Faraya, same day different years

Post by Mark

Blogger Patrick sent me a link to a page on SkiLeb.com with pictures of the Faraya Mzaar ski slope in Lebanon. Whats cool about the pictures is that they were all taken on December 30th but each picture was taken on a different year. 2009 is the worst year with practically no snow. It’s pretty sad. [Link]

Thanks Patrick!

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  1. samy1st says:

    It`s that global warming thing

  2. Frankom says:

    Global warming my friend global warming

  3. holla says:

    It’s ok they can just dump all of lebanon’s confiscated, weak arse shit coke there and have another nice white xmas.

  4. KSA prisoner says:

    oh God … please stop with the global warming. just mother nature doing its thing. been happening for ages.

  5. Just says:

    Very sad indeed,

  6. T says:

    But seriously, I know there is nothing a minority that believes in a near future global warming disaster can do; BUT, we can foresee a few inherent shitty times ahead due to the climate change and buy a boat!

  7. Mark says:

    and save up 1 billion dollars

  8. mocman says:

    its in Euros not usd

  9. Mark says:

    Oops yeah it’s one billion euros

  10. desertsky says:

    Damn.Was really really hoping to go skiing there.Just came back from Lebanon and I had a wonderful time.The fireworks in Martyr’s Square New Year’s eve was spectacular.

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