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Those of you who’ve been following my blog for awhile will remember the story about the old photographer in Kuwait City. If you don’t this old post of mine has links to all the previous posts on him [Link]

On my way to the original Kuwait Bookshop last night I decided to pass by and see if the old photographer was still there. I tried passing by a few times over the years but the store was always closed when I did. Last night he was there. I walked into the store and said hello, right away he made me sit down in the one chair in the store while he stood next t ome. The store was a mess with papers, photos and boxes lying around everywhere. The store was no longer functioning, he wasn’t developing photos or doing photocopies, or selling anything for that matter. He asked me who I was, I wasn’t expecting him to remember me since he’s 92 years old and he as expected he didn’t. I asked him what had happened to his collection of old cameras and he told me they were stolen awhile back. He then proceeded to tell me about how he was robbed of KD15 as well. I was having difficulty trying to understand what he was saying since he was kind of all over the place. While sitting in the chair I noticed some old black and white photos of a fire in the city taken back in what could be the 60s. He had previously told me he had sold all his photos but I guess there must be some random ones lying around the place.

I couldn’t stay long and had to leave but I asked him if he needed anything and he told me if I knew of someone decent who could come and clean up the store for him. Someone who wouldn’t steal from him. I told him I’d get it sorted and come by next week.

I figured I could go to the store with some volunteers and just tidy the place up and throw out the garbage. I wouldn’t want someone else to do it since they might end up throwing out his old photos which I think should be preserved. Now I’m not good at organizing cleanups, I’ve never actually organized anything before (I think) but if anyone wants to come and help me clean up and tidy his store next Sunday or Tuesday evening then [Email Me]

On a side note I have no idea what else can be done to help him out. He clearly needs someone to take care of him and he has no one…

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  1. Pothen says:

    Its so sad that there are people who steal from Old helpless people. I am sure these thieves will regret it once they are themselves into their old age and experience the same. Great Initiative Mark, I would have loved to volunteer in the cleanup but unfortunately am no longer in Kuwait.

  2. Hielda says:

    That’s why I hate the Middle East… These people gave sooo much.. They shouldn’t be left alone towards the end of the journey… Why don’t you start a fun raising for him? I am willing to pitch!

    • 500 says:

      Just last week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, A teenager beat a homeless guy to death, when they asked the teenager why he did it, he replied that he stinks. Thats why I hate the Western world.

      Did you read my last sentence? Do you see how stupid that last sentence is? Now think about how stupid and ignorant you are. Thanks.

      • Hielda says:

        So you want to tell me that in this part of the world a person like him who spent his lifetime working in a country where he ends up with no benefits not even the right of a residency is perfectly fine & Ok??! Now read my last sentence and see how delusional you are! Is that what Islam taught you to do?? Open your countries to blonds and be mean to each other??!!!

        • 500 says:

          The poor old guy was robbed, where did you get that he lose his benefits and the other bs you are talking about? That homeless guy that was beaten to death is an American citizen, who is living in the streets, and he is a he “served” for the US, I see that he still has benefits from the US government, and he defiantly has a roof over his head. PLEASE wake up! at least this poor old man has a shop, and something to cover his head with.

          P.S. Islam doesn’t teach that, Please educate yourself before blaming it on religion, and btw, you lost the argument by bringing religion in it.

        • aaa says:

          If you have lived your whole life in Kuwait and fall sick you are entitled to free health care. If you work your whole life in the US as a US citizen and fall sick and you don’t have insurance from your job you are shit out of luck.

      • Danny says:

        Pied Piper – Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, UK

        Rats – Middle East

  3. B says:

    If i was in kuwait I’d me more than happy to help. I’d love to see those small business dude help out.

  4. Sami says:

    If there are lessons to learn from this man’s life story then its make friends, build a family, and keep up with the times.

    • Hielda says:

      and get an immigration to a country that protects the right of elderly people!

      • Sami says:

        Do you really think an elderly man with no friends and no family would have been better off just because he was living in the west?

        Kuwait is no promise land, and neither is the west.

        • Hielda says:

          No, what I meant that he will find a nursing house to take care of him and a country that pay him pension so he doesn’t need to end-up like that!

          • Sami says:

            Do you really think things are so rosy in the west? Nursing homes in the west are for those who can afford it, and pensions are for those who contributed part of their salary to a pension fund during their working years.

            Nothing is free in this world.

            • Hielda says:

              YES! I am fully aware of that.. He would’ve paying his tax in his youth care to take care of him when he gets older… This what I am talking about.. SYSTEM to protect these people when they get old!

              • Fedup says:

                In the US , if a Child is born to two non US Citizen parents who are there illegally or lose their right to reside in the US , that child becomes a ward of the state if his parents are deported . That means his parents are kicked out but they cant take their child .

                In the US if you are born to one non US parent and that occurs outside the USA , you are entitled to US citizenship but that citizenship will not pass to your children unless you can prove you have lived for at least 5 years in the US .

                Every country has its laws , and some dont make sense . If you don’t like them live some where else . Thats the Ultimate freedom .

          • 500 says:

            Thats why I see a lot of homeless people in the west…

          • aaa says:

            Haha “Find a nursing house”, as if they aren’t a business that charges money

      • Mark says:

        What does Kuwait have to do with this? He’s not old or without family because of Kuwait. He isn’t being taken advantage of because he’s in Kuwait. He’s an old man like any old man around the world with no family or friends.

  5. Leslie says:

    I’m not so sure, but please let me know the time and place

  6. rubeena says:

    he is a very good man, my mom and her sisters know him from their childhood.
    even if today my mom passes by from there his shop he recognizes and greetings her very warmly.
    pls let me now, if i could help.

  7. Danny says:

    Cannot believe a Muslim is being treated this way in the Middle East…what a surprise.

    • Mark says:

      wait i don’t understand, what does he being muslim have to do with anything?

      he’s an old man, there will be people who will try to take advantage of him. This happens everywhere including the west.

      • Danny says:

        Imagine an Arab Muslim in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or any European country being treated this way (not being given citizenship after decades of residence and work)….you are going to hear accusations of them being racist and Anti Muslim. Fine, Kuwait doesn’t want to give citizenship to non Muslims, but they don’t even give it to Muslims? (If I remember clearly, this gentleman had been sent for Hajj by a kind lady). I’m starting to believe that giving citizenship has more to do with distribution of wealth and privileges and less about identity. It’s quite alarming what some people like this guy have to face on a daily basis. At least admit him in a government hospital and take care of his daily needs. Even this much cannot be done?

        I don’t mean to offend anyone and I’m not intending to start Kuwait bashing, but when you see such poor old people I cannot help but ask why. Kuwait is a filthy rich country and everyone knows that.

        • Sami says:

          There are certain conditions for granting a person the Kuwaiti citizenship, but the final say is for the Minister of Interior. And yes, it has to do with the distribution of wealth and privileges and less about identity. Having said that, this man would not gain much from a Kuwaiti citizenship at this time. He will not receive any free money nor better accommodations.

          If at some point he will need to be admitted to a hospital, he will be, whether he is a Kuwaiti or an expat. He will be treated there for free as long as it takes.

          Poor old people exist everywhere, even in the richest of countries, this is life, and it has nothing to do with Kuwait. A man like this exists in New York and Tokyo and Zurich.

        • Fedup says:

          To be Kuwaiti Has to do with you being accepted by those whom make the decisions . Just because you visit someones house doesn’t mean they’re going to invite you to stay for dinner . Of course its about distribution of wealth . Would you share your stuff with everyone just because they are nice to you ? Kuwait Has limited resources ( Land , Income ) and no one wants them to be even more limited . Kuwait has had the same Naturalization laws and practices since 1961 , why do people expect to have it any differently ?

      • Fedup says:

        If your not Muslim your Kafir . Thats the difference .

  8. Fedup says:


  9. mohammed says:

    so has the cleaning up taking place yet?

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