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Since its starting off as a very slow news week, I figured I’d post a list of my favorite podcasts to keep things moving. So here are my favorite podcasts in alphabetical order:

Car Talk
This is a show where two car mechanics get calls from people asking for car advice. A caller for example would call in and tell them my car is making a screeching sound when going down hill what could it be? And the two car mechanics try to figure out what the problem might be and give them advice on it. It’s a fun show if you’re into cars and I enjoy always trying to figure out the car issue myself and I have to say, I’m generally pretty good at it.

Chequered Flag Formula 1
There are only two sports I enjoy watching, Formula 1 and UFC and this single podcast fulfills all my F1 needs. It’s by the BBC and every race tends to have two podcasts per race, a preview of the race and then a review of it. The episodes are short and the hosts are fantastic but sadly, yesterday was the last F1 race of the season (and what an intense race it was) so this podcast is going to be dormant until the next season starts again.

Kill Tony (pictured on top)
By far my favorite podcast of the bunch. Kill Tony is a comedy show run by the comedian Tony Hinchcliffe. In the show, Tony randomly selects a name of an audience member from a hat (the audience members are young striving comedians) and they have to come up and do a stand up set for 60 seconds in front of Tony and his guests. Although many of the stand ups aren’t that funny, the show is ridiculously funny since Tony and his guests (who are popular comedians) roast the stand ups. Super funny stuff, like I laugh out loud while driving funny.

The Joe Rogan Experience
JRE I think was the first podcast I ever started listening to. Joe Rogan is a standup comedian (his new special is great), an actor (remember NewsRadio?), ex host of the Fear Factor, a UFC commentator and an ex Taekwondo champion. Like his life, his show covers various topics and so each episode he invites an interesting guest where they talk about different things. If you’re a UFC fan, Joe also hosts “Fight Companions” where he invites some friends over and they all sit and watch the UFC fights together while podcasting live.

The MMA Beat
The MMA Beat is my favorite MMA show. On the show they discuss all the current MMA related news and give their opinions on them. The show is usually composted of four journalists including my two favorites, Ariel Helwani and Luke Thomas.

The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani
This is probably the most popular MMA show, it comes out once a week and usually features interviews with fighters who are currently in the news or have a fight coming up or just had one.

I also follow a bunch of other podcasts but generally only listen to them if I have nothing else. They are:
Double Jump
It’s Time with Bruce Buffer
Luke Thomas Podcasts
The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz
The Fighter & The Kid
UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra
You’re Welcome! with Chael Sonnen

What podcasts do you listen to?

I use the Overcast app to listen to my podcasts. Two things I like about it, the first is that it works with my CarPlay head unit, the second is that I can set how many seconds I want the seek back and seek forward buttons to be. So I have it set to go back 15 seconds when I click the rewind button and skip forward 60 seconds when I click the forward button.

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22 comments, add your own...

  1. Mrk3d says:

    Podcast Addict (android) user here. For Podcasts, my current playlist contains:

    Tim Ferris Show []
    Hidden Brain []
    Planet Money []
    Freakonomics Radio []

  2. Mudassar says:

    Pocket casts (android)
    The Engadget Podcast
    What’s Tech?
    You are not so smart
    Decoding Westworld

  3. Raz says:

    My current podcast playlist:
    1. The Tim Ferris Show
    2. Inquiry by BBC
    3. Hardcore History by Dan Carlin

  4. NJ says:

    The Brilliant Idiots, laidback convos about random topics by Charlamagne and Andrew Schulz

    Also Freakonomics radio which is exactly what u think it is

  5. BerserkKW says:

    The biggest problem in the universe

    The biggest solution in the universe

    The best debate in the universe

    Rooster Teeth Podcast

  6. meh says:

    No such thing as a fish

  7. Never been much of a podcast guy but I like:

    – “One Week Only” – my friends Conor Holt & Carlos Aguilar’s podcast about international and independent cinema.


    – “Waking Up With Sam Harris” – a podcast hosted by the infamous Sam Harris

  8. theiman says:

    The Conspiracy Show Podcast (Zoomer radio)- some wacky stuff going on

    Prime Time Sports with Bob MCCowan for my Leafs/Jays/Raptors fix

    Juicyland – DJ Juicy M 1 hr mix

  9. Ahmed says:

    I heard great things about Welcome to Nightvale and Serial

  10. Ali says:

    I used to listen to car talk way way back when they used to have new shows every week. RIP Thomas Magliozzi.. The tappet brothers.. best duo on radio.

    My favorite podcasts are
    shane and friends
    My dad wrote a porno
    the adam carolla show

  11. Anon says:

    Podcast Addict on Android user here.

    This American Life
    99% Invisible
    Ask me Another
    Hidden Brain
    Reply All
    Planet Money
    The Tim Ferris Show
    The Sporkful

    It’s tough to keep up with the releases sometimes!

  12. Ipsom says:

    I drive in silence

  13. EatWhatYouKill says:

    Vanessa from Kill Tony is soo fioone.

  14. T-rex says:

    FatmanOnBatman by Kevin Smith

  15. Salah says:

    Huh, I guess this post just came in time; I’ve started my own podcast channel few weeks ago, and it’s about advertising (in Arabic). Would love to hear from podcast listeners what they think about it.

    It’s called: Adshayr.

    Available on both itunes and soundcloud so far. I hope no one hates me for “promoting” the podcast here.

  16. Infusions KW says:

    I am in middle of recordimg my podcasts about healing herbs and getting back to old schook home remedies for little pings and pangs. Since you are an advent podcast listener. What are things you look for in a podcast? Just few highlights of what as an audience member do you expect in a podcast. Just wanting to gage the work ive done with other opinions since I vale yours and been a fan for years even berore I opened Infusions.

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