It’s traffic week again

Post by Mark

According to the Arab Times, 7,543 citations were issued by the surprise General Traffic Department campaign this past week. I was super close to getting a violation myself the other day because of my car tint but I guess my tint wasn’t as bad as others since I was allowed to pass through the checkpoint.

I really think car tints should be legalized or at least light tints where you could still see who’s inside the car. Something dramatic must have happened recently for cops to crackdown down this hard on car tints and I’m curious to know what.

Anyway, these campaigns do benefit everyone and they do make the roads safer but because the campaigns last a week or two it’s a temporary fix and not long term. I’ve recently noticed a lot more people are running red lights and to me those drivers are a lot more dangerous than car tints. But, on the bright side I heard they’re going to be installing a lot more red light cameras so that’s a good thing.

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  1. AndyQ8 says:

    It would be nice if they did something about peoples ability to get a licence ib the first place. I watched a driving instructor and his student this morning indicating right whilst turning left, and the learner driver was eating a croissant whilst not wearing a seatbelt.
    But he’ll be let loose on our roads anyway!

    At least he had SOME sort of tuition I guess :/

  2. PP88 says:

    Isn’t 30% tinting legal?

    • Mark says:

      it was legal now it’s illegal.

      • Funny says:

        So now it’s illegal after we’ve tinted 30% or less!

        So typical and irrational of them! We live in a hot country and we need to protect the interior of our cars from UV rays!

        • PP88 says:

          I don’t care, I will pay the fine. I very rarely see policemen anyway, are there only 10 in country? I remember when they started this campaign and it was after they found some terrorists in Hawally that were wearing veils across their face with heaviliy tinted windows, then suddenly we are all criminals. I understand heavily tinted windows but NOT 30% where you still can see in the window. Such ignorance!

          • Frederic says:

            7abibi they go gizzing in love street and gulf street that’s what they do and you know what even funnier, most violators are in there.

  3. 3azeez says:

    So you are saying obstructing the drivers view should be legalized?

  4. KaLeeDo says:

    I literally see a half dozen cars drive by red lights on every traffic light…no joke. Things have gotten ridiculously out of hand. The cops should get on the job and do something. I dont know if they need quota’s or someone to light a fire under their bums but the roads have been mental the last year or so, every week should be traffic week.

  5. Hussain says:

    Protests is the way to GO!!

    I had to remove my wife’s 200KD V-Kool on BMW, to just renew the cars registry,and my Pick-up is tinted also with V-Kool very lightly, and scared to get detected!

    We’re paying a lot to do the tinting, if MOI want it in the legal way, they have to close the shops which sell the film it self.

  6. Yeni says:

    Its not traffic week. Every single Sunday in the newspaper they publish that they issued 6000+ citations over the last week. This has been going on for a few months now. You just noticed it since you almost got caught.

  7. Frederic says:

    I was just in Orlando, Florida and it’s not as hot as Kuwait but it was hot for a Kuwaiti, I saw the sheriff vehicle and it was tinted like %50 in the back and %30 and that’s Orlando.

    Kuwait you put clear tint you get a ticket or your car towed probably. why? you still can see inside there is no reason for doing that shit, man seriously we became so pathetic for using power it sucks.

  8. PP88 says:

    Demand a new Kuwait. Your country has become totally disfunctional. The real problems are shoved under the carpet and petty issues like this are bulldozed down our throats and at the end of the day nothing makes sense and you look like fools in the GCC. I saw a cop yesterday who stopped a guy for tinted windows on the 40 frwy and a driver sped past him going 180 clicks. Whats the real danger to the roads in Kuwait, I ask? The tinted windows or the guy going 180 clicks? Get my point. Your government is running the country backwards dude, demand a new Kuwait.

  9. PP88 says:

    PS. Yes I finally saw a cop in Kuwait. Dam*, I was on a good luck roll!

  10. Musty says:

    on 40 freeway, 30% cars drive at 120+…. how many police cars would it require to catch em all? they dont have enough staff to deal with so many violators!! Besides having traffic week once every 3/4/5/6 months doesnt make an iota of difference to anyone!!
    I heard its much strict in dubai for speeding that way, is it? Maybe they should have an exchange program where they can send some cops from here (who might become better) and bring some of their cops down here….

  11. Aradi says:

    Yes it’s very true I havent renewed my registration coz of this stupid tint thing. I have vcool on it which I need badly since my truck has huge windows u can’t imagine how big a difference it was after I did these tints, I got one ticket for tinting when there was a strange checkpoint once at marina around 4 pm and never again. U can clearly see me in the truck night or day but still they didn’t pass it at the fa7s.

    They have much bigger issues with traffic but all they think about is tints and stickers they don’t care about much bigger things coz that’s much harder for them to imagine.

    Speeding on high ways I understand but what I don’t understand is the nessesty of speeding when it’s rush hour ppl just fly by on the safety lane while there’s a traffic jam or even when there just traffic since it’s rush hour.

  12. i love how something has been done in kuwait about this, last week there has been 5,100 car offenses!! that’s just completely crazy
    people really need to understand the level of danger they are putting themselves in…

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