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Flora for Fresh Flowers

Flora is a fresh flower wholesaler and supplier located in the basement of a building in Salmiya. I live within walking distance from it and didn’t know they existed until a couple of years ago so doubt a lot of people know about it unless they’re really into flowers.

There is no sign outside, no display, it’s just a door that takes you down into a basement of a building. Once you’re done it’s pretty cool because it’s not something you’d expect to find. The space is divided into two main parts, the unrefrigerated area which usually contains plants, dry flowers, and various florist tools, and the refrigerated area which contains all their fresh flowers.

There are two large walk-in refrigerators in the back of the store that house the flowers. The refrigerators have glass sliding doors and there is a switch outside you need to press to open them to get in. So if it’s your first time there you can either have them open the door for you or look for the switch. Once you open the door you can just walk into the fridge and check the flowers they have and pick what you want.

I’m not a flowers person so don’t know much about the varieties they carry so thankfully they do have a website which you can check out that lists all their available flowers with their prices

The prices are going to be cheaper than elsewhere since they’re suppliers. They also do make bouquets and arrangements for you, so you can pick what you want and they’ll put it all together. If you want to check the place out, their Instagram is @thefloraonlinekw and here is their location on Google Maps. Once you get to the location you’ll see a flower shop on the ground floor, that’s a different shop, the entrance to Flora is to the right of it.

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It’s funny how you say either they will open the door for you or you need to find the switch rofl.

Tahani flowers have more variety and have cheaper prices than all the other wholesales plus they have a mobile application so ordering is easier now

apps > websites (for me)

Apps are able to collect more data due to the permissions you give it, can have services running on your device 24/7, take up more space. It’s fine for transport, online banking, messaging, ID – things we require on the go. But no thanks, I don’t need a dedicated app to order a bunch of flowers like once a year.

One of best flower company in Kuwait with verity of flowers, fresh and easy to order online specially cheaper and discount.
Very humble staff and good service.

Tahani flowers is way more cheaper and efficient compared to Flora they have a lot of varieties, be it flowers or greens. Their vase collection is great too say glass, ceramics or acrylic. Their range of artificial flowers is what amazes me looks very natural. Put in all together their florists are great at their job, fixing everything for you be it a small bouquet , vase or an arrangement for a reception.

Just sharing my experience with them. Have been ordering from them since a few years now. A loyal customer you could say

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