The New SAVECO Supermarket

Post by Mark


SAVECO is a new supermarket that opened up in Al Rai right next to Lu&Lu hypermarket. A friend had recently passed by and told me it was worth checking out so I passed by yesterday during the day and ended up leaving pleasantly surprised.

I’m not sure when exactly the supermarket opened, but I’m guessing it was sometime this year. The place is immaculate, extremely tidy and the aisles are super wide. My favorite section is probably the health and beauty section where all the shelves are backlit making everything look really good.


I’m not sure how the supermarket compares in product selection to other supermarkets. I do all my shopping at Sultan Center and it seems every supermarket in Kuwait has more products and a larger variety than they do. There is one brand of dish washing soap which I really really love (Dawn with Olay), I love it so much that when I realized Sultan were not restocking it anymore I went to 3 other Sultan branches to buy up whatever remaining stock they had. I thought the brand discontinued their partnership with Olay since Sultan just started bringing regular Dawn but yesterday I found shelf after shelf of it at SAVECO. They also had a huge selection of none dairy milk like soy, almond, hazelnut, rice etc.. again this might be normal all around Kuwait but compared to my supermarket the selection was a lot bigger.


Going all the way to Al Rai to shop isn’t practical for me but the supermarket looks great and as a friend put it, it feels very therapeutic shopping there. The biggest issue is probably parking but if you come in from their back entrance avoiding the whole 4th Ring Road entry and parking mess you’ll be a lot better off. Check out the map above of how to get there using the road 55 entrance. Also here is the location on [Google Maps]

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  1. An says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of anyone having a favourite brand in dish washing soap. How very amusing.

    • Mark says:

      lol I now it sounds odd but I wash my own dishes and Dawn with Olay is the only dish washing soap I use without gloves. All the other brands dry out my hands to the point they start to burn. I literally went to Sultan Shaab, Hawalli, Salmiya and Salwa and ended up buying 7 bottles of it last year when Sultan stopped restocking. I currently have only 2 left so glad to find a new source.

  2. Mathai says:

    Oh they’re finally open? They’ve had the “coming soon” sign for almost two years!

  3. So metrosexual! I wish one store would have the same medicine and make-up aisles like the stores in USA. Not everyone needs a beauty advisor when buying make-up!

  4. Jim says:

    Hilarious you must have soft hands, wink wink.
    What about the prices? I found a gallon of imported milk at TSC for $21

  5. elena says:

    how are the prices tho?

  6. Fatma says:

    You will be surprised their prices are significantly less. I did a comparison last month of a few items and mostly were either less and some the same! I love the place!

  7. Neo says:

    It’s owned by a Ms. Noor Al Qatami.

    They had a soft opening in March this year.

    I love the assortment of products they have there. Much better than Sultan.

    My wife enjoys the Food Academy that they have going on in their store. Especially the baking sessions for children.

    You can follow them on instagram #thefoodacademy @saveco

  8. 3azeez says:

    I saw their opening ceremony few months back. I think its still there on youtube. left me confused.

    I also heard that most of their staff are Kuwaitis. Can you confirm?

    • Mark says:

      I didn’t see any Kuwaiti working there

      • faisal says:

        why would you work in a supermarket for around 250kd max

        when there are other jops they pay us 900kd+ (govermental jops)

        we are around 1200 000 in population so….we are barley filling in the essential govermental jops…
        we havent reached the point were the government can no longer hire us all…(army…medical…oil industry…etc)

  9. hello says:

    Luv the supermarket. Hate the location…esp on weekends,its just yuck.

  10. papasam says:

    Wouldn’t this be their second branch though? I think their first has been open for couple of years near the new wholesale market in Sulaibiya

  11. vampire says:

    I went there last weekeng hoping to find graham crackers

  12. Sarah says:

    Is there adequate parking?

  13. Crystal says:

    I actually just found the shampoo and conditioner I like from the states for 1.400kd, whereas at Boots it is 5.00kd. Also, their fruit and vegetables are a pretty good deal as well, much better than Sultan.

  14. Dear Mark,

    We appreciate your feedback, as such inputs from a loyal customer like yourself would always help us to give a better service for customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority.

    Furthermore, this item is going to be available in our stores by 24th of this month as we had some custom issues in this regard. Apologize for being out of stock and sorry for inconvenience caused.

    Please feel free to feed us all your concerns, as we kindly seek from all our loyal customers, via customer service or our hotline and we ensure your satisfaction.


  15. Nixon says:

    Wow talk about keeping an eye on competition!! Lol

    • Ritaj says:

      Can’t be . this new store has anyone for competition in Kuwait. The level is very high not like the others. Sultan not compete with them not same standard. This store much better than sultan and other jamiyas in Kuwait. سيفكو و بس تفوق على كل الأماكن الثانية

  16. Saveco says:

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for the wonderful post and we are certainly glad you had a pleasant experience. Our customers certainly enjoy the surprise factor of constant innovation at Saveco!

    We also truly appreciate all the positive feedback we have been getting from your readers. We strive to give our customers the best shopping experience as Saveco is not about grocery shopping only it is a family experience!

    Warm Regards,

    The Saveco Family

  17. Haitham says:

    I plan on checking it out and I’m hoping they carry the cereals I like especially Grape Nuts and All Bran.

  18. Ahmed says:

    Do they have magazines and comics there?

    • Somi says:

      Yes, they do had, at the main entrance, near the frozen dairy section and payment counter. You will find them at the corner.

  19. Dina says:

    Do they sell almond flour? I am doing ketogenic diet and I am looking products that are almost zero carbs.

  20. ashraf says:

    There’s another branch should be there but must to set with you to discuss it
    It’ll increase your sells to much
    This is my mobile no hopping to contact me if you’ve a time or anxious to know
    Please accept my regards

  21. Garnav says:

    Sultan is the best……no doubt…

  22. Kameel okal says:

    I visited Saveco after a long night at work at 6.30 in the morning.
    I wanted to purchase meat and the guy in the butchery department was most helpful.
    He was cheerful, chatty and all round pleasant. It was just the help I needed and much appreciated. Please congratulate him for a good job well done. I have shopped at Saveco previously and will do so again.

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