The KOC Archive: The Old Kuwait Airport

Post by Mark


This is part of the last bunch of photos I have from my last trip to the KOC photography archive. I should pass by and get some more but for now, here are some old photos of the old Kuwait airport. Not sure where this airport was located so if someone could let us know that would be great.

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  1. AA says:

    The old airport was in Nuzha.

  2. Kuwait says:

    Nuzha? Shamiya? Most of the pictures show KOC on the planes/equipment – must be the current airport or the Ahmed Al Jaber Airbase near Burgan/WK.

    Btw, did anyone notice how Kuwait Airways signage and logo have remained unchanged?! Wow… it’s high time.

  3. The Aviator says:

    Notice how much neater things appeared back in the day of KU’s heyday.

    I wouldn’t complain if they shifted departures concourse to Al Rai at the Avenues and get passengers on buses to the tarmac to board the aircraft. Last and final boarding call for KWI International from the Grand Avenues or the Prestige at Al Rai :)

    How about scrapping the whole idea of Avenues phase IV and turning it into an interim landside airport terminal?:)

  4. Kayran says:

    What year were these photos taken in?

  5. Q8D says:

    Mark, any chance we can get full resolution pics of the ones you’re posting? I’m especially interested in any pics containing cars/trucks. Thanks.

  6. CHT says:

    A bit of clarification: the twin pioneer photos were probably taken at the KOC airstrip which was located just beyond the South Tank farm outside of Ahmadi. Looking at Google Earth this is long gone, but older tactical pilotage charts online show its location. My understanding is that long after the twin pins went, the strip was maintained just in case Ahmadi expats had to be evacuated in a hurry. I believe that during the 1961 “Vantage” operation an RAF Britannia landed on the airstrip having mistaken it for Kuwait New at Farwania. On that subject, most of the airliner / airport photos are from the new Kuwait Airport at Farwania – essentially the eastern side / runway of the current Kuwait Intl. I believe that the west side runway dates from around 1970, though clearly much has changed from then. I remember an Anglo American School trip to the airport in early 1970 – some technical buildings, but no terminal. I left Kuwait 24 August 1970 – the old terminal shown in the KOC archive shots was stil in use. Hope this is of interest ….

  7. Graeme Pryke says:

    Hi John

    Do you have any photos of fellow class mates from Anglo American School around 1968-1969?
    Any ideas what happened to fellow class mates John + Karen Fogelberg [Americans] and to Robin and Simon Palmer twin brothers do you know?
    many thanks any advice /updates

  8. Graeme Pryke says:

    On the recent subject mentioned regarding the old Twin Pioneer aircraft,one of the ex Kuwaiti ones is currently in storage at Coventry Airport main hangers in connection with my employers at Westatlantic cargo airlines and could be looked over if interested by arrangement with company[for your info.]

    Regards Graeme Pryke

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