First Drive: Porsche Macan S

Post by Mark


The Porsche Macan S is Porsche’s new crossover SUV that just recently joined their lineup as the baby Cayenne. But, unlike the Cayenne the Macan has one thing that’s really going for it, it has the hottest rear end of any crossover on the market right now. I just loved the design of the lights on the back which is why I took so many pictures of it. Getting to test drive the Macan wasn’t that easy. Back in early May I emailed my contact at Porsche and asked them if I could borrow the Macan over the weekend. Turns out there was a two months waiting period since the Macan was fully booked every weekend. So, I put my name on the list and waited and waited until I got the call last week telling me to pass by and pick up the car.


When I first sat inside the Macan the first thing I realized was how much smaller it was than I had expected it to be. It was pretty compact and felt more like a large hatchback instead of a small SUV. The second thing I noticed was all the buttons going down the center console. I love buttons, but the amount of buttons going down the center of the Macan was just intimidating. I drove off the lot and headed onto the highway and thats when things started getting pretty impressive. Because the Macan is a pretty small and low car, it handles and feels like a small sports car. The engine is a 340HP V6 twin-turbo which is more than enough to get you some speeding tickets. The car is pretty fast… and extremely extremely quiet. Probably too quiet because when you’re on the highway its very difficult to tell how fast you’re going unless you’re constantly looking at your speedometer. You can’t hear anything, not the engine noise, wind noise or even road noise. Porsche did an amazing job with the sound isolation.


Speaking of sound, the Macan I drove came with the optional Bose sound system. I am generally not a fan of Bose sound systems and if I hadn’t heard it I would have recommend to shell out KD1,370 for the optional Burmester sound system when buying the car. But, after spending a weekend with the Bose sound system I have to say I was impressed and it’s just a KD340 option. At low volumes the Bose can be a bit boomy but it’s very capable at high volumes and I was listening to a variety of music from electronic to indie. The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) which is the cars stereo was also very practical. Its a touch screen which makes getting to controls quick and it’s also iPhone compatible. I was able to stream music either via USB located in the center console storage compartment or via bluetooth.


It was getting close to the golden hour so I decided to head out into the desert to take some photos of the car. The Macan is an all wheel drive car that comes off-road ready, there’s even a button marked “OFF-ROAD” which when pressed will adjust the cars various settings including ride height and traction settings in preparation for an off-road trail. I didn’t venture much off the tarmac since I didn’t want to risk getting stuck in the middle of nowhere but the little I did go off-road, the Macan handled well. But, it was mostly soft sand and nothing too deep to really test the car out in.


Later that day I picked up some friends and headed out to dinner. Although the Macan is a 4-door car, the rear passengers don’t have much legroom. It’s a pretty tight space and even getting in and out of the rear seats isn’t very graceful. But, no one really complained or asked for the front seats to be pushed forward so that’s a good thing. It probably has to do with the fact it’s a Porsche and looks like a sports car so people don’t expect much legroom in the first place. The roof height on the other hand was perfectly fine even with the optional panorama roof which my car had.


Once the weekend was over and I gave back the car did I realize how practical of a car the Macan was. I’ve been considering getting a sports car for some time now, a car that would compliment my current FJ Cruiser. The Macan though is two cars in one, it drives like a sports car but has the flexibility of an SUV albeit not the same full capabilities as either one. It’s an all round car, a crossover and one that works really well. Price wise the Macan is pretty reasonable starting at around KD20,000 for the S model and KD28,000 for the Turbo. I custom built a Macan S on the Porsche Kuwait website and pimped it out with all the options I wanted and ended up with a model thats around KD24,000 before the discount. Unlike in some other countries, many of the optional features come standard in Kuwait so even if you go for the base model, you’re still getting a lot of car. My color recommendation? Agate Grey for the exterior with the Monochrome Black exterior package and black leather sport seats for the interior.

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  1. Jassim says:

    uhhhh, they give out cars for weekends?

  2. Mazen says:

    Where’s this location ?

    • Mark says:

      Where I shot the photos? It’s a place I found by accident when I was looking to shoot the cayman and I also used it for the Ferrari 458 review. It’s my secret location which I won’t disclose until I’ve milked it as much as I can :D

      • Mazen says:

        Lol come on dont be selfish, for a while now I wanted to photograph stars and this location seems perfect for that from the photos.

  3. Burhan says:

    Is the one you drove the full option model? I see a lot of empty buttons in your center console shot on the passenger’s side.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah fully loaded and I see the empty spots you’re talking about but don’t think they’re for anything. I mean possible the folding tow hook would need a button but can’t think of any other option the car missed. Checking other pictures online I noticed I actually have an extra button on the left which most Macans don’t which is the height control. This is a standard option in Kuwait but optional elsewhere.

      • Khaled says:

        You can get up to two more buttons to fill up the passenger’s side of the console: one to turn the optional lane departure warning system on and off and one for the optional sports exhaust system. Not a lot of people order the LDW but PSE should be popular and should give the Macan some much-needed sound emphasis since it’s too quiet a ride. Shame it’s only going to be available to order from November.

  4. Taim says:

    Beautiful photos!

  5. Vin says:

    Mark, you can keep your secret. But I would love suggestion on some remote driving roads especially any with a few curves on them. I am getting tired of driving on arrow straight roads all the time. Need some curvy challenges just for fun.

  6. Kuwait says:

    Mark, when is your turn on the G63 6×6?

  7. I Hart Mini says:

    It’s fun to remain single, Mark. Whatever for did God give us cars like the Mini Cooper and VW Beetle?! Would love to see you do a Jeremy Clarkson on the latest models of the Mini Cooper and VW Beetle in the desert at 248am :)

  8. khaled says:

    suggest u try the Skoda Yeti
    and tell us your test drive notes.

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