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Until late last year, my hair cut was pretty simple, I’d just get it shaved with a machine at the small barbershop under my building and that was it. Then one day, I decided I wanted to grow my hair, I didn’t have a plan or anything in mind, I just hadn’t changed my haircut in 14 years and decided I would grow it. A few months passed by and I was in Lebanon with a friend and he decided to take me to his barber called Bob. Bob was really talented and worked on my hair as if it was a sculpture. I hadn’t seen anyone work in the same way he did and by the time he was done I couldn’t believe my hair could look that good. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m in Kuwait, my hair has grown and I’m looking for someone to cut it. I considered flying to Lebanon for a weekend but didn’t think it would be feasible to fly out twice a month for a haircut, I needed someone locally.

I asked my friends and got two recommendations, the first guy I called was on his annual leave so I ended up going to the second barber who ended up butchering my hair. He cut it too short and killed any style that my hair had, it was depressing but the worst part is, a month later I headed back to the same friggin’ guy! Even though he sucked at least I knew what to expect and to me that was a safer bet then going to someone else and possibly ending up with something even worse. My second hair cut sucked even more than the first one since he ended up cutting my hair even shorter. So when one of my contacts called me and told me about a new barbershop she was helping launch, I thought maybe its time I try someone else.


The new barbershop is called His Essentials and is located on the ground floor of Dar Al Awadi. When I got there I was contemplating if I should take my camera inside with me or leave it in the car. I wasn’t expecting much of the place honestly so didn’t think I would take any pictures but in the end decided I would take it in just in case. Once I walked in the place looked pretty cool. It wasn’t very big but the curvy design of the store gives you the impression of a very long hallway that would lead you somewhere, a cool illusion that makes the place look bigger than it actually is. I told the receptionist I had an appointment and he lead me to my barber and his station. I explained to the barber the story of my hair, how the other barber messed it up twice and also showed him photos of when I had first gotten it cut in Lebanon. He told me not worry about it and that he would get my hair looking good again. Right away my barber started noticing where the other barber went wrong. He highlighted the areas the previous barber had cut too short and he then proceeded to tell me how he would fix my hair by not cutting some parts at all and letting them grow. Thats when I started feeling comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. Once he was done I looked at my hair, it was still long and it was starting to get its style back and I loved it. Although not as good as Bob I was happy I had found a good barber locally that would at least not butcher Bob’s work.

Before I left the shop I got a small tour of all the various brands they sold which they’re importing to Kuwait themselves including: Baxter of California, Eshave, Balla Powder, Brooklyn Grooming, Beardition, Emerald Bay Tan and California Tan.

I know from my friends that it’s very difficult to find beard products locally and they had a whole bunch including beard shampoos, conditioners, oils and even little cool beard combs. I ended up paying around KD32 for a royal haircut, a beard trim, a Baxter deodorant and an Emerald Bay tanning lotion. When it comes to haircuts and shaves they have two options for each. The royal haircut costs KD15 and includes washing your hair twice, a head massage, a hair mask and oil while the classic haircut is your regular haircut and costs KD8. The regular beard trim/shave costs KD5 but they also have a royal shave for KD10 and that involves 8 various stages of products as well as cold and hot towels. I’d personally get a classic haircut next time since I think KD15 is just too much to pay for a haircut.

If you’re interested to check out the place their phone number is 22322336 and you can check their instagram account for their opening hours [Here]

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  1. Jake says:

    15KD is a ton of money for a haircut. my barber is from Lebanon and very well known in kuwait, 3,5KD for a normal haircut, and 6,5KD for anything extra, like cutting paterns and designs .. that takes about 2 hours extra.

    but just by the look of this place im tempted to go there

  2. Ismail says:

    INSANE prices

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think it’s insane. The other barber I went to who butchered my hair was charging KD7 so paying a dinar extra isn’t a big deal.

  3. Kuwait says:

    And I tell my guys clearly what I want, they do what I want and I love the end result. And I have long hair. Nothing fancy about them, no snazzy shop either (however the Pakistani News Channel on all the time is at times cringe-worthy). Been going to them for the past 6-7 years.

    Cost: 1 KD

    • Mark says:

      Yeah my Pakistani barber under my building used to shave my hair for KD1 and he always had the National Geographic channel which was great. Now I just go there once a week for my weekly beard fix up, also a KD1 charge. But, I wouldn’t trust him with my hair and would rather pay KD8 and get it done right.

  4. Samo says:

    Lebanese Barber – 5 KD
    Turkish Barber – 4 KD
    Paki – 2 KD

    Chillout guys

  5. pickles says:

    Guerrilla marketing at work

  6. Taim says:

    Nice photos! :) What cam/lens do you use?

  7. Yousuf M says:

    I goto my pakistani barber. 1.250 with hair and beard fix, with massage. Been with him for 9 years now. Best guy I know.

  8. Guru says:

    I’m happy with my baldy. Paying 8KD for a hair cut?

  9. Jasim says:

    “I considered flying to Lebanon for a weekend but didn’t think it would be feasible to fly out twice a month for a haircut, I needed someone locally.”


  10. seaduke says:

    i was thinking that you are bald :p

  11. ahmad says:

    8 KD for a classic haircut is insane. unless he uses some special products for the cut, such as hair wax/oil/cream, then it might be feasible. He have to be SUPER good if he want to compete and stay open with those prices.

    Usually it cost me 13KD for a haircut/beard trim/and hairwax combo.

    • Mark says:

      You start of saying 8kd is insane for a haircut then you basically say that’s how much you pay for one yourself. A haircut and beard trim costs KD13 at his essentials which is exactly how much you pay at your place. And I think all barbers include wax/oil/creams to style your hair at the end and these guys use Baxter products.

  12. Daniel says:

    My barber charges KD 0.500

  13. Rakan says:

    This place is truely fantastic! Its not too expensive at all. For what one gets from treatment, service and knowledge from the barber himself. Now ofc I can go get a 2 KD haircut in the local barber in my co-op or so ,but I am sure most or none would have the premium quality of care and satisfaction one feels and recieves from their treatments in His Essentials.

  14. Parting is such sweet sorrow I will have a crew cut on the morrow says:

    Didn’t they use to have a Paul Mitchell, a Sheri Lyn and Toni & Guy’s in Kuwait ?
    I think your average metrosexual joe in Kuwait is prepared and ready for the Art of Shaving opening store anytime now in Kuwait .
    What say, Mark?

  15. shaving chip n dale says:

    It’s a tough life being a gentleman’s barber in Kuwait where practically no one but no one in the country is clean shaven. I am right this moment looking for a stubble specialist myself (if you can’t beat ’em, join ‘ em. ): one who can mold a Jason Statham look in me. But seriously, I never thought the concept of a ‘wet shave’ could seem so remote and alien to most barbers I have encountered in Q8 previous to now.

    As an aside what is the received thinking on men’s grooming during Ramadan particularly, the shaving and showering aspects of masculine hygiene?

  16. Of couscous and zigzug says:

    Is it a unisex salon ? Cannot Bob come and work in Kuwait ?

  17. Bu3amraz says:

    toni & Guy is good and they charge 10 kd !

    shadi not bad, his problem is again not know when to stop ! and might end with a qiwi head !

    and theres paysaan guy that mostly deals with celebrities, they says wow, but i have no idea where is he located, he accepts follows on instagram and never answers where he is located.

  18. altaf says:

    mashallah u look hot , on the pic above =)

  19. Esam says:

    Hey Mark, just a piece of advice for your friend who own the salon, i went there one morning after reading this post: worst experience of my life

    1) barber was 20 minutes late and arrived looking like he got straight out of bed
    2) he asked me what i wanted to do, i had previously asked specifically if the salon does styling, i.e: my hair is a mess and needs a professional to tell me what look would work on me- they said yes of course, but when i arrived- he HANDED ME A MOBILE, said pick one, left and returned….i told him i wanted his opinion, he said anything works…so i picked a style from google images….and he “executed it ” except it looked nothing like the style
    3) the barber was cold and unfriendly i couldn’t even bare staying there i felt so awkward

    i ended up going to a 3 kd barber on share’ mate’s and fixing the mess he made

  20. Abbas says:

    I’m a regular customer here – Samir is the best for haircuts.

  21. Naseem says:

    Hey brooo
    Beard oil available ?

  22. RiZ says:

    Can you tell me which barber shop is good and will tell me his opinions which hairstyles and colour will look good on me someone who is experienced because i don’t know anything about hairstyling I have long hair just comb back and tie knot that’s all

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