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Shake Shack!

I passed by Madison Square Garden around 3:30PM for lunch to try out Shake Shack. When I got there it turned out there was a very long line so I stood in it and waited. 40 minutes later I got to the front of the line and it was my turn to order. I decided to go with one single Shack Burger for Nat, a double Shack Burger for me, two fries and two cokes. The bill came out around $21 and I sat down at a table and waited again until it was my turn to pick up my order.

I picked up my order around 10 minutes after that and it looked delicious. I love the way they serve the food in a carton box. I took a few pictures quickly and started eating. The burger was delicious. But was it worth the 40 minute wait? Don’t think so. I mean its a good burger but 40 minutes just to order?? According to the person in line behind me their lines are usually even longer! I guess everyone here is used to waiting in line so 40 minutes is probably nothing to them. I waited 30 minutes at the Apple Store just to pay for some items and I saw people waiting in line outside Abercrombie & Fitch to get in as well. Lines are part of everyday life here.

Now the Shake Shack seating area is also as impressive as their burgers. Since it’s in the park, the seating area reminded me a lot of the beer gardens in Munich except here you had beer AND burgers, they’ve got the Germans beat with that. In any case I can’t wait for Shake Shack to open up in Kuwait. I just hope there won’t be a line like at Pinkberry…

Here is a picture of the line outside Abercrombie & Fitch.

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Mark… forget Shake Shack, you HAVE to get to the GYRO guys at 53rd and 6th, opposite the Hilton. And yes, you’ll be lucky if that line is about 45mins long.


the good things about the food served in the pics is that it looks fresh and more similar to what they advertise..not like here in kuwait…specially fast food joints..

You have to stand inline to order Abercrombie & Fitch?! WTF?!

Are they giving away clothes for free? LOL

maybe you should stop talking about shake shack so people won’t want to line up for it when its open ;p;

40 minutes just to order this people have nothing to do last night i went to kfc i saw like five people waiting in line i left because i don`t like waiting i`d rather stay hungry than wait for food

shakeshack is overrated to me. if you want to taste a great burger go to the burger joint in the maredian (ask also about the story of the joint, fascinating) 😉

also, go to gyro fuys and try the white sauce, the red sauce is tooooo spicy, have just a bit on the side to get a taste of it

ohh forgot to mention, if you want a fancy restaurant then you have to go to TAO ( or Morimoto…thats for japanese. or if you want something that got spices in it then go to spice market restaurant (

and last but not leats. you have to finish the night with a great or the best dessert place. MAX BRENNER (Y)(Y)(Y)

another place is serendipity 3 (the same place and name after the movie)

ooohh i missss NY ..enjoy

40 mins in line for that!? That burger looks like a shitty 5 guys burger. If you are in the East Coast you definatly need to go to 5 guys and get one of their burgers.

I don’t know about A&F in NYC, but the London store always has a line. This is because they regulate how many customers are in the store at any time, which makes the shopping experience better. It’s also because people are waiting to have their picture taken with the half-naked A&F male models in the lobby. Finally, I guess it heightens the sense of anticipation and specialness…

If you have a chance try to drop in on A&F’s sister store, Hollister. Also cool.

Line at A&F?????????? I’m a NY’er to the bone and I must admit, only a tourist (or lazy uptowner) will stand on line to get into that store (we locals don’t shop at their Fifth Ave location . . . we go to the Sea Port or Long Island for our A&F fix – no lines there).

Tao is great, but a bit overpriced. Spice Market is AWESOME! BTW, for authentic Lebanese ice cream in NY, head to Ilili on Fifth Ave.

Your on a Vaco! eat till you get bloated, and drink till you feel stupid, no more alyahya foodophobia to be like an old nagging wife behind you :p

Check out the lines when we went there!/photo.php?pid=11724438&op=39&o=global&view=global&subj=2229352873&id=740235653&fbid=10150150000130654

You can actually view the long lines through their live Shackcam on their website…just incase you don’t feel like standing for too long 😛

and Kuwait: we stayed at the hilton and every time we pass by the Gyro guy we examine the lines…they always have a long line all day long mashalla!

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