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Hot Quarantine Commodity: Hair Trimmers

If you’re a guy during quarantine right now you’re either on the way to looking like Tom Hanks on Castaway, or you’ve most likely already purchased a hair trimmer and are buzz cutting your hair through the lockdown. For the latecomers, you need to decide which direction you’re headed because like with gym equipment, it’s becoming harder and harder to find a good hair trimmer in the market. I lucked out on this since I bought my hair trimmer around 8 years or more ago and barely ever used it. It was gathering dust until they shut down the barbers but I cleaned it up and the battery surprisingly held up over time so I’ve been buzz cutting my hair on a weekly basis now.

Aljothen who are the dealers for Moser brand are completely out of stock of hair trimmers while Xcite who usually carries a large number of trimmers from different brands is also out of stock.

Your best bets right now are the following options:

Best Electronics
They carry Panasonic brand of trimmers which is what I own and love. Their website shows they still have trimmers in stock but I think they’re having major issues with their online orders. A friend ordered a mini-fridge around 10+ days back and she was charged for it but the order never showed up on their system and she hasn’t gotten the fridge yet. According to their customer support which are also impossible to get a hold of, all their accountants are stuck in Jleeb so she can’t even get a refund. Too much drama, but they do have a good selection so order at your own risk. Update: Other people are reporting the same issue, ordering and paying for items but never receiving them.

They carry a few hair trimmers in between all their beard trimmers including a few Babyliss ones. I ordered an item from them recently and they delivered it the next day. They seem to deliver all their items the next day so if you’re content with their small selection and want it quick, they’re the place to get it from. Link

They carry Panasonic and Babyliss brand of trimmers and still have stock. I haven’t tried ordering anything from them so no idea how they’re performing during the pandemic. Link

If you have any other places that have hair trimmers in stock let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

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I ordered from blink a babybliss one and got it delivered next day (ordered Saturday)

Can confirm looking great and recommended brand to trim the beard

Ordered a Babyliss complete body ,hair and beard groomer / trimmer with all the accessories from X cite on Thursday and got it yesterday. Top marks in the quality and looks department and works beautifully also. Kudos to X cite’s delivery people as well; very professional and prompt.

I wouldn’t recommend Best at the moment as per your post. I ordered an ink cartridge a week ago and no sign.

Yesterday I was at the DHL head office and noticed that the best warehouse was next door so took a chance and went in. They were super helpful in there – absolutely brilliant and lovely too but my word are they busy! Delivery boxed literally stacked to the ceiling and they just weren’t sitting still for a second.

My 9 year old son was close to needing a hair cut BEFORE national day week, when he got sick…and then stuff was closing….he definitely is looking like a castaway! He’s enjoying it though – he says he looks like a shaggy dog! LOL!

Can confirm that Xcite is crumbling right now. Ordered a fridge 5 days back, but no news. Reached out to them via email, call center AND Instagram to cancel the order (so I could order from another site). NONE of the above channels are coordinated.

The order seems to be cancelled as per the call I received yesterday, but it still shows as active on ‘My Dashboard’ on their site and app. Meanwhile they say money will take 12-14 days to get back to my account.

BTW, they have set up FOUR dedicated Whatsapp numbers for customer care in the day shift, and another FOUR for the evening shift. And yet its a total mess.

Regarding Best Electronics, even there website is offline. I’ve sent them an email to cancel my order and even confirmed it on call. Unfortunately their facebook page was also filled with numerous complaints of delayed orders exceeding 10 days. Wished I had seen that earlier. Gonna try Blink.

I just ordered a Japan made Trimmer yesterday from Best they haven’t confirmed the order by email or any receipt however I called them today and by entering my phone number they confirmed the order is already in the system and within 6 to 10 Days the order shall be delivered to my door step.

I’ll keep you posted

Eureka show they have lots of options in stock, but when you go through the process, you get to confirming the order before paying and it gives a message it is out of stock! Very frustrating!

Check They have hair/beard trimmers as well.
I ordered one last night and they delivered it today morning all with in 11 hours.

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