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If you’ve been following my blog for a few years then you’ve probably seen my previous posts on Tesco (here is a link that summarizes them). Originally I had posted that Alshaya were bringing the Tesco brand but then it turned out they were getting Florence & Fred, the clothing division of Tesco. I then posted that Sultan Center was bringing Tesco but that deal fell through and Sultan ended up getting Waitrose products. Now though my source tells me the new SaveCo supermarket will be bringing the brand to Kuwait.

The company that has an exclusive agreement with Tesco to supply their products to the Middle East is called MH Group and they already supply Spinneys in Lebanon and Qatar with Tesco products. Now they’ve supposedly signed with SaveCo who will start stocking the products in around a months time once they arrive.

Based on the order list my source sent me it seems they will mostly be stocking non-perishable food items like canned goods, sauces and spices. That’s similar to the Waitrose items Sultan Center stocks although it looks like SaveCo might be bringing in a much larger selection.

I can’t publish the list of products they’re bringing but if there is a specific Tesco product you’re interested to know if they’re getting, let me know and I’ll check and see if its on the list.

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  1. 3azeez says:

    Whats the point?

    Waitrose, Tesco’s, ASDA’s, Morisson’s… they are grocery stores. They’re not product manufacturers. They all probably buy their products from the same manufacturers that manufacture other well known brands. So what is exactly the point of having their branded products on our shelves here?

    This is really nonsense and just inflating the prices for no clear reason. Quality wise, we have the exact same products from probably the exact same manufacturers. We definetly have similar and much.. much better quality products. Their products are more like The Coop product… a budget product. Thats why they also have the “finest” selection… which is supposed to compete with the average label product.

    Sultan Center and SaveCO are better off labeling good quality products under their names and having them sold to us. I would naturally pick up the items with local brand names on them because deep in my mind I will think… OK those people know what kind of quality we are used to, so definitely they’re selling us that same quality… probably at a lower price because it is their grocery store so they’re saving money from the shelve rental and so on rather than letting the quality go down. While for the British grocery store brand… I’ll be like “oh those bastards they’re selling us that 50 pence can for probably 600 fils. screw them i’m never shopping at this store again. they think we’re assholes?!”

  2. 7th says:

    Originally I had posted that Alshaya were bringing the Tesco

    the tesco

  3. Nnnn says:

    Are they gonna bring the Tesco chocolate gateau ???

  4. vampire says:

    i want graham crackers!!!!!!!!!
    tesco or anybody else!
    strong bread flour as well

  5. Ali says:

    Tesco brand is CRAP! Even the “finest” products are not good! Idk why people here think that anything western is always good?

    • Drew says:

      Tesco brand isn’t amazing, but its not bad. Its probably better than most of the local selection.

      • 3azeez says:

        Better than local selection?! LOL.

        Tesco products are bad and cheap. Only reason they’re being brought in here because local businesses will be able to make profit by selling the items double their prices. ie a 50 pence item will be sold for 500 fils (for a canned beans, thats even cheaper than the local average price which is around 600 fils for local quality brands).

  6. Tesco to Cosco says:

    TESCO’s, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s or anything in between coming to Kuwait will not mean much unless the check out staff working the tills are adequately trained to bag the groceries something which neither the coops, TSC, the Carrefours or Geants seem willing or interested to invest time or energy doing.

  7. Waitrose shuttered in Bahrain says:

    Need to see local supermarkets bagging groceries in brown paper bags and/or recyclable bags.

  8. AR says:

    Sadly , most store branded products are low quality and overpriced for what you are getting. There is of course a sliding scale of the level you get conned. Some local examples price the store brands nearly on par with global leaders and that sucks.
    As an example scan the pure fruit strawberry jam prices at Sultan, Al Refai and local co-op and you’ll know.
    What Tesco brings is less important that what pricing SaveCo applies. SaveCo is pretty smart in extracting high margins on limited lines which they know a particular segment will fork out for… One of the only reasons i like saveco is that i don’t have to filter out crap store brands while i am shopping. I just need to watch for the frequently incorrect price labels , which they couldn’t care 2 hoots to fix, even after you tell the cashier twice, are wrong. Some are as stupid as the decimal being in the wrong place. Price marked on shelf is 285 fils ( raisins ) but rings up as Kd 2.850 at checkout.
    Good luck to saveco in saving their loyal clients. I am one of them for now , and I drive all the way from Mishref !

  9. Have you guys been to SaveCo? Someone here just posted that it doesn’t matter what you bring unless the staff are trained to understand the product, well the staff there are simply excellent. Always positive, smiling and they actually have great knowledge of the products they stock.

    I was in there yesterday looking for some Salsa Dip and they didn’t have the brand I wanted. The lady that took me to the Salsa Aisle knew which product I was talking about and when it was next coming in.

    Everything is so organized and the place is so spacious and well thought out. The fruit is unbelievable.

    SaveCo + Tesco if true would be a GREAT fit. Their management style is amazing and the people behind SaveCo in Kuwait are really really great.

    Good luck to them and I believe only good things will come out of SaveCo in the future.

  10. Yes co to Saveco's TESCO says:

    There ain’t no business like the business of food in Kuwait. No wonder then if you are a start up in Kuwaiit the food industry is the place you want to be.

  11. Wrv33 says:

    Will they bring the Tesco Paella Seasoning? I bought it at Spinneys in Lebanon, and I just tried it today. It’s great! :)

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