Canada Beats Kuwait 91-0 in Under-19 American Football

Post by Mark


Host country Kuwait trailed 50-0 at halftime before eventually losing 91-0. In what looks to be a pretty accurate ranking, Canada is ranked No. 1 in the power rankings while Kuwait is ranked eighth. [Source]

I’m not surprised that Kuwait lost to #1 ranked Canada, what I’m surprised about is the fact this is taking place in Kuwait and no one knows about it. Also if they’re playing American Football in this weather all geared up then I don’t think the World Cup in Qatar is going to be an issue.

Thanks Ali

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  1. Unknown says:

    I know about it.

  2. lolguy says:

    Is the image from the game? Meaning they played during the day?
    Players would suffer exhaustion, since they can’t drink water.

  3. Patrick says:

    There’s a huge difference between U-19 American Football players and soccer players that participate in the World Cup.

    They’re in Brazil now and some matches have mini-breaks in a half for players to cool down and drink water. If it does take place in Qatar every half in every match will have a mini-break like that.

  4. Beejay says:

    The field in Qatar will be Temperature Control. they will install some Air Conditions in it.
    I think they already have one field like this in Qatar. so no worries

  5. Mathai says:

    Why is it when an ‘International Event’ takes place in Kuwait no one knows about it? Do the local language papers cover those events? coz I haven’t seen it in the English dailies.

  6. Marcel says:

    You could also wonder why the FIFA came up with the foolish idea to organize the world championship soccer 2022 in Qatar?
    What about the fans? It’s not very likely that a lot of them will support their national team in Qatar. If, emphasizing the ‘if’, the WC will be played in Qatar, the fans of real soccer countries will stay at home, avoiding the extreme heat with a cool beer in hand. Celebrating a win of their team the same way as they’ve done it for many decades in the past and will remain doing so in the future. Just a part of the western culture where soccer find its roots and has been developed.
    Playing the tournament in the winter is also not realistic due to the schedule of the national competitions in Europe during this period.

    It’s not likely that Qatar will host the WC 2022 anyway. The scandals regarding the high mortality rate among the Asian labor, the bribery cases, the heat and prohibition on alcohol are just a few reasons that the whole idea is ridiculous and only exists due the megalomaniac aspirations of the organizers.
    Qatar hosting WC 2022 has nothing to do with the pleasure and the excitement of the game, neither as a player nor as a fan. No drink pause can change that.

    • alco says:

      Alcohol is legal in Qatar

      Qatar also has nightclubs

    • hama says:

      LOL the main reason is because they can’t drink their alcohol in the stadiums etc stop whining and making excuses didn’t workers die in brazil making the stadiums? yeah you don’t even know about that i’m not saying it’s right but the WC is up and running and no one seems to care AND they have bigger problems that happened in brazil due to the WC and you and no one seems to care except non football fans because partying afterwards and drinking is all they are worried about

      how is it going to be called world cup if it’ll never be hosted in Gulf? every country deserves it’s chance.

      the argument is ridiculous

  7. Mark says:

    Here is a video of the USA vs Mexico match

  8. Playing Atari with Qatari says:

    Canada is tops and Kuwait is at no. 8 which means there are only 8 countries in the world that play American Futball at the present time. No rocket science that!

    I am with Marcel on the Qatar WC 2022. Surely, the organizers don’t expect substantial turnouts with a competition being held bang in the middle of the extreme Arabian summer.

    Either that, or they are hoping to beat Dubai in having a temperature controlled sports city for 2022. Medics will have their work cut out for them attending to victims of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I wouldn’t want to be a medic in Qatar come 2022.

    • Lisa says:

      Actually there are more than 8. They selected 8 top teams to play in the Championship tournament, but there are additional member countries in the International Federation of American Football.

  9. Thouq-ista says:

    I wonder whose brilliant idea it was to host the U-19 World American Football championship in Kuwait during the peak summer season……Simply brilliant!
    Unless they were thinking an indoor stadium.

  10. Tootsie plays Futsie says:

    Beats me who could have thought of hosting this tournament in Kuwait during the peak summer heat?!
    Simply brilliant!
    Unless they were thinking indoors air conditioned stadia.

  11. There was some info on the game on FB with a picture of the American players drinking water during the day and people were making some comments about them drinking during Ramadan.

  12. TJC Films says:

    If people have a problem with other countries players drinking water here during Ramadan then they shouldn’t host it here. Those retards complaining should also remember not everyone is a Muslim. They should also take into consideration that going without water in this heat during regular extended outdoor activities is risky enough. The danger of heat stroke during grid iron football with all that gear on is even higher. Players in the states die during practices from it even with water. Instead of complaining that not everyone does what they do maybe they could say “wow we are hosting an international event”! But that wouldn’t be Kuwait’s style now would it.

    • mohammad says:

      i can book you a flight and even drive you to the airport if you just can’t live with the Kuwait’s style.
      people like you make people like me discriminate, and rightfuly do so

    • insom says:

      Kuwait is NOT hosting anything, stop dragging Kuwait into this

      Qatar will host the World Cup in summer 2022, Ramadan in 2022 won’t be in the summertime

      You just want any excuse to drag Kuwait down. In ALL the GCC countries, there is a ban on public eating during Ramadan. EVEN in Dubai and Bahrain, public eating is prohibited during Ramadan

      It would be in Kuwait’s style to allow people to eat if the World Cup was held in Kuwait during Ramadan.

  13. Le Crocodile says:

    The 91-0 trouncing has set a bad precedent culminating in a 7-1 drubbing of Brazil by Germany at yesterday’s semifinal match in FIFA WC 2014 .
    Blame it on the Canadians :) : )

  14. Dear All,

    Kuwait indeed hosted the 3rd U19 IFAF World Championship from the 7th till the 16th of July. The dates of the tournament was decided by IFAF not Kuwait (we wanted it to be in February). However, we adapted to the situation by securing special permission for players to eat and drink during the day at their closed practice fields. Furthermore, all the games were played at night, starting from 8pm till 1am. All the participating countries raved about the organization of this event and said they even got used to the heat pretty quickly (no humidity, unlike the 2nd u19 World Championship in Austin Texas). Kuwait was proud to be able to take part in it, however we are not ranked 8th in the World. Kuwait is in the lower rankings in the IFAF having just joined in 2012. As host we automatically qualified for the tournament and therefore were ranked 8th just for the tournament.

    Thanks for your support!

  15. Also, the games took place at the Nasr Stadium and Salmiya Stadium.

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