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New LEGO Store

The LEGO store at The Avenues moved to a new larger location closer to the food court, the same location where Tim Hortons (RIP) used to be.

Judging by the photos, it doesn’t seem to be that much larger than the older space, but the storefront is definitely bigger and since it’s on a corner, the space looks more inviting with all the glass windows. The store officially opens later tonight.

Update: Just got the press release and it seems the new store isn’t larger than the older one, just a different location with a new look. There is a replica of the Kuwait Towers made using 21,591 LEGO bricks, a LEGO magnifying glass that allows you to view a model in detail, and there are hands-on play opportunities.

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From my experience, Lego Store in Kuwait is sometimes more expensive than Fantasy World. Also, there exists Lego sets for as low as KD3.500. Also also, both stores have sales every once in a while, you still can’t buy anything on sale then?

@Ben. The old location was a bit further away, this seems like a much better alternative. Also, who wouldn’t want to stop by when it’s now more easier to get to?

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