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I’ve been interested in Podcasts for the longest time but I was always hesitant to get into it because I’m more of a writer than a speaker. But then I ended up meeting some of the guys from the LuckyGG Arabic gaming podcast who encouraged me to take a chance and start my own Podcast especially since there aren’t many English podcasts about video games in this region.

I co-created the podcast with Yaqoub Al- Hussaini who is one of the hosts of LuckyGG and we’re also joined by Abdullah Boushehri also from LuckyGG. The goal of Double Jump is to discuss games we’ve been playing, news that we find interesting and regional news that we feel like our listeners would be interested in. The goal is to record an episode a week and publish it every Wednesday. These episodes will be two hours long.


I’m also planning on recording Double Jump episodes where I’m on my own and some episodes with a different co-host each week but this is still a work in progress, hopefully I’ll be able to start publishing those episodes sometimes mid-March.

We recorded and published our first episode last week and I’ve linked to it at the end of this post. We’re learning as we go and I think Yaqoub and Abdullah both did a great job especially since English isn’t their first language. I also appreciate the fact that they’re willing to go out of their comfort zone for me. I’m learning a lot after listening to just this one episode and feedback is always welcomed so feel free to leave a comment with suggestions or thoughts.

In this first episode we discuss a variety of games, mainly The Division Beta and Street Fighter V. We also discuss some major news that came out these past few weeks like the pricing of the HTC Vive. Our first episode is available everywhere!

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Posted by Patrick

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  1. Ali Sleeq says:

    good luck; if you make an episode on Dark Souls or Bloodborne I want in :P

  2. aaa says:


    Only problem I can think of with doing English vs Arabic though – With Arabic podcasts you are doing something that is a very specific niche so you can be the first in the market or the best at what you do.

    Podcasts are international so like it or not people are gonna compare your English one to every single other English one, whether they’re based in the ME or not.

    I’ll sub to both and share feedback :P I’m stuck in my car every day for more than an hour anyway so why not

    • Patrick says:

      Thanks for the sub!
      And yeah I agree, we will be compared to other English-speaking podcasts, but I’m hoping what will set us apart is the news specific to our region. We have game jams, gaming competitions and cons that not a lot of people know about, so it’ll be nice to shed some light on those kind of things.

  3. meh says:

    I’ve just listened to the podcast, and unfortunately the first episode did not do so well.

    Considering the episode is two hours, a lot of time was wasted on talking about an old game. You should definitely try to talk about new releases.

    I also think you should add structure to your discussions, as sometimes they sound like they’re dragging on and on around the same point.

    As the guy above said, for an English podcast, I’d rather listen to something else with better and newer content.

    On a positive note, the guy Yaqoub has pretty good English and in fact he sounded as a first language speaker more than you.

    Good luck on the next episode.

    • Patrick says:

      Hey man, thanks for being honest, constructive feedback is always welcome.

      We’re not always going to be discussing new games. That would be pretty difficult to do at the frequency we’ll be recording episodes. Plus I really enjoy going back and playing older games, I find that there’s always something to discuss about them. But I do agree, we did talk about Halo for a bit too long, even though it was an interesting perspective.

      You’re right about the structure and we’re working on that. I think the discussion about Halo would have flowed better if it was better structured. We want the conversations to flow organically, but at the same time we don’t want them to drag on and we want them to at least be informative.

      Hopefully in time we’ll be able to convince you to continue listening to the podcast. We (at the podcast) are all fans of older games so I can’t always promise you new content. Hopefully with a bit more structure the podcast will at least be balanced between new content, old content and regional content.

      Again thanks for the feedback!

      • meh says:

        I would suggest making more sections.
        For example:
        * Old/Retro section
        * New games: You don’t need to play them, just talking about them would be interesting enough, or their availability in Rehab, price etc.
        *Anime/JRPG section

        • Patrick says:

          We’ll definitely be mentioning new games as they get released and which is the best place to purchase them. I’m not so sure about adding more sections though. If we were playing a ton of older games it would make more sense, but I’d prefer keeping the sections as simple as possible. So right now it’s:

          – What we’re playing
          – News
          – Bonus short topics (if we have the time)

          What I’d like to do is add more structure within our conversations, hitting those notes and then having a conversation that flows from one point to the other. This will only happen with time, as we record more. I personally think there was a huge improvement between this episode and our last “test” episode which we published a few weeks back. Hopefully we keep improving and have a great podcast by mid-summer.

  4. Luffystrawhat13 says:

    Nice! finaly somone talking about games and tech in kuwait altho a Video would be nice… with some gameplay’s keep it up.

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