How to Recognize a Suicidal Bomber?


Someone posted this on Reddit yesterday, supposedly taken at Holiday Inn. Some important things to look out for?

– Inappropriate clothing
– Shaved and clean beard
– Strong perfume smell
– Tension anxiety severe sweating

Is it me or does that sound like the average guy on a first date?

Thanks asad_ayaz

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Also its not a ‘suicidal bomber’, its a suicide bomber. A ‘suicidal bomber’ would conceivably be a B52 pilot who’s going through a very messy divorce and custody battle.

They forgot to mention that these guys are high as a kite! Apparently, terrorists are religious folks, but must be on different types of drugs to function.

hahahahah, i like how they say “shaved and clean beard” while the rest of the world probably looks out for the exact opposite lol

In the USA they don’t profile Muslims with beards because that calls attention to themselves. They know that if you are going to do a terrorist act it you would try to blend in. That’s why in the USA there has never been a terrorist with a beard. They all have been clean shaved and spent their time at strip clubs. Infact I being a very long bearded Muslim have never been stopped at the airport in the USA yet my brother a clean shaved Christian has been questioned for 3 hours at the JFK airport in New York after moving back to the States having lived in Kuwait for 2 years. His name on his passport is Axel Rivera by the way. We are definitately not Arabs. Besides my brother is white.

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