the word, ‘Hindi’ as a refrain reserved for mostly blue collar workers from India and the sub-continent. It was meant to be a spoof on the way immigration officers routinely address passengers arriving on flights from India. Often we hear them say-‘ Taala ya Hindi’or Taala ya bhangali or Fillibino and that is perhaps the only reason why ‘ Hindi’ is seeming like the new nigger word for many Indians living in Kuwait. They say it because they feel they can get away with it. I suppose It’s the Kuwaiti version of ‘ Paki, come here! Now imagine if they tried pulling something on the lines of : Taala ya Amricani’or Talaa ya Lubnani/ Philastini. Heads would prolly roll and eyes would turn. I would have thought, surely, you more than the others would get it. Never mind.
Peace, bro!

P.S. And yes, of course, I am first a human next an Indian or Hindi ( as you like it) and last of all a Hindu 🙂 🙂

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