Edfa3ly No Longer the Cheapest Option

Post by Mark

Last year I posted about how Edfa3ly were the cheapest way to ship lightweight items from the States. Well that no longer is the case, seems they’ve made some major changes one of which being that they now charge KD2.5 per 1/2kg. In comparison, PostaPlus charge KD2.5 for the first 1/2kg but then charge KD2 for the extra 1/2kg’s which makes Edfa3ly now more expensive than PostaPlus. Thats not even including the Edfa3ly service fee of 1%. So I’ve updated my original post to highlight these new changes. It was good while it lasted.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Postaplus it is. Do they accept KNET? Or credit card only.

    • Mark says:

      sadly they don’t accept credit card or knet, the only way you can pay for your shipments is cash. If you want to pay using paypal, knet or a credit card then Aramex Shop&Ship is your best option.

      • Code Markus says:

        It’s been over a year I think since PostaPlus said they are planning to implement KNet/VISA. It’s taking too long I guess.

        • Mark says:

          i asked them about it recently when i was in contact with them, they said soon but thats what they told me like a year back as well so…

          • meshal says:

            last month i was checking my package route online, i suddenly saw pay online button beside my package and i used it, but they called me and return the money.. they say it was for testing only..

      • anonymous says:

        Aramex would be the cheapest option technically.

        Why you ask? You may remember a post you made long back about Aramex providing airway bills for your shipments. You can get a tax exempt from places like Amazon with that.

        With Posta Plus you cannot. They do not have airway bills. Only master consignment bills which they do not provide.

        • Mark says:

          does aramex still give airway bills? i remember someone said they stopped

          • anonymous says:

            Not sure. I havent used them yet. But I think Freight Forwarders just use box labels instead of individual airway bills to save time.

            I’m guessing it’s only if you send or receive individual products outside of their service (like SnS, Mybox) that you will receive airway bills.

  2. Hasher says:

    They are not professional at all! Iam waiting for a refund for over a month!

    • Rebecca says:

      Same here! I keep sending repeated emails but it seems there is only one girl working there and she is clueless and her English is non existent and she is very unprofessional!

  3. Justin says:

    Guess I’m done using them as well. Too bad. I think I used them for 10 or 12 shipments since you recommended them.

  4. Ben George says:

    Yea, mee too. No more shipments from them .The revised price is too much and slimier services is charging less amount on same item.

  5. Code Markus says:

    Good to know and thanks. Keep up with those “shipments” method posts. We are very keen to know about the latest.

  6. Rane says:

    Unfortunately, I recently used their services two days ago. Around 27KD is the total price of my items and still not sure how much would cost me for their International Shipping.

  7. amthal says:

    Is postaPlus cheaper than Aramex/shopandship if I wanted to order something from the US ?

  8. ashraf says:

    Is there any company who would consolidate my orders and charge shipping? I contacted PostaPlus and they said they would charge minimum shipment per item.

  9. Sabah says:

    I registered last Tuesday and still waiting to get that confirmation email (that’s than 48 hours, I say). Called them twice, each time they said they would get back after checking with IT. Not the best start.

  10. Nel says:

    I started using them ever since you recommended it. And had no complaints. I was so happy that I brought it up with almost all my friends and tried to get them to try it out. They’ve been so inefficient these past few months, it is such a disappointment. I ordered something mid Jan and still haven’t received it. Once I receive my shipment, I’m going to stop using their services.

    Also, their customer service, my god their English is a nightmare which makes it so difficult to get your point across.

  11. James says:

    Does anyone have a recommendation between FedEx or DHL when using MyUS.com. Are the customs and other extra charges the same on arrival with both the companies

  12. Su says:

    Edfa3ly had become pathetic and useles… i wont even use them if they offered free shipping. Ive ordered and paid for items over 2 weeks ago and its still not ordered. The live chat keeps giveing me the runaround and say its being done or has been done. All lies. And its not the first time. Eventually when they do get around to do it the utem has been sold out! Disgusting seevice !!! Dont use them.

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