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I previously posted about the collaboration between KOC and K’s PATH in regards to the stray dogs problem in Ahmadi. Well K’s PATH just uploaded the video above on this subject with the following description:

As many of you know, K’S PATH has been working on Animal Control in Ahmadi and as part of this program, we have been able to do some TNR for dogs into settings where we know they will be cared for. This has been an exciting program as it is the first of its kind in Kuwait. We thought we would share some of the joy that we experience.[YouTube]

If you want to find out more about K’s PATH visit their website [Here]

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  1. RoXaS says:

    Neuter Stray dogs ? why the hell would you even do such a thing ?!

    Will you like it if i showed up in a Van , Cut off your penis and testicles , then release you ?

    Neutering Dogs means no Recreation , which means dogs will be small in numbers , then extinction , you basically pushing them to extinction

    • Marc says:

      What there doing is getting rid of the stray dog issue, and adopting instead of breeding can help bring the number of unwanted dogs down. There are plenty of dogs around the world, extinction is almost impossible.

    • Moe says:

      Hahah… Well I’m not sure dogs are close to extinction… They wouldn’t be stray if they were close to extinction. These neutered dogs are given to families to take care off instead of lying in the streets feeding on garbage and possibly harming humans..

      By the by, it is only the testicles that are removed (not that I support that kind of procedure but it is more humane than you think).

      • RoXaS says:

        I never said their close to extinction , i said They are pushing them to extinction ,

        Man Neutering is not right , even if it makes them peaceful and what not , its just not right , a dog has the rights to have his Testicles . Not cutting it off :/

  2. ibnturab says:

    We also happen to have a cat problem in kuwait, not just dog problem. The problem is though if you eliminate cats, the number of mice and rats will increase greatly. Maybe if we just reduce their numbers. BTW, i heard that cats are a delicacy in certain east asian communities. Perhaps we can look past whats really being served at PF Changs.

  3. camocop says:

    Neutering dogs. Another silly thing we’ve adopted here in the Arab world.

    Who are we to render another creature completely sterile and unable to have offspring?

    Imagine if aliens encountered us and started making us sterile(assuming they have the means to overpower us for I am against the ‘hollywood aliens’ stereotype that any alien life must be superior to us) or make us unable to imagine because in their eyes, our ability to imagine only leads to bad things.

    And using Coldplay to conjure images of feel-good happiness is cliched and frankly unimaginative on K-Path’s PR team.

    in b4 ‘people bash anything Kuwaities do’.

    • aaa says:


      If you don’t want them to neuter them why don’t you go adopt every single stray dog? There that solves the problem, have 100 stray dogs in your house

    • Justine says:

      Wow “camocop,”

      There are so many wrong and ignorant statements in your post that I feel challenged to address them all.

      Confusing Coldplay with U2? There is no comparison.

      Surgical sterilization is the most prevalent form of animal population control in the world because it is the only one proven to work. You must be suggesting that the Arab world need not strive to improve itself. Perhaps you feel there is no room for improvement?

      As for the sad Alien analogy, wow. Barely coherent, but I think you were saying that an unknown or “alien” species should not attempt to manipulate and control another species. You would find some support for that concept. The difference here is that dogs were bred from wolves and are thus an unnatural species essentially created to serve mans need for companionship or as tools to perform various tasks. They are entirely unnatural in Kuwait. It is the policy of the government of Kuwait to eradicate all free roaming dogs. Tell me, what would you prefer: a belly full of poison, a bullet in the brain, or a simple surgery that itsself will improve and elongate your life? Besides, I thought it was common knowledge that humans and dolphins are the only species that copulate for pleasure. For all others, it is a biologically programed response to stimuli, in this case the scent of a bitch in heat. To suggest the dog somehow misses this urge is a common result of anthropomorphism (eg humans projecting their unnatural obsession with their own genetalia upon another species).

      • TK says:

        I wouldnt mind ‘aliens’ neutering us. Theres too many humans on this earth as it is. Be less amount of dumb people I have to read comments from too. LOL

    • strumming says:

      “Who are we to render another creature completely sterile and unable to have offspring?”

      To begin with, who are we then to take them in only to abandon them when no one was looking? These aren’t naturally wild animals. They were taken in to be ‘enjoyed as pets’, most when they looked irrestable as pups.

      Easy to make half intelligent comments when in the comfort of one’s temperature controlled environment.

      Disclaimer- I have absolutely nothing to do with K’s PATH’s pr machine.

    • strumming says:

      But silly background and/or taste in music I take issue with.. HaHa.

  4. Mark says:

    If they don’t neuter the dogs they end up reproducing and that’s not a good thing when you’re a stray dog in Kuwait where dog abuse is common and the weather isn’t habitable.

  5. R says:

    holy fudge why are people freaking out about neutering. THIS IS A GOOD THING, PEOPLE.

  6. dogma says:

    Truly, world has gone to dogs!

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