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Over a year ago the owner of 965 Flowers contacted me wanting me to write about his website. It’s basically a website similar to 6alabat except instead of ordering food you order flowers. I’m not a flower kind of guy so the website really didn’t interest me at all. I then kept getting emails from him every few months and even phone calls but I still wasn’t interested and it was kind of getting annoying. But, one thing he did achieve was implant the website into my head so I wouldn’t forget it.

Finally the day came where I needed to send flowers and 965flowers.com popped into my head. The website has 10 flower shops listed which combined means I had hundreds of different flower options to choose from with a lot of different prices. After painstakingly hunting through all the thumbnails I finally found what I wanted and ordered it. I placed the order around 9AM and asked it to be delivered between 11AM and 2PM of the same day. At 12:18PM I get a confirmation email telling me the flowers were delivered.

So yeah it works and I thought it was easy to use and practical. Only thing I would have liked is the ability to view all the flowers from all the stores on one page since it was pretty annoying going into every store one by one and then flipping through pages and pages of thumbnails. Other than that I had no issues at all.

Here is the link to the website if you want to check it out. [Link]

Update: Based on my feedback they’ve now added the option to view all the flowers from all the store at the same time, but you’re still limited to viewing just 15 thumbnails at once.

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  1. Matt says:

    You invariably provide accurate and useful information on your site. Thank You. Even if I’m not immediately planning on sending flowers, it’s good to know the option is available.

  2. vampire says:

    I have used this service long time ago,, very convenient.

    6alabat now became Talabat

  3. Kuwait says:

    Haha this somehow sounds like the most forced review ever

  4. BigJack says:

    You know how to share good stuff man.. That’s why i recommended you to GM Middle east customer service survey yesterday ;p they asked me if we want to advertise on different media types what are your favorite TV channels/Radio stations/ websites…etc. You’ve got the website part of the answer easily :)

    Thanks for all the things I read and didn’t thank you for it

  5. love their minimal website design. simple is the way to go

  6. I actually tried it 2 weeks ago to order some chocolates for a friend who was in the hospital (since I was out of town), and it was such a convenient website to have on hand. I ordered through their app though, and it was really easy. And I do agree with you on the “having all the options on one page thing” (like Amazon) as it would definitely make the experience even MORE convenient :)

  7. dana says:

    Stop complaining Mark. The website is so practical I’ve used it many times. So what if you have to take an extra minute to view 15 thumnails at a time. Not the end of the world my friend.

    • Mark says:

      My constructive criticism was valid which is why my request was implemented and which is why the browsing experience on the website is now even more practical. So how about you stop complaining?

      • hello says:

        plus one

      • Tj says:

        Was she complaining?

        She was highlighting the part of your “constructive criticism” which seemed cynical considering your lead in to your “request” was demeaning the owner because of his repeated request.

        Seriously uncalled for. A simple review and suggestions for improvement would have done it.

  8. The Real Burhan says:

    You should have suggested to them “infinite scroll” like is the fashion these days; so as you scroll down, more thumbnails keep loading.

    “Page 1 of 5” is no longer in fashion.

    These guys were featured at a StartupQ8 meetup a few months back, which is where I found out about them.

    Honestly with flowers, I always used q8flowers.com – I know the site looks like FrontPage threw up on your screen; but their pictures and variety were better. Plus they have a store you can go to in case there is an issue with your delivery.

    • Mark says:

      Q8flowers is 1 store, these guys right now have 10 stores on the website so the collection is much larger. Plus these 10 stores are actual physical stores so u could call them up or go there yourself in case of a problem.

  9. Rob W says:

    I ordered from these guys about 6 weeks ago for my Mother’s birthday, very happy with them. At first I thought they were a bit on the expensive side, but when they arrived the vase and bouquet were so big, she struggled to carry them inside.

  10. Keen says:

    Had a bad experience with this site

  11. Reem says:

    i ordered from 965flower.com for mother’s day.. the shop was m flowers
    not only the flowers did not make it on the intended day. No One replies to the number provided as the shop number. very disappointing indeed

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