The KOC Archive: Old Kuwait (Part 1)

Post by Mark


Because I can be so disorganized sometimes, I completely forgot about the photos I had gotten on my visit to The KOC Photography Archive back in 2014! I have a folder with around 175 photos of old Kuwait which I will be sharing in three parts, this is Part 1.

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  1. boom says:

    Amazing photos. They all look like people who appreciate the new opportunities afforded to them by oil. Imagine them knowing about how, in 2016, their great grand children are willing to disrupt the entire country’s income because of small benefit reductions.

    • Mark says:

      it’s more than small benefit reductions from what i’m told. it’s more like a lot of benefit reductions all at once for majority of the employees while the higher ups aren’t getting any reductions at all.

      • boom says:

        How much you want to bet they still make a comfortable living? The benefits were not justified from the start, and now we are seeing people react to having to face the fact that such privileges are no longer sustainable. This is only the beginning- we are going to start seeing more difficult times ahead and few will be able to stomach this new reality.

        I do agree that these cuts should have been done gradually. the same goes with electricity, gas, etc.

    • UCF says:

      if you don’t know the whole story, don’t tell any of it.

  2. blackswan says:

    Hi Mark, is it possible to upload all the pics in high-res in cloud so we can download them all? I would really love to be able to save them all. Tanks

    • Mark says:

      they folder is over 200mb plus i don’t think KOC would want people to have the hi-res files since people in kuwait would just use them for ads and publications without giving credit to the source.

  3. Sulaiman-COOKIEEEEEE says:

    Huh… I envy the people in the pictures so much.

  4. mentabolism says:

    could you also somehow include the captions of the photos too. Would give a better idea of what the people were doing in the pics or where it was.

  5. CM says:

    Lovely pictures but some captions to the pictures would have explained them better.

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