Minus 11 Ice Cafe

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Yesterday an ice cafe opened up in Kuwait called Minus 11. If you’ve never been to one its basically a cafe that is basically a freezer and everything inside is made of ice from the seats, to the sculptures to the cups. According to Minus 11 they’re the largest ice cafe in the world and also the coldest with the temperature reaching a freezing -11 degrees.

I’ve been to an ice pub before which is similar except involves alcohol and I got bored so don’t think I’ll be visiting this cafe anytime soon. But if you’re interested in checking it out they’re located in Al Tijaria Tower in Kuwait City. The entry price is KD10 for children under 12 and KD15 for everybody else. Included in the price is 1 drink with free refill, the winter outfit they lend you and the ability to spend up to 45 minutes inside the cafe. For more details check out their instagram [Here]

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  1. Dun says:

    Wow free refill

  2. dok says:

    Beauty is always expensive….

  3. Kuwait says:

    A cafe with no food? Or is that drink (with free refill) all they have?

  4. k says:

    lmao, what a fucking ripoff. 15 kd for a drink and a refill, what if i dont finish my drinks in 45 mins? do i get kicked out?

    i think i’ll pass on this place, i’d rather save the money for a visit to an ice bar outside the country, that isn’t as expensive as this one and where i can actually sip on something that makes me feel warm and lightheaded.

  5. raihan says:

    15 kd for 45 mins that’s reasonable for a ice care lol

  6. Safa says:

    When i need some cool perhaps ill take my drink and go ice skating.

  7. Burhan Khalid says:

    How do they know how long you’ve been in there?

  8. Yousef says:

    It seems very kitsch, or glib, or spectacle. I think of little Mohammed there in his rented parka too large, sipping his slurpee or hot coco. His butt cheeks are cold. He can’t wait to slurp the final bits of the drink. No thanks for a refill.

  9. T-rex says:

    Man the main dish was delicious.

    we ordered pasta, they have kinda 7 different category of food.

    the entry is the renting of clothes

    best timing is when its too hot outside

  10. Michaela says:

    This is a total waste of energy. Useless from environmental point of view.

  11. Fahad says:

    For 15Kd I would rather get a massage from head to toe with a chilled drink on the side

    ohh yea

  12. dok says:

    15kd i rather give to poor needy ppl.

  13. rugby says:


  14. James says:

    Hmmm. Just when they announced Kuwait is going to be unlivable in a few years

  15. Just says:

    1998 called and they want their idea back.

  16. Hielda says:

    After Canada… I don’t wanna ever see ice again! Had more than enough for 7 months a year free of charge! I’ll pass!

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