Don Draper Pitches Facebook Timeline

Post by Mark

If you don’t watch Mad Men you won’t get this. [YouTube]

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  1. Just says:

    Don Draper will fart in a bottle, put the screw back on, shake it, open it up, spit in it, screw it back on again, shake it again, open it up take a shit in it, screw the top back on and pitch it and it will still look sexy. Hell, i’ll buy it !!

  2. U Still Talkin??!! says:

    Its the new Facebook Timeline project being released later on this year… or the beginning of 2012.

  3. wt says:

    I miss this show

  4. Nisha says:

    …Don Draper SIGH!!

  5. Ralph says:!

    check the lady holding a mobile phone in this 1920’s movie….

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