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There are a bunch of new shows starting this season and so far from the ones I’ve watched I found Pan Am to be the most interesting. The show is about the airline Pan Am during it’s prime back in the 60’s and it’s starring Christina Ricci as one of the airlines glamorous flight attendants.

To me the show is very similar to Mad Men but instead of it dealing with advertising its about the airline industry and like Mad Men, watching it makes me want to go back in time and live in the 60s.

The other new shows I’ve watched so far and haven’t liked are Person of Interest and Up All Night. If you want to watch Pan Am you can do so directly on the ABC website and for free. Just make sure you’re using a VPN so it thinks you’re living in the US. [Link]

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  1. QABAQ says:

    The scenes remind me of the “Catch Me if You can” movie. 60s were Happy times i think

  2. Janet says:

    If you like shows about airlines, I would recommend “Come fly with me.” It’s a British mockumentary, and if you like British humor you will die laughing.

  3. Pam says:

    Loved the show! I loved the glamour of the airline industry back then and how they went to extremes to make sure that their presentation was perfect. I also loved the MI6 twist in the plot line.In an interview with one of the original PanAm flight attendants, they were recruited by intelligence organizations. I also love ‘The Playboy Club’ which is also from this era. Emirates has groomed flight attendants and to ride on the A380 is glamorous. I loved how the PanAm flight attendants walked in unison – fab show!

  4. Kuwait City Boy says:

    Saw this on another blog theflaneur24, you’re getting slow my friend

  5. TweeZ says:

    Ahhh, the good old days of flying. A cig in one hand and a drink in the other while watching the beautiful view of pretty flight attendants.

    • mariam says:

      Keep it in your dreams TweeZ! Cigarettes on planes was torturous for the majority of us that didn’t smoke. You might be able to do that on Kuwait Airways with an non-alcoholic drink.

  6. Yeni says:

    That Christina Ricci is extreeeeeeemly fugly. Most people have a forehead, she has a fivehead!

  7. N19 says:

    “Terra Nova” and “Point of Interest” seem interesting.

  8. 5alid says:

    The way of the future. (10 points if you get that reference)

  9. Yeni says:

    Mark you should really stop talking about VPNs. The more popular they get, the greater the likelihood that they will get banned. So far this year VPNs have been made illegal in the UAE, Egypt, Pakistan, Italy, and Michigan! Please don’t draw attention to it. Pretty soon half of Jahra will start using VPNs to access porn.

    Blocking SSL and PPTP is technically possible and used in places like China. However the aforementioned countries don’t block it, but rather criminalize it. Meaning they can detect that you are using a VPN and will send the boys in blue (or khaki) to your house for a chat.

  10. شاي سنقيم says:

    For me I happy to see two and a half me show back .. no new shows yet impressed me as well .

  11. Jacqui says:

    What drew me closer to the show is that it’s about stewardesses and well I love that profession and especially in the 1960s so I really have high hopes for this. And as you know Desperate Housewives will be leaving the network by the end of the season therefore the spot is open for Pan Am to move in!

  12. i Tango says:

    VPN web is already banned by KEMS

  13. Keith says:

    Hey Mark, Pan Am is starting on OSN (SHOWTIME), tomorrow 2nd October. Cheers

  14. Robert says:

    “It’s” = “It is”

    “Its” = possessive

  15. Burhan says:

    Hey Mark i don’t know if you know this or not but you could actually easily download this from iTunes for free ! without going though all this VPN and stuff!

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