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Until last week I didn’t know there was anything called Mexican Coca Cola but then I got a crate of it delivered to my office. According to wikipedia, the biggest difference between Mexican Coke and regular coke is that Mexican Coke is sweetened using cane sugar as opposed to high-fructose corn syrup.

Mexican Coke is supposed to taste better or at least have a more “natural” taste to it but after trying it out I couldn’t tell any difference between it and regular Coke. On the plus side the bottle is pretty cool and since Narcos is starting 12 days, Colombian Mexican Coke might be a good pairing.

If you’re interested in trying Mexican Coke they’re being sold for a limited time at Eighty Six Burger for KD1 a pop.

Update: A reader shared an interesting NYT article of when the ban on Coca Cola was lifted in Kuwait back in 1988. You could check that article out [Here]

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The reason why you can’t taste the difference between Mexican Coke and Middle Eastern Coke is because, thankfully, we don’t put HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in our Cokes and Pepsis unlike America.

It’s that gross HFCS that makes all the difference in the taste department.

Everything you stated is entirely false. Even though you stated it with the conviction of someone who lives in the coke bottling plant in Kuwait.

Just adding a little color and historical context to the article.
Its interesting to observe the different positions Coca-Cola & PEPSI took on this issue. Since Coke had factories in Israel, it was placed on the “Arab Boycott” blacklist back then. PEPSI took full advantage of this and went on an ad blitz in the Mid East. US law prohibited US companies from participating in the boycott but PEPSI used an old Coca Cola trick from years past claiming Israel was a small market to have a franchise in.

This is one of the main reasons PEPSI (BEBSI) used to be synonymous with with the work Soft Drinks in the region. It is less pronounced now after Coke’s re-entry into the market.

No no no.. Honestly its HFCS just like the US. EXACTLY IDENTICAL FORMULA.

Only (some not all) mexican coke and newzeland coke, and the green coke life (which is sweetened with cane and stevia).

Only the US and parts of western Europe label HFCS as such. All the rest call it sugar. Including Mexico (which is somewhat ironic). In Mexico many of the coke sold there is actually sweetened with HFCS and marked as sugar because it legal and fair to do so there. In fact only the Mexican Coke sold in the US is guaranteed to be manufactured from cane sugar (although in the summer it will still end up as HFCS pretty quickly).

No one is lying to anyone. HFCS is considered sugar. Only specific legislation in some countries dictates that HFCS be labelled as such because of some evidence that it causes pancreatic cancer.

According to Coke themselves only 3 variations are made with cane sugar, some Mexican variations of Classic Coke and in New Zealand all Classic Coke is exclusively cane sugar. The third is a stevia/cane sugar mix in a green can found all over Europe called Coke Life (and tastes like death).

Kuwaiti coke is sweetened with HFCS. On the can it says sugar, which is technically true (it doesn’t say sugar cane). Again the reason you can’t tell the difference is because cane sugar will turn into HFCS very quickly due to the acidity of coke and the insane heat of this country.

Read my previous link for the science.

I’m not saying you’ve been wrong on all your points, because you haven’t, but for someone who comes off like they know everything, you really need to check the garbage that comes out of your mouth:

“The reason you can’t tell the difference is because cane sugar will turn into High Fructose CORN Syrup very quickly due to the acidity of coke and insane heat of this country.”

Think about what you said. You’re saying CANE sugar will somehow magically turn into CORN syrup. I see a lot of really dumb comments around here, and I hardly ever comment, but this one really takes the cake. By your logic, alchemy is real, and maybe pissing in a pot and leaving it out in the sun will somehow turn it into gold.

By the way, I don’t know what’s worse, thinking that CANE sugar can turn into CORN syrup, or arguing the merits of one sweetened fizzy drink over another. In this day and age, given everything we know, why anyone would even consider drinking any of this garbage in the first place is beyond me.

I didn’t claim anything. I linked to an article written by scientists at the American Council on Science and Health who state that sucrose will degrade to its monosaccharide components rendering it chemically identical to HFCS. So work on your reading comprehension skills. And if you still have a problem with the science please take it up with ACSH, I’m sure they can use a good laugh.

don’t think so cuz i’ve never seen it on their menu and I’m there like all the time. i think you’re mixing up the local coca cola which comes in a similar classic looking bottle and this mexican one.

it’s most definitely there..

They are the first ones to introduce it and have had it for years. You should check with them.

its funny when u think about it,how large of a fuss is being made out of a canned beverage.But Narcoooooooosssss!!!!!

Mexican coke as some call it is the same as anywhere else in the world that hits hot temperatures. In hotter climates, real sugar and glass retains the drink longer. In climates where extremes may occur (eg the US where its crazy cold during winter and warm in the summer), cans and corn syrup are used to keep the product to last longer.

Love Narcos and cant wait for the second season. In matter of fact after watching Breaking Bad and Narcos I decided to study Spanish when am setteled in Houston.
You need to watch The Night Of. Soooo goooooood.

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