9ura.com announces winners

Post by Mark

Back in August I posted about a photography competition 9ura.com was holding and today they announced the three winners. My favorite is the photo above taken by Abdulmajeed Alnujaim for the category Nature. You can check out all three winners on their website [Here]

Thanks Burhan

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  1. Patrick says:

    Disappointed by the winners, especially the Urban category. I mean, a cityscape of Kuwait City? The Nature category was definitely the best of the three.

  2. Burhan says:

    Hey Mark, you don’t need to Thank me ! :) we are Friends…! lol my website is really embarrassing i am the only Admin/User/Visitor of the site XD hahaha O_O. Mark next time i submit you anything and if you find it interesting to post please don’t Thank me… you can take full credits :)

  3. vampire says:

    site not working

  4. Joe Pistone says:

    I must agree. The nature winner is amazing. What a wonderful photograph.

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