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Bang & Olufsen Kuwait Website

A few weeks ago I posted that I got a bluetooth adapter for my Bang & Olufsen A9 and that I had crazily bought the A9 for 890KD 10 years ago. Out of curiosity I was trying to find out how much a new one today costs and I cam across the Bang & Olufsen website for Kuwait.

Not sure how long its been around for but I wasn’t aware they had an online website with all the prices listed. Want a Beolab 50? That will cost you 18,975KD. Want a Beolab 90? Thats selling for 47,000KD. Add to cart!

I love that they have all the prices up. Anyway, the new A9 starts at 1,290KD which is quite a big jump from their prices 10 years ago. Here is the link to the B&O website.

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Just buy it from selfridges, I gave up on the Kuwaiti market. Get a selfridges unlimited delivery subscription for like $60, then for a year you’ll have free shipping. I buy all my everything off the etc. I got my devialet set up off them and it arrived within a week if I’m not mistaken.

the h95 headphones are 294kd on selfridges, 303 on b&o usa, 349 on B&O Kuwait! If you get the unlimited deliveries then it’s free too.

So initially I read the prices as KD18 and KD47 and I just thought the rest of the number was fils. NO! There is a speaker on sale for FOURTY SEVEN THOUSAND KUWAITI DINAR.


If two ridiculous persons buy two ridiculous gadgets at these ridiculous prices that’s enough to keep that ridiculous store open for a year.

That’s basically the essence of Kuwaiti commerce.

For people mad at what they cost…

The mark up isn’t huge ngl. Believe it or not, some people earn a lot of money. I know you think you’re at the top of the foodchain… but ya aren’t. Grow up and realise that just cause you can’t afford it doesn’t mean it’s ridiculous. Imagine how people in Africa feel about you paying 1kd for a coffee, which is 3 days pay for them.

In fact, you are the one that needs to grow up and realize that spending that much on speakers no matter how much money you have is absolutely insane. Even if the mark up is minimal, ur comment just shows how much of a spoilt rich brat you are. Typical.

People can spend 100,000 on speakers if they can afford it, why do you care? Fuck people who tell other people what they should do or not do with their own money and life.

The problem is whatever you buy from them will quickly be outdated and old tech. They don’t tend to be ahead of any technological trends so they’re neither exceptional or unique. I payed a premium for my Devialet Phantoms and still use them daily- and those aren’t even as expensive as B&O.

I’m convinced this brand is for interior decorators who work on multimillionaire projects with an open budget. People who like design and spending obscene amounts of money but don’t actually understand or appreciate technology.

I ran into that issue with my A9 which is why I wrote a whole post about how I brought them back to life with a 10KD Bluetooth receiver I got from Amazon. Also none of the battery powered devices I have survived more than a year including my A2, BeoLit 12 and BeoLit 15. All now run only on power while my 50$ exogear water proof bathroom speaker is still running strong.

But, Devialet Phantoms are in same category as B&O, so wouldn’t hate on B&O but then talk about how great the Phantoms are, both are for show and just to make the place look pretty which is why I love my A9

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