Counterfeit Kuwaiti Dinars

Post by Mark


The video below has been circulating whatsapp showing two KD20 notes, one original while the other counterfeit. The video looks like it was taken at a bank and the lady shooting the video puts the two notes under a UV light revealing the difference. My guess is people are probably printing the money on their home printers hoping the lack of some peoples experience handling the new currency might fool them into accepting the counterfeit.


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  1. MB says:

    how can someone just print out fake currency on their home printers? Don’t you need that special paper that currency is printed on? you’d have to be pretty lightheaded to accept something printed on regular paper.

  2. Neo says:

    Damn VVS.

    Was in a cab the other day and he refused to take the new currency. He said that there is a lot of counterfeit of the new currency floating around and it is difficult for some of them to tell the difference.

    Told him to look out for the key points on the new currency, which authenticates its a genuine note.

    Finally, he accepted it.

    • Drew says:

      He can’t say no to the new currency. Its the official currency and he can actually go to jail for refusing to accept it. I understand his concern, but he just can’t say no.

  3. بوعابش says:

    I saw that as well, turned out to be just a rumor. The real story is that they were training the staff for cases of counterfeit money.

  4. Faisal says:

    There’s a msg circulating whatsapp saying that this counterfeit note is from the central bank for the purpose of training bank employees the difference between the authentic and fake notes. Haven’t read or seen an official statement on their behalf tho.

  5. Drew says:

    Are they not yet printing any new 1KD, 1/2KD, or 1/4KD notes? I have yet to get one.

  6. spikz says:

    How the normal people don’t go around carrying a UV light. How the hell do we find out if a note is counterfeit or not.

    I’m really afraid now as it’s really easy to counterfeir these notes and not being able to detect it.

    • Sunny says:

      Few security features are:-
      1. Hold the bank note to the light and you will see watermark of falcon and the value of the note.

      2. On the back side (where English is written) you can see a thick thread, which changes color (pink&green) upon tilting.

      3. you can feel the raised print of the values..


  7. spikz says:

    Normal people like us don’t go around carrying a UV light. How the hell do we find out if a note is counterfeit or not.

    I’m really afraid now as it’s really easy to counterfeit these notes and not being able to detect it.

  8. Ahmad says:

    even you ?

    that video was taken during the cbk’s demo of fake notes.

  9. Le Crocodile says:

    Love the new notes to bits. I particularly, like how they have used plastic polymer coating on the paper which makes it coarse and assists the visually impaired in easy and quick identification.
    The quarter dinar note is fun with its graphic of the zubaeidi on the back. Now here’s a Central Bank with a sense of humor! Yay to CBK!

  10. D, says:

    Looks and sort of feels like monopoly money. It’ll take me a while to adjust to these…

  11. Yousuf M says:

    Yep.. happened to me yesterday at work. Got a fake 20KWD note.
    If you dont have UV .. Just hold the note against a light and you will see an eagle (or whatever bird ) and under it “20” in arabic.
    I’ve got a machine now for my shop

  12. ibnturab says:

    I bet the whole new currency was just a ploy to dump a few hundred million dollars worth of the fake currency in the market, and then disappear before anyone takes note.

  13. Jaber says:

    definitely better than the old ones
    and for those who say they look like monopoly money and make fun of how colorful they are, I never heard anyone complain about the Euro or Canadian Dollars! plus, if you compare the old currency and the new one, you’ll notice the old ones were more colorful!

    • D. says:

      I don’t use either of those currencies, and my dislike of them has nothing to do with their color and everything to do with the fact that they look half-assed and feel flimsy.

      By the way, I also think orange is a hideous color. Are you going to talk about how I haven’t seen green or something now xD?

      • Jaber says:

        let’s make a deal
        If you don’t like the new money just send them to me, i’ll get rid of them for you :p

  14. KS says:

    You can buy pens to detect counterfeit currency. Draw a line on the note. If it leaves a dark ink mark it means its a fake.

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