Abandoned buildings in Hawalli

Post by Mark

I was taking a back road towards Rihab Complex when I spotted a group of old buildings with what looked like a garden growing wildly in between them so I decided to pass by and check the place out. There didn’t turn out to be a wild garden just a few trees but the buildings were super old and interesting since it seemed like they used to raise pigeons there since I found cages everywhere. If you’re interested in visiting there are four of these building next to each other, I only visited one of them. Here is their location on [Google Maps]

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  1. Ahmad says:

    from what ive heard … theres a huge mall/tower project planned there but they still need to kick out kanary and the other shops.

  2. Mukesh says:

    Just occurred to me, how legal is it to just walk into abandoned buildings? I guess it depends on who actually owns the land. I wonder what Fajer would have to say.

  3. Desert Girl says:

    You’re an urban explorer! :)

  4. 3azeez says:

    Do enjoy taking pictures of these nice old buildings in Hawali, Salmiyah and Kuwait city. Unfortunately, the Baladiya has taken a decision to take ALL of them down without any consideration to their unique character and history.

  5. Kulsum says:

    yes please could we know legal implication of this? Also, if I liked something can I actually take it? Would that be illegal?

    P.s. the main picture is amazing! wonderful light and processing

  6. zaydoun says:

    Some old buildings have character and some are plain ugly and need to be torn down ASAP. You can be sure that wherever there are derelict buildings not being used or renovated there’s usually a dispute between the owners and heirs

  7. Nnnn says:

    U seemed to be into the habit of entering abandoned buildings ….aren’t u scared…wat if there are some creepy junkies hidding in there? :/

  8. mentabolism says:

    How safe is it to walk into a dilapidated building?

  9. Security Adviser says:

    Pic 12 with the doll.. thats eerie!!

  10. Buzz says:

    You need music from “Twin Peaks” to go with the photos.

  11. stu says:

    It’s a pity how old building are so callously razed to the ground in Kuwait. Buildings like these are probably the first generation of ‘modern’ construction outside the old walled city of Kuwait. They are symbols of Kuwait’s first steps to modernization hence a link to the country’s past and should be appreciated as such. Once this link is gone, it’s gone forever, and you are left with a empty gap in the country’s history.

    There should be some kind of system for ‘listing’ old buildings – something along the lines of the system in the UK.

  12. Tania says:

    very nice, especially like the one of the old disused toy, very powerful. Im absolutely intrigued with the old buildings around me, but wouldnt be game enough to go exploring just yet..

  13. abdulaziz says:

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