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No More Christmas 2023 Edition

Last night I passed by Sultan Center in Boulevard to pick up a Christmas tree, but when I got to the top floor where the Christmas decorations would be, the shelves were all empty. I asked one of the staff where the Christmas trees were and he told me that the baladiya had told them to remove them. I didn’t think much of it and decided to walk over to Ace Hardware on the other end of the mall. When I got to Ace it was the same situation, all the Christmas decorations were removed and the shelves were empty. I figured ok, someone must have been in Boulevard and seen the Christmas decorations and complained, which is why the shops Boulevard were asked to remove the Christmas stuff.

Then I decided to head to Daiso in Souq Salmiya. As I’m walking into Daiso I spotted Christmas trees on the opposite end of City Center. I was like great I can pick up a tree from here. Once I got close to the trees I noticed staff were busy packing up all the Christmas decorations as well. They still hadn’t packed the trees so I picked one up and then headed to Daiso. Once in Daiso I noticed they were also packing up their Christmas decorations. So I asked the staff there and they told me the same thing, that they were told to remove the Christmas decorations.

Looks like its going to be one of those years where Christmas is banned in Kuwait. I’m hoping the shops in Avenues haven’t been told to remove their Christmas stuff as well. There were some Christmas tree ornaments I was hoping to pick up this weekend but now have to head there today to try and get them before they get taken off the shelves.

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Meanwhile Metallica is playing in Riyadh on Dec 14 (not the right comparison, but you get the message)

Go figure!

no way! I had tickets for their LA concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena back in 2017 but had to miss it for personal reasons. Shit might have to go watch them in Riyadh now. Crazy.

yes!!! and im going for it.. they are playing between 22:30 and 0:30 on dec 14th! applied for the Saudi visa and got it within 3 minutes… meanwhile i realised how the visit and family visas have been banned here for 3 years

so proud of Saudi, where its heading and what they are doing. Such a visionary leader; truly taking his country into the next century…

As a muslim I think Kuwait can make rules suited their religious and what they believe and we should respect that. as athan or hejab is not allowed in many of foreign countries and Muslims does not have the right to object.

You can order them online.. i ordered a tree and some ornaments for our housekeepers inline amd they all arrived.. this definitely happened because someone complained. Kuwait is fine with everything unless the locals start complaining, thats when they have to shut them up. AND you will be surprised at how many Kuwaiti homes have Christmas trees up every year!

Is it because of Palestine? Because usually Christmas decorations are always up

I hardly think it’s the time to celebrate when there’s a genocide going on- if it’s because of Palestine I get it tbh

Yeah a friend suggested it but don’t think that’s the reason only because it wouldn’t explain the previous years where decorations were banned and also doesn’t explain the availability of birthday and party supplies.

Wow. Just a couple of weeks back I went on the same itinerary when festive shopping. First Sultan Center, then ACE. And I managed to purchase everything. I was even in Daiso, City Center Salmiya last Thursday and they had lots of stuff. I don’t recall them doing this in the previous years. This is both sad and ridiculous. Kuwait is heading in the wrong direction as a society.

What’s sad and ridiculous is your lack of identity. Are you Muslim who believes in Allah? If so, then learn the history of “Christmas” and stop trying to appease people.

Such a shame! Mark head to tiger tiger in warehouse they have wonderful Christmas ornaments and classic game gifts of which I hope the municipality won’t remove after typing this post.

Other than the Palestinian solidarity, it could be due to the Amir’s current health condition? The timing of it all kinda fits. Cuz they’ve already been selling them for a while now and I don’t think it took this long for complaints to pour in, if that was the reason.

You can get all your Christmas trees and decoration stuffs from CityStar Salmiya. They have a huge collection.

When I arrived 23 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see A-Z, True Value and Sultan Center were amongst many stores who had amazing Christmas window displays as well some first class decorations. The One joined in and we all flocked to Marina Mall to grab a few items, albeit costly. Ikea had a rather large variety of Christmas decorations too; at a much more affordable rate.

Souk Sharq was a new development too and the shop windows were beautifully dressed for the season! Debenhams at this time displayed some really good quality Christmas items too. Souk Sharq was extremely busy, shoppers squashed in shoulder to shoulder all smiling and laughing!

We then found ourselves in absolute awe visiting Pottery Barn who played carols and the displays were breathtaking! Today, their stock is bare minimum.

Over the years Christmas/festive season has been sadly demolished in Kuwait. New owners who took exception to any reference of the festive season refused to stock items and baladiya rules changed. Today is the end result where you found yourself on the hunt.

I once worked at a well established school in Kuwait who put up a tree in their reception area every December. Everyone loved it. Then came change of management and staff were told they could not use green and red colours in their classrooms and no bells! In his mind, this was a celebration of pagan cultures not reflecting nor respecting Islam.

I thank my lucky stars that I have lovingly stored my Christmas decorations all these years! Our home looks like a Santas grove 😁🎄🎅 and my lovely neighbours of all denominations visit. We celebrate love and joy for all mankind, whilst respecting each others beliefs and cultures.♥️

Wishing you all joy and happiness during this festive month and we especially pray for peace worldwide ♥️

I am surprised reading the comments, some of which are by the Citizens I would assume. So wholesome. You liven my festive mood!

In my opinion this is a blatant violation of Article 35 of the Constitution.
What a shame seeing all our GCC neighbors flourish and we’re still interfering with people’s religions and beliefs. Our retardation is becoming unbearable.

Good. This is a Muslim country and if someone isn’t happy that we don’t choose to sell products in support of such traditions without purpose, then go where they do.
What’s more sad is the Arabic named commenters trying to support this foolery as a means to be “inclusive”.
Stop being butt kissers, it’s exhausting to watch.

If you actually read the constitution it states that Islamic law is A main source of legislation not THE only and main source of legislation. Dont forget that there are christian kuwaiti families that go to church and celebrate christmas, so no kuwait is not only a muslim country.
the majority of Kuwait are foreigners where im sure a big percentage of them are christians, why bring in all these foreigners to slave for you if they cant have basic rights. would you like it if you lived in a christian country and werent allowed to pray and fast during ramdan?
The constitution also states that “Justice, freedom and equality are the pillars of society” is practicing your religion not part of justice and freedom and equality? open your tiny brain and think about others for once

another line thats in the constitution for your tiny brain:
Freedom of belief is unrestricted. The State shall protect freedom in the observance of religious rites established by custom, provided such observance does not conflict with morals or disturb public order.

I was born in Kuwait in the 60’s….i lived there and worked for number one bank…I left Kuwait in 2009
Until then I drank the best of alcohols, had regular booze picnics on the beach and khairan resort
In never felt I lived in a country with narrow minded people
God Bless Kuwait

« Tolerance is an attitude of mutual respect and appreciation and does not restrict the freedom of others to do something » Surah al Baqarah verse 256 and Surah Ar Rum verse 22 which contain the value of tolerance, namely freedom of religion and respect for differences. 

You don’t even have the right idea of Islam, your heart is full of hatred , you talk of human rights humanitarian and so forth, God Allah all mighty regardless how you name the good lord we always say there is 1 god for all religions. Open your heart be a human first and foremost

If non Muslims would say something similar about Muslims coming, staying and imposing their traditions on Christians you would all complain. Instead most of us allow all to have their traditions and faith. Reciprocity is hard to find in your comment.

Stop deleting my comments. It’s a post that has comments so why choose which ones you want to show weirdo. Probably just another weak Kuwaiti trying to appease people.

Nope it didn’t. Your comment contained incorrect facts presented in a way that could lead people to believe they were true.

His comments didn’t make it because people hate to be uncomfortable with their actions being questioned. All these people who think putting up a tree and giving presents is respecting others beliefs, it’s not. It’s called not being firm in your own belief.
I have Christian parents and after almost 20 years of being Muslim, they would never send me a Christmas present or dare to involve me in any of their celebrations because I stand firm that these celebrations are not from Islam, not loved to Allah and certainly weren’t celebrated or “respected” by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
-Abu Musab’s wife:)

No his comments didn’t make it because he tried to pass incorrect information as facts. He’s free to repost his comment leaving out the fake shit.

But, since we’re on the subject, you seem to be taking Christmas very personally for some bizarre reason.

Christmas is more of a commercial holiday than it is a religious one, similar to Valentines and Halloween. So you should really just chill and stop getting so worked up over a Coca Cola mascot.

I’m on the same camp as you guys, but from my understanding of the Sunnah that the Prophet allowed for the people of the book to practice their religions and whatnot. My stance is to let them celebrate but do not participate.
Which leads us to a key point here: if a Muslim wholesaler do sell decorating items of such religious celebrations, he is in a way participating in their celebration by providing the decorations. So the ban is justified from this standpoint. Otherwise, they are absolutely free to celebrate. It is the ignorance of Muslims who participate and congratulate them are the problem!
People now just want borderline freedom where no one gets questioned about whatever they do or believe. And anything other than that, they drop the word “backward” instantly. Having standards at this time truly takes grit.

Truly tired of the wishy washy, back and forth lack of identity in this place. You are either conservative or not. I have complete respect for Gulf countries who cultivated theirs and never seem to be backwards. Us? We are a hot mess. And it’s not just the Xmas decorations… Oh and if I get told to move from Kuwait, no worries, I have. And I am not the only citizen to do so. I am sad for Kuwait in general.

Hey its not too late for me to ship a large box of Xmas trees, Xmas decorations, pork, or anything else you require. You just go pick it up. Somebody over there is in the serious Scrooge or Grinch mood.