Archos 7 Review

Post by Mark

I don’t know where to start this review because I’ve got a ton of good things to say about the Archos 7 but an equal amount of bad things. I guess I will start with the bad things.

The Archos 7 is extremely buggy plus I think I have a problem with mine. There are three brightness settings on my A7, low, medium and high. When I put the brightness on high the back light flickers between low and high constantly. I checked online and some people faced this issue when the screen was set on low brightness but I am the first to report this issue with the brightness set on high. Luckily for me I don’t have any problems when the brightness is set on low or medium, the two settings I will be using most while traveling. I read this issue could get fixed with a firmware update but so far since I got the device over a week ago there’s been two firmware updates and both haven’t solved the flickering issue.

As I mentioned earlier the device is also buggy. I haven’t used the A7 much but so far its crashed with me while watching a movie once. At times it just crashes while getting charged or while its on sleep and I need to reboot it, a quick process but nevertheless it shouldn’t do that. I had it connected to my Mac for over a day now and it was working fine until awhile ago I tried to turn it on and it wouldn’t. For some reason it wasn’t charging over USB which it should have been and the battery got completely drained. URGH! The last negative thing I have to say is that the Archos is pretty heavy. I love using my iPhone after I am done with the A7 since it makes my iphone seem tiny and ultra light. Oh and one more thing, I can’t seem to remove the battery, its like jammed or something!

Yeah there are A LOT of issues but… I still love the Archos 7! I love the screen, the battery life, the ability to just drag and drop my movie folders onto it, the way it plays ALL my files without needing to convert them, the touch screen, the browser, the web TV, web Radio, the stupid flash games, the little stand on the back of the device, the way Archos keeps improving the device with firmware upgrades and finally the fact that I can stream videos off my main server at home over wifi and watch them on my Archos from anywhere at home. When I bought the device I didn’t know I could do that but it turns out I can and easily. I just browse my home network from the Archos, find a video file, double click it and it starts playing instantly.

When I purchased the Archos 7 it was because I thought it was the best portable video player on the market but now I know it is. As of this post I am not aware of any other device on the market that has the same features and abilities as the Archos 7 and thats why I have no regrets. Final score is a 3.5 out of 5. Yeah it has a TON of issues but at the end of the day all it needs to do is play movies for a very long time without running out of battery and that it does perfectly. Of course I am hoping Archos will work out whatever bugs I have with the next firmware update.

160GB Archos 7 is for $272. [Amazon Link]
320GB Archos 7 is for $412. [Amazon Link]

By the way there is also a smaller version called the Archos 5 which sells for $280. Its the same as the Archos 7 in every way except the screen is a 5inch and the battery lasts around 5 hours. [Amazon Link]

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  1. MoneyTalks says:

    Cheep starbucks advertisement!

  2. Mark says:

    I took that shot yesterday at the BMW dealer. Was supposed to post about how cool it was watching Mad Men at Starbucks while waiting for my car to get an oil change but instead it turned into a review.

  3. Z says:

    ^That does sound pretty cool.

    I need to get myself an Aramex thing when I get back to Lebanon so I can splurge shop whenever I need to. Lots of nifty gadgets like the Archos 7 online.

  4. K says:

    I wish you buy Amazon Kindel .You will love to read .At least,write about it.
    Best Wishes

  5. AnonyMiss says:

    How long does the battery stay while watching movies?

  6. Mark says:

    well i played Quantum of Solace on my Archos 7 and put it on repeat and went to sleep. when i woke up in the morning it was still playing. so over 7:30 hours. when i left the house it was still playing so i dont know how long it lasted after that but i read online it reaches over 8.

  7. lensman says:

    I had the Archos AV700 for sometime and it used to give me similar troubles. Crashing when playing a movie or just rebooting for no reason. Apparently things haven’t changed much since then…

  8. holla says:

    Oh god Mad Men, OF COURSE you’re watching this rubbish.

    If only advertising was this cool now and we can leave the office for 5 hours to shag another fit girl for inspiration on the next Marlboro TVC. Gotta love hollywood.

  9. wi-fi says:

    does it plays roms games ?

  10. Mark says:

    wi-fi: no it doesn’t. there are some crappy games u can purchase from archos or you can just copy flash games onto it and play them. I downloaded a ton of flash games but they all suck, the iphone has MUCH MUCH MUCH better games.. MUCH better.

  11. mimi says:

    hello Mark,,
    im intrested in buying the Archos7,, i just wanna know if its easy in downloading movies?? i mean how do u download movies to it

  12. Mark says:

    you just drag and drop movies onto it

  13. gucci says:

    hi mark, could u tell me how to enable flash on the archos? mine wont work and i bought the archos to get on youtube and stuff but if it cant do that im considering returning it. could u get back to me as quick as u can? thanks

  14. Andrew says:

    Hi mark, i am planning to buy the archos 7 before christmas. since you have quite experience on the 7, wanted to know if you heard that when recording a program from TV *i assume it does that, right?(, some users reported that archos 7 isnt successful in doing that and keeps crashing. have you had this experience?
    also, i look the feature of 7 all over the net and unable to find out to whether or not its wi-fi capability supports G3?
    final question, with these reported bugs on the archos 7, is it possible to download updates from their site or these are hardware issues?
    many thanks in advance for your assistance.

  15. Sarina says:

    Do you need WI-FI in your house to download things onto it?

  16. Sarina says:

    I don’t have WIFI in my house can I stil then put movies and music into it??
    PLEASE help me!
    thanks :)

  17. rich scales says:

    the archos 5 is not the same in every way. 1/ it has no DC in, the archos 7 does. 2/ it only has one built in speaker (the 7 has 2)
    use the usb cable to transfer files drag and drop from pc, its easier

  18. rich scales says:

    mark, who would buy an archos for games? and who would buy an iphone for games?
    As a media player the archos is much better than the iphone, and dont know about anyone else, but thats the reason i got it., not for a bunch of games.

  19. Musty says:

    Any idea where i can get accessories for the Archos 7? I am looking for a screen protector and leather case if possible.

  20. yooo says:

    im gettin archos 7 i heard its very good i have been on 1 and i agree

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