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Guide to Pools in Kuwait with Day Passes (2024)

There are plenty of public beaches in Kuwait but not that many swimming pools you can access without being a member or staying at a hotel. But, some hotels do offer day passes to their pools so I called as many hotels as I could until I had enough to put a list together. This is the 2024 edition list so the prices are current.

All the pools on this list are singles friendly except for Seashell Julaia Resort which isn’t. None of the pools require you to be invited by a member except for SVN. SVN gets an exception for this list because it’s the nicest place with lots of very cool facilities. So for a very premium members only club, it’s actually great value compared to a lot of other places, so find a friend with a membership.

The list below is arranged from least expensive to most expensive:

Al Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort
Telephone: 24590000
Price: 10KD

Seashell Julaia Hotel & Resort
Telephone: 1844444
Price = 15KD

Crowne Plaza
Telephone: 1848111
Weekday/Weekend: 20KD

Symphony Style Hotel
Telephone: 25770000
Weekday: 20KD
Weekend: 25KD

Holiday Inn Salmiya
Telephone: 25760000
Weekday: 20KD
Weekend: 29KD

Hyatt Regency Al Kout Mall
Telephone: 23931234
Weekday/Weekend: 25KD
Ladies only on Monday and Wednesday

Millennium Hotel
Telephone: 22050505
Weekday/Weekend: 25KD

Mövenpick Hotel Resort AlBidaa
Telephone: 22253100
Weekday: 25KD
Weekend: 30KD

Hilton Resort
Telephone: 22256222
Weekday: 30KD
Weekend: 35KD

SVN Club (member invite required)
Telephone: 1876777
Weekday: 30KD
Weekend: 40KD

Marina Hotel
Telephone: 22230030
Weekday: 35KD
Weekend: 40KD

Four Seasons
Telephone: 22006000
Weekday/Weekend: 40KD (70KD Couple)

Waldorf Astoria
Telephone: 24774444
Price 1: 40KD (Inc. 1 Mocktail)
Price 2: 50KD (Inc. Food + Mocktail)

If I missed a place where you can access a pool with a day pass, let me know in the comments.

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Hilton said kids under 6 are free, above 6 is 15 KD. I also heard Crowne Plaza charges 15 KD for kids, but not sure starting what age.

A few weeks ago i called waldorf and they told me they dont currently have guest passes if youre not an actual guest at the hotel. Has that changed?

The palms hotel
Regency alkout
Alhamra hotel
Safir hotel
Alkhiran hotel
Aquamarine hotel
Jumairah hotel
Argan bedaya resort
Arabella beach hotel
St regis

that’s the most illogical response anyone can leave. so instead of paying 20 or 30kd for a day at the pool in kuwait, you’re saying people should pay 100kd for an airline ticket, and another 50kd per night for a room (probably closer to 100kd a night if you want a decent hotel pool in Dubai) and fly to dubai and swim there? If you want a beach club thats like another 20KD.

Just for your info, 30KD is cheaper than 250KD.


Kuwait to Abu Dhabi
KD 7 on Wizz air

Stay at Millenium Downtown Abu Dhabi – KD 15 for the night + pool


Stay at Ramada Abu Dhabi KD 16- for the night + pool

And come back

Still isn’t as illogical as you think ?

Ummm not sure you know what logical means.

What’s the point of all that you just planned? Are you trying to save money because that doesn’t work.

firstly good luck finding a 7KD return flight, it’s actually starting from 7KD one way and you are going to have to fly weekday to get that 7KD one way cost so deduct two days from work. So ticket is 15.5kd at the cheapest with no carryon or anything. Don’t forget cab fare from home to airport and airport to hotel. Secondly you’re flying a low income airline to another country and staying at a budget hotel to use their rooftop pool for what purpose? If 15 or 25kd to pay for pool access is too expensive how is paying more a better deal? Even if both options were the same price, why would anyone do that?

It would be a better deal to spend 80kd for you and a friend at the Waldorf then it is to pay 40KD for the hassle of flying alone all the way to another country just to use a rooftop pool at a budget hotel.

Well you’re in luck

Return flights on wizz air are KD 7. It’s not 15.5 it’s 7 going and coming back, just checked multiple dates on Google flights

Don’t stay at a budget hotel, you still have the option of staying at Novotel or holiday inn for KD 18

They’re both upper mid scale , wouldn’t consider them budget hotels

Either way it would be a hassle I agree but you’d get flight + stay+ pool for approx the same price

Novotel and Holiday Inn are budget hotels! But in any case, you can find cheaper and more expensive pools all over the world in the same way you can find everything more expensive and cheaper elsewhere. But you don’t live elsewhere so it doesn’t make sense that every time you find something expensive you just compare to another country.

Definition of a budget hotel-

A hotel that provides minimum amenities and services for a lower price than a regular hotel in the area. This type of hotel provides clean rooms that are safe and meet the basic needs of a guest.

This would equate to a 2 star

^ Novotel & holiday Inn both are more then the above

3-5 stars – variable on location

Sorry to disappoint you but both Novotel and holiday inn are budget hotels. Star ratings doesn’t tell the whole story, there are high end hotels with no stars at all, doesn’t make them a budget hotel.

Fuck these prices. Last time I ever used one of these was 10KD for a day pass at the Hilton ages ago and I still think that was too much. I didn’t go again because I’m cheap like that.

Why are weekends more expensive than weekdays? Wouldn’t cheaper weekend prices attract more customers?

Hilton told me it’s 30 KD for females regardless of weekday or weekend, but for males it’s 30 weekdays, 35 weekend 🤷🏻‍♀️

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