Jarir Opening at The Avenues

Jarir Bookstore is opening a new location outside The Avenues, near the Ikea and Xcite entrance of phase 1. Nothing ever survived in that corner block of The Avenues including Nandos, Johnny Rockets, and Chilis so I’m really curious to see how Jarir will end up doing. There isn’t really a large bookstore or an art and office supplies shop in Avenues, so this could potentially work.

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There is a large bookstore in Avenues, That Al Salasil! Have you forgotten? Or is it not big enough for you? 😂 Personally, I look forward to this, and I think it’s a good use of the space, because it was vacant for long.

From world class shopping malls to world class cafés Kuwait has it all save a decent bookstore to boot.
It is a shame there is no market demand for a Kinokuniya like bookstore.

All we need is that they need to open Kinokuniya in Kuwait with no restrictions and censorship with our corrupted government!

Yeah I can attest to that! You can’t even find magazines here! There’s either like zero demand, or y’all illiterate

The Kuwait Bookshop was responsible for all the magazine distribution in Kuwait. They closed down years ago and nobody picked up the reigns after them hence why we don’t have magazines in Kuwait.

Interesting, I didn’t know that! Thanks for sharing. What really makes me laugh is visiting Border’s Bookstore in Avenues and not seeing a single book 🤣

I disagree, there are still demand for books. I remember looking at the English Bookshop’s website from time to time and find that some books would be sold out.

For Bookworms like me, I am really excited to see Jarir in Avenues as it is close my office.. And Jarir is my first book store experience in Kuwait before I got introduced to The English Bookshop, That Al Salasil and some online bookshops.. Yes, me too would like to see Kinokuniya in Kuwait…

How I wish Kinokuniya would open in Kuwait! But of course the government would censor and ban a lot of interesting books :/ Not to mention the cute stationary!

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