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Geo it seems has a thing for red colored ethernet cables. Yesterday I realized one of the access points at home wasn’t working and when I checked the cable I found it had been bitten through. The ethernet cable I had used for it was red. So I went to the other side of the room to get another red cable that I used to use with my old clamshell ibook and to my surprise that was also bitten through. All the other cables surrounding the red ones (blue, grey and yellow) were not damaged only the 2 red cables in 2 different parts of the room were bitten through. Its very strange but now I know not to use red cables anymore.

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  1. KtheKuwaiti says:

    Keep geo far, far away from my server room.

  2. fadibou says:

    can I send miki for some training at your place?, as he has a thing for ALL colors.

  3. Marzouq says:

    Lol @ fadbou!

    hang a red ehternet cable from the ceiling and see if Geo goes for it! hehehehe

  4. rv says:

    just to point out: dogs are colour-blind. or maybe geo can see coulours! :)

  5. fractal00 says:

    Hmm apparantly .. Geo is not color blind :D …
    Dude … make sure u dun wear red underwear ..

  6. tim says:

    dog’s aren’t colour blind:
    “The common belief that dogs are colour blind is false. Dogs can see color but it is not as vivid a color scheme as we see. It is much like our vision at twilight”
    …and this is from the BBC, so it must be true ;-)

  7. Mark says:

    According to Sega, dogs are color blind

    Sega > BBC

  8. tim says:

    darn… my company’s proxy doesn’t let me watch you tube. what’s the gist, and is this Sega the games manufacturer (who will therefore know a lot about a canine’s optical abilities??)


  9. Mark says:

    yup, they had cool commercials for the sega game gear comparing it to nintendos game boy.

    This is a quote from the Sega commercial, “If you were colorblind and had an IQ of less than twelve, then you wouldn’t care which portable you had. Of course, you wouldn’t care if you drank from the toilet, either.”

  10. Marzouq says:

    Lol! I had a game gear! I love that thing! I always played Street Fighter on it!

  11. tim says:

    I got a PSP recently… talk about crap, and impossible to find illegal games. I’ll give it to my dog, she’ll love it – she likes chewing plastic.

  12. Mark says:

    dude finding pirated games for the PSP is sooooo easy. I think the easiest from all systems since most games range around 300MB so they are very easy to download. Also with the new hack (check the forum) you can now play even more games.

    Now in case your PSP has a firmware higher then 2.0 then yeah give it to the dog since its currently unhackable :)

  13. tim says:

    yeah, i have the latest firmware… 2.something

    :( bugger

  14. unknown says:

    “Now in case your PSP has a firmware higher then 2.0 then yeah give it to the dog since its currently unhackable :)”

    is there way to make it 2.0?

  15. Mark says:

    not that i know of. i know if you have 2.0 u can downgrade to 1.5. I know if u have anything between 1.51 and 1.9 u can upgrade to 2.0 and then downgrade to 1.5 again.

  16. rv says:

    for those of you with PSPs running firmware 2.01 or Higher:

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