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Posts are taking longer than before

When I first started this blog I was posting maybe 5 times a day? It was constant content but mostly non-Kuwait related. Then overtime I realized people were more interested with the Kuwait content so my topics because Kuwait focused and I dropped down to around 2-3 posts a day. Then, it dropped down to 1-2 a day. 14,000+ posts later and now I’m barely managing 1 post a day.

A lot has changed obviously in the 20+ years since I started. Back then the only other source for content were physical newspapers and magazines. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok didn’t exist and so my blog was the only source of interesting Kuwait related content that was fast/live. Magazines you had to wait till the end of the month to read about something and newspaper were just not interesting and still aren’t interesting.

But now with soooo many sources for content I’m still finding my way of how to still be relevant and interesting. I think 99% of the content out there is trash, and I still don’t get this yelling salesman style of tiktok videos that people seem to do.

It’s been over a year since I launched my Instagram account and I really don’t think there is anything like it in Kuwait, mostly because of the wide range of content I cover. I at least think it is all interesting. Well based on the engagement people are also finding it interesting. But I really haven’t changed my content style much, it’s always been random. Scrolling through my Instagram account now makes me more aware how my brain is all over the place.

But, content is also taking a lot longer to put together. I use the app Simplenote for my blog, basically anytime I have a topic idea I create a new note. Then as I collect information on that topic I fill in that note. As of right now I have 203 potential future topics to post about, with some of those topic ideas even broken down further. For example, I have a “Design Highlights” note but under that I have 9 future posts. And these are solid topics, not random restaurants I’m invited to try, which I have zero interest in going to.

Yet I can barely scrape together 1 post a day for some reason. I’m trying to understand why and I think that’s mostly because it’s taking me longer than before to collect the information for posts. I’m now turning 46, I was 25 when I started blogging. I have a lot less free time, I have more responsibilities now and I don’t think I can do slapstick posts, basically random posts without substance. I understand that because of my Instagram account where I’ve set a personal benchmark where every post needs to be a blockbuster hit, but I should be able to post random shit here. My Instagram posts take a lot longer to put together than my blog because I spend so much time on the photo, and so much time getting the headline interesting without having to clickbait, and then I need to manage my writing since I’m limited to just 2,100 characters on Instagram. But, I do a lot of random posts on twitter than I do here.

As I just wrote that last sentence, I think I answered my own question. It’s a lot easier to post on twitter than it is on my blog where I need to sit down in front of a computer and do it. I no longer get on my computer in the evenings, I don’t have a laptop open in front of me while watching TV. Maybe that’s what I need to change, either start getting on my laptop again in the evenings, or just get comfortable posting on the blog through my phone.

I tried posting from my phone maybe 10 years ago and it would mess up the look of the post. But the WordPress app has changed a lot since then and so has my blog theme so maybe it’s not an issue anymore. I’ll try to post from my phone again and if it works it should hopefully improve things moving forward.

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Your blog has been the most quality Kuwait related content since I can’t even remember. So as much as we would like to read multiple posts a day, you do what’s best for you and the blog.

Keep up the great work, Mark!

It’s in my daily routine.
I believe most ppl view the blog from mobile phones, so don’t pay attention to desktop view, if that helps.

Great work
Thanks a lot

I somehow feel the same way. As I have grown older, it has been more difficult to remain consistent with my YouTube channel due to responsibilities in life. You know what they say “we all make time for the things that we want” but then again social media can be draining whilst constantly staying up to date with whats new & hot trends. I envy those who have been very consistent for years as I know its not easy especially since we do it ourselves without hiring editors/photographers to do everything for us.

I reckon that those who have been consistent with social media took quite some sacrifices. They have probably spent LOTS of time glued to their phones on their newsfeeds, discover feeds, analytics etc to keep up with everything and that in itself has sapped a lot of time and energy away from lots of other things. They have reaped some benefits for this, but at the end of the day social media consumed them.

What happened to the Things to Do in Kuwait posts? Is there really nothing to do now? Also, have you tried working with a team to help out with posts?

I still post them when there are things to do, usually in the colder months. When the weather gets hot the events stop or slow down and so I don’t have anything to post about.

Since it’s a personal blog I dont think a team can help. I don’t want to end up like a newspaper or publication where I have staff writing for me.

Even though Im very active on Instagram, i still enjoy your blog on ur website rather than on Instagram.
its just something else here , and more enjoyable rather than just a post on Instagram.
I somehow like reading ALL your posts, esp when its “things to do in Kuwait” or some new place /activity and not to miss your buffet options.

Great work mark !

Frankly Im surprised you didn’t burn out
But Kuwait is better for you
And we all understand if you take a month or 2 hiatus
(Just return with paternal leave photos and review of the maternity hospital! Or ‘how to divorce in Kuwait and survive’ post LOL)
I wasn’t so much a fan in the early days but am now

Out of the hundreds of pages i have bookmarked over the years, this is the only site I come to on a daily basis. I also don’t do any social media.
Thank you for keeping it alive and I hope you can maintain this 1 post a day.

Mark you used to invite guests to post here on the blog a long time ago. Why don’t you bring that back?

I know it’s not easy at all, I had a blog long ago and I just couldn’t do it anymore after a year or so.

Hats off to you.

I think it is safe to say your website and people who access it from the desktop have a separate fan base, it is in my daily routine, pick up a sandwich from the trolley on the way to work, reach the desk read the posts and comments while having my breakfast.

thanks for making such quality content, like someone else said in the comments, the fact that you have not burnt out and still find interesting topics to make posts on is just too good.

just here to say thank you honestly 🙂

Always appreciate your posts Mark and I read all of them! Been following your blog for at least 14 years or so. Keep up the hustle but I wouldn’t put it past you if you’d like a hiatus to focus on other things in life 🙂

I used to consider stopping before but honestly it’s part of who I am since I’ve now been doing it for nearly half my life. Plus the money is still good lol

I always keep y0ur website 0pen in my 0ffice pc. 1st thing in the m0rning is just t0 refresh the page and read y0ur p0st. The day when i d0nt find your p0st, i feel bad and thinking y Mark did n0t p0st anything t0day. may be he did n0t get time 0r he must be 0ut 0f t0wn.
Keep it up 🙂

I think recently I’ve liked focusing on more meaningful posts, which take a lot longer to put together than the usual fluff. That’s what I was trying to say in my post.

This might be a silly psychological trick, but why don’t you get a small Bluetooth keyboard and connect it to your phone whenever you feel inspiration hit. That way, you have the speed of typing on your laptop, without the physical limitation and mental anguish of having to sit down and do it.

And you know, silly restaurant visits are still content that will make your blog visible.

In regard to Instagram, that shouldn’t be your main objective. Definitely get the photo right there, but focus on making quality posts here and then embrace the AI in making your blog post “Instagram friendly”. Let it do the work.

This reply has been spellchecked for errors by AI before I hit send. Because you’re right, the world has changed, and a lot of tools can now take care of the boring tasks and leaves you the fun of blogging… if you let them.

Good luck

Typing isn’t the issue for me, it’s prepping the images, especially for Instagram. I know the web is more important than Instagram, but sadly, 99% of my blog income is now coming from Instagram.

As someone who very much came to this country knowing near-nothing about it, this blog is, easily, the first place I come to regarding recommendations, general context on places/events, and I can’t understate my gratitude for the sincere coverage here, whether that’s for big events, or tiny slice-of-life observations. Thank you for this labor of love.

The best part about the blog is that you clearly state when a sponsorship is involved. However, in influencer videos, they often make statements without being transparent.

Though your coverage might be limited a bit limited to the premium audience at times but I would rather have that than two men screaming at me through videos “this is the best place in Kuwait”

yeah I don’t understand why influencers just don’t take their posts as paid for. I’ve only had a handful of advertisers who decided not to advertise with me because I wouldn’t accept NOT marking the post as being paid for, but the majority of advertisers don’t mind it though.

also just to add, even if the post is paid for I still don’t fake my opinion. my opinion is my opinion so if something sucks I wouldn’t say its great.

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